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Introducing theme based training for Kindergarten kids

Kindergarten days are the first days of learning and making discoveries. Your child experiences the world of schooling for the very first time! Kindergarten is not about homework and assignments; it is more about making a child drawn towards the idea of learning by making it more fun and exciting. Imagine classrooms where children can learn without the bars of conventional learning techniques. Theme based learning makes this a reality!

For little students the major concern is regarding increasing their vocabulary, making them more comprehensive and cooperative in studies. The process of learning should altogether appeal to the kids who are being taught. Theme based training at kindergarten level makes it very entertaining and educative at the same time. From themes based on jungle animals, colours, vegetables and fruits, seasons and many more; there are numerous ideas to add excitement to your classroom! Making your class more of a fun game than a boring studying destination will increase the interest of kids tenfold! Kindergarten children should be made to work in teams on various interesting topics. Setting them to work according to a specified theme makes their lessons appear fresh and more interesting.

Children are easily distracted and thus they need a kind of study curriculum which holds back their attention for a long period of time. Theme based training divides ideas as per the interest of the kids. Child-friendly themes such as information about space, modes of transportation, healthy habits etc provides a very meaningful base of learning to the small ones and also apprises them of some very basic ideas of learning. Kids are at their best when they are fully engrossed in their learning; and theme based training method makes it very easy to keep your kids ‘glued’ to learning.

The studying pattern can be divided and adjusted according to several themes provided to the students after short spans of time. Every new theme will leave the children enthusiastic and excited about their new learning voyage. Questioning, discussing and conducting small games and quizzes makes the class even more enjoyable.

Along with the basic knowledge and written & oral forms of learning, there can also be a room for projects, theme-related songs and other creative exercises. Children tend to feel more drawn towards the more creative ways of teaching. Theme based training can easily be taught with the help of small group activities and projects. Kids can be asked to prepare small poems and songs to present on a given theme. This will fulfil two purposes at the same time- learning and enjoyment!

There can be a number of learning programs based upon Theme-based learning. It really helps in building grammar and enhancing reading abilities in kids. Free play and mutual learning will make them more comfortable with their learning environment. Theme based learning is a magical combination of activities specially designed to promote curiosity and learning among children.

Let them discover some great pieces of knowledge on their own. It is their questions and doubts that will make them learn faster and better. So say yes to theme based kindergarten classes!

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