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How To Be Happy Father and Make Family Proud
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I have never regretted that I have known and been baptized to the true Church of God sometime in April 1980. It took me 4 years to be converted by the two missionaries, a Filipino, and an American. Since I was christened in the Independent Catholic Church, I asked my late mother to permit me to join the above-mentioned Church. She didn’t hesitate. She just simply replied, “Go ahead for I haven’t found anything amiss with that Church.”

By joining the said Church, I have received several callings from a Sunday School teacher to a Seminary and Institute teacher, from Elder’s Quorum President to First Counselor in the Bishopric. I am able to magnify those various callings I have had with the support of my wife, whom I baptize a few months after I was converted.

I feel divinely happy and proud of the authority I have had to baptize my six children. I even ordain my youngest son to the office of the deacon, priest, and to the office of an elder and also confer him the Melchizedek Priesthood. It is an authority coming from God, from the Lord Jesus Christ. I am able to take care that authority faithfully.

The greatest blessing that my family has received is when we go to the House of the Lord or the temple in Manila, Philippines to receive our own endowment, family sealing for time and eternity. And also another blessing is when I baptize my late father and mother by proxy. I know they are indeed happy about that.

My only effective instruments on how I do those things are faith, prayer, service, and love. I know God would never neglect me. It is my faith that tells me so. It is being sustained by the daily prayer I made. It is in service that I believe have been doing to the least of my brothers and sisters. Missionary work, studying the words of God and redeeming the dead through baptism by proxy.

And the greatest love of our Heavenly Father by sending His Son to save us, to redeem us from our sins. This is what I call the unfeigned heavenly love of the Father. We do exemplify it by finding those who lost their way through proselyting and bringing them down to the water of baptism. This is the kind of love I have shown to my whole family.

Our long, faithful membership in the true Church of God is an indescribable feeling of happiness, eternal happiness so to speak which my children, my wife keep on nurturing and in which they feel proud of about me for that. The way I lead them to a spiritually-inspired way of living and my untarnished membership in the Church, my faithful discharge of my different Church callings, my 6 children, my loving wife, and even my in-laws and several grandchildren feel proud about me.

I know it is the Lord’s plan. It is the Lord’s will to serve Him that way. I know He provides the way for me on how to be happy. I pray with thanksgiving for that great opportunity I have in humble service the Lord.

Thus, making me a happy father and making my family proud of me.

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    1. @nakitakona13 There is no greater comfort than our implicit faith in whatever religion we follow be it at a ritual or spiritual level. As they say there is a thing called God of our understanding which cannot be shaken no matter how others may try to impose a change in that belief.

      • I do absolute agree with you. Faith is the greatest element on what we believe in. It makes us strong. It makes determined on what to. It is the lifeblood of all the things what we are doing. As what the Bible says, it is something that we cannot see, but it is true. It gives us the assurance that it really does exist. Like the air, we cannot see it, but we could feel that it does exist.

        God is a Supreme Being that we cannot see Him, but He does exist. We couldn’t see Him personally or touch Him, but we could appreciate His existence through His creation that surrounds us and through our own being who He does create. Our faith in Him is the ever guiding light that shines through the darkness of our mistakes or sins and finally leads us to correct and forsake them for righteousness sake.

        It is our faith that makes us whole. Let’s keep that unwavering faith in God. So be it.

    2. Being religious is easy to say, but through actions can see the real person with strong faith in God. There are some churchgoers religiously in the church, but they never practiced good faith to people. Thus, they deceived people and cheat themselves.

      • Religiosity is greatly different from spirituality. I remember one fellow LiteracyBaser, @swalia who said about the difference between a religion and spirituality according to her spiritual master. They are compared to a fruit of banana. Wherein religion is like the peel of the banana, and the fruit inside is the spirituality.

        You are right in your observation that those who come to Church every Sunday are hypocrites. They are like those people in the Bible who say by their lips, Lord, Lord, but deep in their hearts they are too far from the Lord. It is reality @shavkat. They are around us. They are in the public places. They wear the sheep’s skin, but they are devouring wolves inside.

        They are great cheaters of all time. We should be careful in mingling with them for they might be fallen to their pretentious dealings. They are the great pretenders. They befriend with us, but in the long run, when we are not aware, they are going to “eat” us to their personal aggrandizement.

    3. First let.me congratulate you for being such a dedicated man if God. Not soany.men would take up that calling you be a undertaken over the years. But when God calls you be gives you all the ability, strength and the armour to do God’s work. I am very pleased. And thebthouhht of you having baptised your own wife into church is amazing. You have also gone ahead and ordained your so You are blessed man for sure. It’s a good thing that your wife is behind you in all of this and th3 kids are also supportive. I wish you all the best in the years to come.

      • I do really appreciate your kind comment on my role as a father of my own family on how I do care for them, on how I set as a good example for them. I am hoping that is how your family should be too. I wish the best everything for them. Your active role in your family would make everyone happy and involve to make things done towards achieving happiness and eternal contentment so to speak. Family is so important and God wants us to rear them up according to His nurture and admonition. If we are obedient to His commandments, we will be receiving the promised He has made in the ancient times, that is, to have eternal life if we could endure to the end and remain faithful to Him.

    4. When God blesses us it is not just for one day or one moment; it is continuous. Only we can stop the flow of God’s blessings. We should aim to please God. We should trust in him. Faith in him brings joy and secures our place with him for the future. Each day we should look forward to life in the new Jerusalem even as we reap his blessings now.


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