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How to redeem at LiteracyBase
How to redeem at LiteracyBaseHow to redeem at LiteracyBase – designed using Pablo by Buffer

I finally made my first redemption at LiteracyBase. It is not as hard as I thought at the beginning when I joined the site. It took me about 15 days to reach the minimum payout, which is $10. I think it might be good for me to write a simple guide on how to redeem in LiteracyBase, as this process might be a little confusing for some members. I was confused at first, but thanks to the help from support, I understood the process of redemption better.

Before we make our first redemption, we must set up our payment information on the site.


How to set up payment information

1. Go to your Dashboard.

Click on your name on the top right corner to access your dashboard. (Your name is just below “Hello” and above “Logout“, and just next to your avatar.)

2. Click on Profile from the blue menu.

You will see a smaller menu bar, with View, Edit, Change Profile Photo options.

3. Click on Edit option.

There, you will see a header “Editing ‘Base’ Profile Group“, and there are two buttons: Base and Payment Information

Under the Base section, you can enter your name to be seen by other members.

4. Click on Payment Information button.

This is where you are going to set your payment information, so you will be paid by LiteracyBase.

There are two information to be set here, and these are both required in order to get paid.

1) Payment Option

You can select either PayPal or Payoneer from the drop-down list.

2) Payment Address

Enter your payment address.

Remember to click on Save Changes button to save the information you just made.

5. Click on View option under the Profile menu.

Here, you can check if you have set your Payment Information correctly.

Your Payment Option and Address will be displayed here, together with your name, affiliate program information and current balance.



1. Move your mouse to the Rewards menu on top of the site, then click on Redeem.

2. There are two boxes on the Redeem page, To and Amount.

In the To box, “test1” is written and the box is not editable, so you can actually ignore it. It belongs to the team, so you do not need to worry much about this.

What you need to enter is the Amount that you wish to redeem.

The amount you enter must be more than $10 and less than or equal to your available balance.

3. After you have entered the correct amount to redeem, click on Transfer button.

4. You will see a pop up dialog saying “Transaction completed“. Just click on OK button to close it.

The redemption process is done!

How to check if you have redeemed successfully

1. Go to your Dashboard

2. Go to My History section

You will see an entry with the name “Transfer of Coins to test1” and the amount you wish to redeem too.

3. You can also see your Available Balance has been updated.

Do not worry about the test1 account, I have checked with support and he mentioned this account belongs to them, so it is fine.

Now, just sit back and relax, and wait for the payment to be arrived on 10th of the next month. Of course, we can continue to participate on the site, and prepare for the next redemption.

Hope you will find this simple guide helpful.

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    1. Congratulations on the cash out!! Keep us posted of how long it took for you to get paid!!

      • Thanks JoDee! As stated in FAQ, we will receive our payment on 10th next month. I will surely update you all if I have got the payment, just to encourage others! 🙂

    2. Awesome explanation of how to redeem for cash out. Congratulations on reaching it and you did it rather quickly too. I am so glad that you were able to accomplish your goal before the baby came.

    3. I haven’t made any redemption yet here. I am still in the process of reaching $10 for my cash-out. It is still a long, long way me for to do it. Anyway, I have already set up my needed data in case I would make my first redemption. I am ready to receive it in case I am done or have completed the $10 minimum payout.

    4. congrats, this is a helpful and good guide for us who have not cash out yet.
      me too, my balance is still way too far to reach $10, have to write 2 blogs per day in order to reach there.
      So, when you received your $10 in your paypal, remember to inform us, eh?

      Happy for you and boy, you sure are fast, 15 days to $10, superfast mommy

    5. Congrats dear for the redemption! You are the first one on this site to do so. And thanks for writing this post to help others in the redemption process. Much appreciated!

    6. suny said on May 24, 2016

      It clears all my doubts Kaka, I am glad you posted here which will stay here like lighthouse showing direction to ships taking a right course. Thanks a lot once again.

    7. Good to know. I may redeem before end of month. I have about $3 already.

    8. Congratulations Lee Ka! you worked hard for this and you deserve it 🙂

      Great post! I’m sharing it on social media.

    9. Congratulations @kaka135 for the cashout.

      I had a doubt which you cleared.

      Your post makes me wonder of one important point herewith – It doesn’t matter when you opt for cashout. You get payment on 10th only.

      So, if I cashout on 11th, I will have to wait for 1 month to get payments and if I opt for cashout on 8th, it happens within 2 days. Is it like this? Please clarify…

    10. Wow! Thank you. I am hoping that i don’t take much time to redeem but i also know that it will require some hard work.

      15 days to redeem 10 dollars is actually nice, i have been on sites where i have been there for months and still only have 2 dollars.

      Keep on the good work and thanks for all you tips about this site.

    11. Thanks. I have redeemed my money. Waiting for payment


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