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Introducing Dragon Fruit, Another Active Partner For Your Life
January 12, 2017

Have you tasted dragon fruit? Have you seen it personal? This time, there is no reason why you cannot have good health. There are so many vegetables and fruits scientists and medical doctors and researchers discovered in their tour around the world, just to search for the natural or organic fruits ad vegetables to cure deadly diseases. You notice this time, there are si many kinds of diseases just popped up. They were not shown before. That is why the world feels so worry about how humans may cope with the contaminations they might encounter with.

In fact in my previous blogs, I cited there different kinds of sugar busters that help you reduce forever your blood pressure and blood sugar. They are vegetables and fruits that contain high profile minerals that stop your blood sugar to soar high.

Now, I would like to introduce another fruit that gives you many benefits. This fruit is called Dragon fruit. Why is this called dragon fruit? A dragon has many heads and so with this fruits so many hard leaves that surround its head like semblance of a dragon.

Dragon fruit has the following benefits your body would surely like. These are the following:

  1. It helps you build strong immune system. This is so because dragon fruit has high profile Vitamin C that protects your skin, lungs, teeth and hair. Though there are many fruits and vegetables that contain great sources of Vitamin C, but you must also try dragon fruit there are contents of this not found in other fruits?
  2. It contains Vitamin C. Since it contains Vitamin C, therefore, you are always safe against attack of any radicals that come from toxic odor due to pollution and the like. There is no such thing as cure if body is protected 100%.
  3. It makes your heart healthy. This is so because dragon fruit contains unique property called cholesterol producing fat that may accumulate to your hart camber should there be no minerals that surround your heart’s veins against cholesterol accumulation.
  4. It stops constipation for it always provides you with better digestion. Dragon Fruit also contains beneficial vitamins besides vitamin-C, including the B vitamin group. The B1, B2, and B3 vitamin contents of dragon fruit benefit everything from blood pressure, skin health, and levels of cholesterol will be normalized. This fruit is also called the fruit of life.



  1. It protects you against Big C. The presence of anti cancer properties of dragon fruit guarantees health safe for you. You feel proud of yourself once having a healthy body. If your body is having a very strong immune system, that means you eat the right foods that derived from vegetables, especially the dark and leafy, and fruits high on fiber, vitamin C, and all other minerals as body guardians.
  2. It makes your body metabolism active and strong all the time. It is 100% true that if you always provide your body with the right fruit like dragon fruit there s a sure guarantee that your immune system cannot easily be weaken. This fruit also contains high profile protein that helps build and repair the worn our tissues of your body.
  3. It gives you full protection against any type of fungus. Dragon fruit is found out to have contained anti fungal and antibacterial properties that guard you against harmful skin diseases. The Vitamin C alone it has in it makes an abundance of protection not to get contaminated with bad skin diseases. If in case, there is wound contamination, it easily healed of that is due to the anti fungal fighter of the dragon fruit. So eat while it is available in your supermarket or stalls in malls.

If you are pregnant it is safe for you to eat dragon fruit. If you are in doubt, check it out; call you medic if you are qualified to eat dragon fruit. Remember if you are pregnant you take many vitamins and minerals for your pregnancy, there might be overlapping of vitamins.

Images credit by Pixabay

References:Dr. Al Sears


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    1. Actually, I have not yet tasted this dragon fruit. But I was told it has nice taste. Why I Have not tried, it is because this fruit is dollar. It is so expensive fruit,plus I seldom see it in malls. Once time, I passed by a panel full of dragon fruits, but I was so ignoramus about the value of fruit that time. I do not know before this fruit dragon fruit. It is not so familiar to me maybe because it is a rare fruit.

      I keep on window shopping in malls to find dragon fruit, I have to eat this, It is the same as ” Theory is useless without application,” so I have to buy dragon fruit and know its taste and how my body feels hehehe. I am so sure i will be super active and always in the happy mood if we are always in a happy mood that is due to the food we eat.And if we always feel weak, your body metabolism is slow and the reason is, you do not eat the right foods,What is money for if keep it, Spend that buying fruits and vegetables i used to buy fruit and veggies after I learned about the nutritional values of them. Yanks for reading.


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