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Interesting Attitudes of Abroad Education Vs Distance Education

Studying abroad is giving the student an opportunity to study abroad in another country other than his own country where as distance education gives an opportunity to study when the student is not physically present in the classroom as the normal traditional method. Distance education dates back to a long history where as its popularity has grown recently after the latest technology techniques have become available.

Distance education includes Graduate, Under Graduate and Post Graduate degrees same as any other regular program. Each type of education has its own advantages and disadvantages, regular educations aims in educating the student broadly on many topics and subjects where as the distance education, contrary to the traditional education aims in educating the student in a particular line. The regular educational system, students have to have a particular qualification to join and all the students have to complete the course on the same course in the same time, where as in the distance education the course fits the particular need of each student.

With the increased use of technology, distance education have become easier and faster, and the present day distance education schools and colleges have the full curricula online. The wide use of internet has blurred the boundaries around the world, so distance education has now become a reality. There is lots of criticism going-on on the distance education, criticizers say that for a student to be successful he should have a detailed training on any tool and equipment where as in distance education it is not possible and this may lead to unsuccessful experience. Also distance education lack the social interaction between the students and it is not ideal for all kinds of learners. Students who lack self motivation and those who procrastinate and those who need a lot of personal attention have to think before opting for a distance education.

While distance education has its own advantages and disadvantages, students studying abroad also have their own advantages and disadvantages. Abroad education gives students the better understanding of their own selves and also the other cultures around the world. Also these multi cultural interactions become natural for the students who study abroad and will be smoother for the rest of their professional and personal life. Students who study abroad have increased the self confidence, are more mature and understand their own values and that of others more clearly.

Abroad study programs are open for students all throughout the year. The cost of abroad education includes but doesn’t only limit to tuition fee, stay and food, passport and visa and transportation costs. While abroad study focuses on the experience of visiting new places of another culture in various discussions, studies show that the abroad education on the whole have a positive effect on the students. Studies show that the students studying abroad get jobs faster and earlier than the students who do not go for abroad education. Students who study abroad reported their starting salary more than the general students.

With increased use of technology abroad education has become very easy for students along with their parents. In past, parents had a fear that their son/daughter has to leave their place for further studies and they would not know about their kid’s whereabouts and their safety. But with the use of mobile phones and internet the parents have relaxed. But now a day, this has become easier with some companies providing free calls and SMS. Technology places a crucial role in today’s world.

So we can conclude that distance education and abroad education have their own advantages and disadvantages and which one to choose completely depends on the individual. If the student is self motivated and do not need any attention of the tutor, the student can opt for distance education. And if a student wants to explore the world and learn about different people and different cultures, the student can opt for abroad education. Technology has made anything possible in this world. Improving our knowledge in the present world is completely dependent on the way we understand and use the technology in the right way.

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