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It’s Been Said and Here’s the Understood

Some wouldn’t dare to travel where I’ve traveled. There seems to be confusions about my boundaries. There are so many thinking that they have full access to my “vision.” So many have invaded but what shall the visionaries do now? Proceed is the best thing to do. They’ve tried to out fox me! My line of thinking isn’t the same as all the others. Why do they think that they can takeover my purpose? If there’s no invitation then there’s no invite. They’ve caused troubles and there needs to be further progress. Yes there needs to be some getting off the bus or train.

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Only the serious, determined, and non invasive persons should “along.” The ones who’ve tried to sabotage shouldn’t be coming. Why should there be any invitation for such? I’m so tired of their actions but will continue my journey anyway. Here I am focusing on what needs to receive my attention. I’m so sure that there is the right that I’ll keep going despite what they’ve tried to do to me=Tanikka Paulk.

The movements continue and yes they’ve tried to disrupt every chance they’ve gotten. Tanikka Paulk needs to fulfill her purpose. The competitors are lost. “The journey continues” despite what they’ve tried to do. There was once frustration but now there is thrilled feelings because I’m “aware” of where I’m headed. Why do they bother me=Tanikka Paulk so? Perhaps they need. No matter what has occurred I’m going somewhere.

There seems to be the misunderstandings. They’ve perceived wrongly. My feelings have been apart of their lives. I’m obviously important to the persons. Either they realize what I’m saying or they will be getting a back seat because I’m refusing to tolerate their antics. There will be more completeness occurring. There seems to be a lot of persons wanting to takeover my journey but they weren’t chosen to be here. So therefore I’ve uninvited some and will ask others to be along.

Here I stand and sometimes there will be sitting because I’ll need to think further. They’ve tired to push my purpose back. I’ve faced so many adversities but have also discovered. To think is a wonderful feeling. The disruptions haven’t caused what they probably thought would cause. There is way too much determination here and I’m continuing for many reasons. “That’s right!” (Tanikka Paulk)

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