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The Importance of Computer in Modern Age
December 3, 2016
The Importance of Computer in Modern Age

Modern age is entirely different than ancient age and the main difference is of computer invention that has changed man’s mind set up and thinking set up entirely, a huge revolution in man’s thinking pattern. When we ponder over the use of computer we see that atomic bombs and atom bombs are dropped by the help of computer and we say the in future wall be computerized sitting at the offices of USA and USSR.

Computer has spread knowledge n all branches of life but has failed badly to improve the critical faculties of the students because critical faculties in human beings are awarded by God on birth and computer may not improve them at any cast. Computer has made easy education and jobs. Computer has also provided all types of knowledge at home but fir upon those students who do not get benefits from the computer knowledge stored in the hard disk in the shape of soft copy.

Computer means: an electronic machine which makes quick calculation and deals with a large amount of information. According to research the history of computer is not new. It dates back to 500Bc when the first calculator Abacus was developed that is still used by Chinese. It was a counting frame with beads or stones threads with a numbers of rods representing numbers and calculations were made by moving the beads along the rods.

In 1942 Blasic Pascal made the first computer and called it Replica. But today’s computer was shaped by Charles Babbagel in 1932. But its working power was limited. But in 1944 the first automatic computer was designed and called it Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator. But it did not do scientific calculations.

But a complete computer was designed in 1946 by Passilvanian that was called Automatic Electric Computer. But the invention of transistor made a heavy change in the field of computer. Today’s computer is the developed shape of 1950’s computer. After this micro-electronics developed and silicon chip was made that had the capacity of thousands of thousands transistors.

There are two parts of computer: hard wares and soft wares both solve the given problem. But there are three kinds of a computer: 1. Analog Computer works by measuring voltages and current. Its main function to supply continuous electric signals and displays output.  2. Digital Computer works with digits. In which all expression are coded with digits. It can do all types of mathematical works due to having a strong memory.

  1. Hybrid Computer helps the users to process continuous and discrete data. It is also used for scientific application. The speed of computer is very high as modern supper computer can perform billions of calculations within seconds. Its main quality is its reliability and accuracy.

A general impression about computer is that it can perform every work without a man but it is not correct. It has the following draw backs: It has no intelligence and cannot think like a man. It has no brain to think like a man. On the other hand, a computer deeds a perfect atmosphere to work as a fixed temperature range, a dust free atmosphere.

Any variation in the above condition it will not follow our commands like a foreigner cannot understand our language. It understands just binary language in which two symbols are prominent 1 and 0.

To sum up, the age in which we are living is called the age of computer. The Europeans are more advanced in computer field. If we want to get progress in it we have to explore computer field. In future all war would be through computers sitting in room. But in our country brains are more but our politicians are most corrupt send computer brains out of country on purpose. It is a serious tragedy for people of Pakistan.

I hope the coming generation would break this spell of white corruption that crushes country wealth in shape of brains. Come forward new generation and snatch you inborn rights from the unholy hands of the country rulers. It is the solution of saving the future of Pakistan.

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    1. Every people cannot live without the man-made computer. It became the basic necessity and cannot be denied that life cannot move without the modern age gadgets. If Maslow is still alive, I am pretty sure he will edit his manuscript of Hierarchy of Needs. It can be included and people will be guided that it is not a bad thing after all. However, it should be limited usage for the young generations. The young ones are becoming so addicted to computer games and

    2. Computer and technology is a thing which cant avoid in our life…but there are more bad incident occurs too….so people need to take inisiatif of it and need to follw the important and good things only…just throw and ignore the bad news and browsers

    3. Very good excellent job and I have no idea what to do with the help of the you


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