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Have you ever wonder why money seems to be the most important thing in life, therefore it is not make us a little confused right?
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well, here it is, Money is a piece of paper, not just a regular white piece of paper but, it is a paper, the simple distinctions are images, numbers and of course signatures. But why if we make a copy of a dollar bill would if worth the same as the actual bill?? Huh?? Not really, our won’t be valuable to buy anything, therefore it’s the same bill with the images and numbers, that simply tells us that anything can becomes valuable or other words nothing is really valuable, unless it ┬ácalled as something with value, they simply turned money into a key, as you know a key is not a key unless it’s capable to opened a door or a lock, what if we didn’t need money to survive? Toilet tissue would been more important than a $100 bill, but unfortunately it’s not like that, just because they say it’s money it’s kind all we need for any sort. If look at the steps they are taking with money it’s amazing, first they make it nice and descent enough to catch our attention physically, second they make become more and more crucial each and every day, third they make it the first response to our financial needs, so this a short philosophy they use that got us doing anything for they money.

same as gold who said that gold worth so much money? And why? There a whole lot other pieces of steal that can be as shine as gold with the Same color but don’t worth as much as gold, believe it or not the quality of god is an invention.. because it’s not really about the beauty of it it’s more about the value that they said it has, we can also make some other stuff valuable it will takes time before it obtains its value but maybe day by day it will happen.

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