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Yes, that was what the clerk told me when I gave him the assessments of our company’s gross incomes for our businesses , together with the checks as payments for the taxes and licenses .

After 8 persons and almost 45 minutes of waiting in line, standing , I was told that.

And I can’t help getting annoyed and said “What?! After I have waited for almost an hour , you will tell me that ? Isn’t it that you are supposed to be open until 7:00 p.m. to serve the paying public better, and it’s just 5:30 p.m. ?”

He explained that I can leave him the checks and return tomorrow and just simply pick it up already in official receipts . But I said , “ you should have announced that early on , so that all who are paying big and in checks can just do that and don’t have to wait in line. “

“ I prefer to wait a little more while you do them please. “ To which he said , “please sit down on the bench madam while I do them . I will just call you. “

And this happened at the City Government office, last year .

But had this happened this year , which wouldn’t anymore now because my boss delegated it to the Administrative department .

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Had this happened now , I would surely posted this to the concerned government office to report .

Though I know , with our present country’s president’s mandate to expedite all the processing of business taxes and the like , the employees aren’t doing this anymore , because they can now be dismissed if found guilty.

See, if one doesn’t speak her mind and feelings , these people will just do that .

But for me, I will always fight for what is my right. I guess, the rebel in me will always persist. Lol !

The girls after me , were grinning and told me , it’s good you said that Madam.

See, the rebel has some allies. Lol !

Note; Picture is at the lobby outside our office

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