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Good intentions end up going badly in Facebook
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What will happen if your beloved finds out that you are posting private images on Facebook?
By this, I don’t mean any Facebook images that are way too revealing, but they can be considered more appropriate for a high school teen hungry for attention and appreciation but an adult woman who has family and children. Yeeks!

Now, tell me please what that was all about? Eh, this is not a gossip session, I don’t like to make those but the whole story is more funny and ridiculous than it is dramatic and tragic. nothing bad ever happened after this unfortunate product of ladies in question imagination. But, you have to understand her factor of a surprise she shared among us others was pretty big and unexpected. The last to say we had a good laugh.

Some people still don’t get that if you share something with mark public, it is public to see for everybody on the internet not only your friends.

And if a friend tags some another friend, here, your sexy images in new shoes and skirt are going wild and viral. Yeeks!

Now, I am sure that all of us girls like to look good and groomed and well, to look healthy and fine, but this lady took it to the next level. We all like to post images like this one for an example – ‘see my new shoes, they are so great’. And then you post a picture of your foot stuffed into something nobody normal will buy…. But that is how a thing goes, we all have the personal taste that sometimes is not something that you wish to share with the rest of the world.

So, be absolutely sure of your fat foot looks gorgeous in that ‘thing’ you wish to call a shoe. Because, it happened to me to post an ugly snap, can happen absolutely everything to anybody else.

But, my friend was off with her job and at the time of arrival at home, she was in a cat-hunting mode for new clothes. God knows she was wrapped in unappealing rags and clothes for working the whole season long, so lady decided to make herself a nice juicy treat and she hit local clothing shops with the force of ten nuclear bombs.

It was intense!
It was a shopping session that most husbands don’t survive.
Or shopping attendants have to take a poor guy an d call the ambulance.
That fierce she was.

Her job must be very excruciating to produce that kind of a fierce effect.
That would not be the worst thing ever, of course, her beloved knew his wife’s clothing choices and never said a word against it. She had a taste, but her own.

I would never buy things she did, and I am younger. But, I have a solid realistic mirror which tells me that skirt will not cover me in an appealing way.
I think her mirror badly cracked.

She posted all her new clothes to the internet, and as we were too polite to reply with anything but Like she continues posting.

Her husband eyes finally started to bleed and he asked her to stop. Poor lady was so embarrassed she deleted her postings, and later the whole account.

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