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Happy moments in the worst scenario
June 18, 2016
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Happy moments in the worst scenario

It is rare that one can find happy moments in a situation where darkness stares you in the eye but with a positive outlook to life searching for happy moments is not difficult at all. I found them. And that is what my doctor said helped me to get on my feet miraculously faster – read on.


There is always this thought that accidents happen to others but I was wrong. It was on Valentine’s Day, of 2006, the vehicle that I was travelling by, was knocked down by a heavy truck carrying Naphtha. We were two in the vehicle besides the driver but I was the only one who was badly injured.
For someone who is one moment bubbling with enthusiasm and the next is gifted with seven fractured bleeding ribs and two fractured vertebrae in the lumbar region it would be seemingly difficult to encounter happy moments in the 9 months that were required for complete recovery. But trust me I found them!! I know of people who have met with serious accidents and have also read about their trauma, and the painful recovery process but little did I know that there would be countless moments of joy in this whole experience until it happened to me.
I love travel and have been among the fortunate few that have the globe trotting experience. I have been in and out of several planes. Several cable, gondola and roller coaster rides have been a part of my travel package. Cruising down the pacific ocean in luxury liners, several boat rides in the still waters of the Hudson river in the USA, a donkey ride on the precarious hillocks of Phelgam, Kashmir, a walk in the Ice Palace of Jung Frau Alps in Switzerland and countless such adventures with no incidents or injury but nearer home I meet with this accident for reasons not known but it did happen. Right from the moment I fell there almost under the truck till I was able to get on my feet it was a smooth ride everything having fallen in place – good doctors, good nurses, countless friends/family members to cheer me, thanks to my mobile phone which really saved my life as the required contacts could be made because of it, maids to take care of me , finances taken care of – thanks to the medical facility that I had – each day bringing in new hope – the physiotherapist with her smile giving me hope with encouraging words – I could go on and on.  Suffice it to say there were moments of joy every step of the way.

Who says calamities only give misery? I became a new person, having faith in myself, in my abilities and a new belief that one does not have to have a bed of roses to be happy. Happiness can come from any source and I became a testimony of that. The greatest joy was when I was told I could take the first step and to see the sky, the trees, the birds which were hidden from me for almost 6 months. Sitting on my wheelchair I toured my house, my kitchen, my bedroom, my landscaped garden, all this I had taken for granted as being something that would always be there but I got a second chance a new lease of life that made me realize the worth of every small bit that gave me joy which otherwise perhaps I would not have even noticed. I could climb up the stairs to my computer room.  What was so special really but after 9 months of total bed rest this sure was an invaluable gift to be able to climb the stairs one step at a time.
Everyone rallied round me even my Vet recommended that I take something to strengthen my bones, which he recommends to his patients!! The orphaned children who I had spent time with on several occasions were en masse praying for my recovery.. So I was told while I was in the hospital. Being a Reiki Channel I kept it as my constant companion which no doubt played its role.
Many who were witness to the way I handled this calamity returned with new hopes in their life as they also felt that no matter what, if one knows to sail through any disaster that is what is needed to be happy. It is not how much one has but what one makes of what one has is the true road to happiness.
I am now introduced to Physiotherapy which should be a way of life with the young and old not necessarily who have had injured limbs or whatever. I do it on a regular basis and feel I have a spring in my step though not the kind of step I would want to take but a measured one. I no longer am strapped to props to support my ribs and back and am back to my brisk walks and busy about my chores cheerfully savoring every moment that has been gifted to me.

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    1. Woooww!!!!am sorry that you had to face that type of ordeal but am glad you recovered well and you also got to enjoy the positive side of things. I try to remember most of the am in my happy moments but am always thinking about the negative. I need to focus on the good part of things. Focus on how blessed I would be when I just sit bac and let things fall in to place like they are suppose to. That’s ok becuz I feel that they will and when they do I will be the happiest person in the world.

    2. That wasn’t the kind of Valentine gift one would want. How painful all that would have been. It must have been the grace of God that helped you through it and left you able to be thankful and positive. I’m so glad you survived the accident and were able to heal and even thrive again.


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