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How to write strengths and weaknesses while making your profile
May 9, 2017

When it comes to writing a profile for yourself, one needs to be absolutely crisp with his language and facts. An effective profile can leave a great impact upon your audience, leading to a higher chance of your profile being highlighted amidst a pool of bios.

How one crafts his profile is entirely up to him. One can make or break an impression with the medium of an introductory bio. Usually, it is advisable to stick to a particular tone depending upon the bent of the job profile you’re intending to refer to.  If it requires you to be highly professional, be it; or if you feel the panel viewing your profile will be pleased to come across your personal information as well, then write likewise.

A very vital aspect of a profile is how to elaborate upon one’s strengths and weaknesses. Both of these areas need the person elucidating his personality to be both true and credible at the same time. There is a very fine line between expressing your points with the right amount of confidence and sounding haughty. Your strengths should correctly reflect your skills and should not brag solely about your achievements.

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While writing about your strengths do not be too uncomfortable and fall prey to the fear that you’ll sound like ‘blowing your own trumpets’! Prevent from giving too generic answers that might fail to distinguish you from others. If you fall short of facts, do not spin and fabricate your points; rather, reflect upon your personality for a while and write from your heart. One great way of analysing your strengths is to ask people such as co-workers or friends for their genuine opinions. Make sure to tailor your points well so that they don’t look like coming out of the blue. If you mention about your credible communication skills, add a little tangibility to your point and put one or two instances where you felt so.

Writing strengths can be easy to a good extent, but when it comes to reflecting upon your weaknesses, one needs to be extra careful. What the person on the other end reading your profile actually wants is to check whether or not you’re self-aware, known to your own imperfections and shortcomings or not. But the response you give must channelize your answer in a way that your points seem to promise a scope of improvement in the future. One can also elaborate over how they’ve progressed on overcoming their weaknesses or how you’ve struggled with them in the past to have overcome it at present. People with too naive and straight-forward weaknesses like ‘not able to pull myself to work’ are perceived as insincere and elusive. One should package their weaknesses in pretty parcels of promises so that they do seem true yet not too hard to be fixed!

With a nicely presented profile which has all the personal as well as professional points put coherently, one’s chances of being picked out of many introductory profiles can increase manifold. Strengths and weaknesses both are an innate part of a human’s personality, it only depends upon us as to how we present them!

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