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How to make money online with bitcoin
October 22, 2017

Ever wonder if it was possible to get payed to play a game on phone or computer? Nowadays you can. Especially with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a form of digital cryptocurrency and today 1 bitcoin is worth over $6,000. Yes six thousand US Dollars for 1, just one bitcoin. Quite an expensive investment if your like 99% of the world.

Fortunately you can collect “satoshi” (0.00000001 bitcoin) from free websites that give you small portions of a bitcoin just for visiting there site. These sites work by having ads on the site that generates revenue to supply you with your free bitcoins. So if you see alot of ads don’t panic. Some sites make you do several vigorous human verification before paying out. Others hold your satoshi until it reaches a certain point then deposits it into your account automatically.

Some websites pay better than others and many offer risky games where you can gamble with your satoshi.

But first you’ll need a bitcoin wallet. Personally I use Coinbase. Click here to sign up for a free account.¬†After you acquire your Coinbase account you can go to the accounts tab and copy your BTC address by clicking receive and copying the address it gives you that looks like this 1M8ycq8fGma8G6KRFueiWNSdYJkjau6bMu. Now that your address is copied you can start signing up for free bitcoin sites. Here’s a few of my favorites.

Free Bitcoins 1

Free Bitcoins 2

Free Bitcoins 3

And there you have it. Enjoy making free money for yourself while having fun! There’s lots of websites that offer free bitcoins they’re called faucets. In addition to earning money with faucets you can mine bitcoins too with software like Minergate. This however can cause issues with your device that you are mining on as it tends to use a lot of processing power to find hash’s to create bitcoin. There are also several websites out there where you can do freelance work for bitcoins as well as buy and sell things using bitcoins.

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