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How to Choose Reliable Writing Sites?

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I enjoyed writing in sites like Literacybase.com because there is no pressure and you just can write whatever topic you wanted to develop into a post or into a blog.

But how about paid writing sites? Do you jump in and register with them?
There is a big difference between blog sites and paid-to-write sites. In blog sites, it feels like you are just enjoying writing, you have no deadlines, no pressures on the number of words you wanted to write though of course there is a required minimum number of words. But if you are inspired or are in the mood, a 300-words article is so easy for you. You kept on pounding on your keyboards unaware that you had already reached 500 or 1,000 words!

Question on Reliability

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With regards to renumeration or payments, it is sure that you will be paid for your efforts in reliable blog sites, but for paid-to-write sites, you are unsure if your works or articles will be denied or accepted. It is so sad to think that you had already submitted your article to the requester, then he will reject it! And your article was already in his possession. He can still use it, he already have your ideas in your article, and then he will say it was rejected! That is tantamount to scamming the writer.

It is one of my fears in joining paid-to-write sites even though they pay higher than content sites/blog sites.

How to Be Assured of the Trustworthiness of a Writing Site?

Recently, I received two invitations to join writing sites through my Facebook account. I did not know who sent the invitation. They just posted it in my wall. So I searched for the sites, but I did not join yet, because I still have a question on the reliability or trustworthiness of those sites. One of them offered a low rate, while the other one uses bidding system.

I will probably send a message to one of my friends if she knows about those sites to help me decide if I will join.

Last year, I wrote for a writing site, but I questioned them when one requester rejected my article, but the article was already with him! This is my greatest fear; I have no assurance that my effort will pay off. But there are good ones who really pay, and some of them can be your regular clients.

I became inactive there when I felt tired of the deadline. I just wanted to write depending on my mood to write.

Do you have the same experiences with some writing sites?

    1. I like to write but with no pressure.

      Here at LB, we can choose to have pressure, by writing a long post like 500 words or 1000 word or just simply commenting on blogs.

      Though the way I calculate it, if one gets to comment accordingly to at least a 100 blogs or group topics or the comments to your posts, you can already earn $1 . Not much pressure because you enjoy interacting.

      The catch is for you to enjoy doing it so you will not feel pressured.

      • That is why I like sites like Literacybase and myLot because there are no pressures. I just wanted to have an outlet for my writing passion. I do it, I usually interact on other people’s blogs here if I could not think of a topic to write.

    2. I like writing very much, and I have my own blogs where I put my thoughts time from time and even earn little money. At Literacy base I do not feel any pressure, how long will be my post depends on idea.

      • It is nice to know you have your own blogs. I also created one last year, but it is hanging in the net (air), I did not monetize it and I had been inactive posting in it.

        In Literacybase, we have no pressures, it depends on what amount of time we will allot here; the reason why I like this site.

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