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Get ready to spend your vacations like you never did before..!!
May 23, 2017

Exams are over, Studies are on rest for some time and Students are ready to celebrate their time. Yes!! Summer has come. The time has come when we can say bye-bye to our school, teachers, the ever menacing school projects and all.  Summer Time, the most favorite time of every student, which brings lots of fun and of course lots of vacations with it.

What we are doing in this Vacation.?!

Some students are geared up to explore during their vacations while some students are home buddies and ready to enjoy their vacations at home. The starting days of the summer vacations are adoring and full of excitement. And why wouldn’t we all be thrilled??? After all, we do get these vacations once in a year. But gradually with the vacations we are loosing the excitement somewhere and boredom overcomes the kids.  Eventually Parents are also started worrying about their children as they are spending more and more time in watching Television, Playing video Games and messing their eyes up in front of the gizmos and gadgets.

We are not saying that it’s a bad thing to spend time in front of Tv’s or Gizmos, we all do enjoy watching our favorite Tv shows and playing video games but in a certain limit.  So worry not, we are here to let you be acquainted with some of the most exciting ways through which you can maintain and find an appropriate balance between leisure and learning.

Here we go.

Set to Voyage ““

Vacations are on us. For a long many of us are planning to spend our holidays somewhere better, so here we have some finest ideas for you.

Are you a person who likes to travel and be fond of to visit different places?? Traveling is always a lure to everyone. Spending vacations at different places has its own charm. So you better start exploring the world outside your house.

  1. Plan a picnic with your friends and family.
  2. Travel to your favorite destination and live your vacations to the fullest or you can plan your holidays for that place where you were never been to. So go there with your family or best friends.
  3. Visiting new places will give you a new experience and also enhance your knowledge about different culture and traditions of different places.

Take vacations, Go as many places as you can. You can always make more money, but you can’t always make memories.

Ornate Your Knowledge ““

There’s an old phrase “Knowledge is Power”. The best time to polish your knowledge and to gather the new ideas about anything is the time of summer vacations, when you have no worries for your exams or studies.

  1. There are some things which you may find interesting in brushing up your experience and knowledge, it includes Reading your favorite books, learning different languages (French, German, etc.) which definitely going to add value to your resume when the time comes.
  2. With that you may opt for non academic class where you may learn art, music, pottery, cooking or any other subject that interests you.
  3. One of the best options according to my view is to visit Museum and historical places. If you have an archeologist hidden inside, you are going to love this.

The various facts related to these monuments will spark your knowledge up and the hidden truth lies in the museum will create an era which will take you to that time when all those things actually happened. After all, who doesn’t want to know how Mummies were made and why those people mummified?!

Be a Helping hand to Others ““

Mahatma Gandhi has once said “The Best Way to Find Yourself is to Lose Yourself in The Service of Others.” With this thing in your heart you may volunteer yourself in making your surroundings better and a place to live.

You with your friends you can make and celebrate a “Park clean up day” and devote yourself up to this noble cause and ask your family, friends Neighbors also if they are ready to come out and help in cleaning trash and make simple repairs.

No act of Kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Believe it or not, but spending time at the place like old age home/ Orphanage or animal shelter, with the ones who are in the need of love and care. Nothing would be better than this.

That feeling of doing something for someone without expecting anything in return will make your life as beautiful as heaven.

The love and Blessing that you get in return from this will be priceless. As it is said “Volunteers are not paid—- Not because they are worthless, but because they are Priceless.” So yes, enjoying vacations to give joy to others can’t be a bad idea, right?

Idle Moments at Home ““

Are you a home buddy, and would like to spend more time at home rather than going somewhere outside?? Well, worry you not; we have something for you also in our Santa bag.This is the best time when you can explore the entire internet. Discover new and creative things on YouTube, Learning different craft and art work can also help you in enhancing your imagination and a good time pass during vacations. After all it would all be about Fun to Learn.

If you want to try something new, you may go for cooking. Gone are the days when the work was distinguished between the wall of masculinity and femininity. You may learn to cook different cuisines and surprise your family with your very different avatar. May be your interest in cooking may lead you in the making of India’s next Sanjeev Kapoor, You may never know!!!

The Adventure Time ““

Adventure, a name is enough to explain anything. This is for all adventure loving people. If you be keen on doing adventure and thrill then you will have a lot of options in that case.

  1. Being an adventurous person you can always go into the woods and set for the Campaign with camp fire having all your friends and family with you.
  2. Then again, you may go for mountaineering also, as its phrase in Hindi “Pahaad Chadhna”, well here you go, you will literally have a mountain to climb on and set your own record

For doing mountaineering you definitely would like to go to the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering. India’s one of its kind institute.Nehru Institute is a newly established mountaineering institute in Uttarakhand State. With the mountaineering courses it is also providing, skiing course and adventure course and with the minimal fees of 7500 only you will make your vacations a memorable one. It is a good option trust me!

For all those people who be keen on to fly in the air :-

  1. Moving forward, if you love flying in the air, then you have an option like flying with a parachute and the best place to go for Paragliding is Billing Valley in Himachal Pradesh.
  2. There are many agencies which take care of your boarding & lodging and till you reach there. With that you also will be provided with the facilities like Peaceful accommodation, visiting the World famous Paragliding site, Trekking, Camping, Fishing, Mountain biking, Horse riding, river crossing etc. Sounds quite an adventurous thing.
  3. You may plan your vacations for Gulmarg or Manali and participate in Skiing. Yes Skiing.!! You must not have given a thought on skiing, but yes Skiing can be as adventurous and wild as your imagination go. We have been in the jungle, we have climbed mountains, we have flown in the air, and we have been in snow, and if you still feel something’s left behind, then come with us for the most exciting adventure thing, Surfing on the sea.

High tides, long shore, and you on your surf board. Quite an adventurous imagination isn’t it. Well, we have so many options here, these are just to mentions few. So the one way to get the most out of your vacations is to look it as an adventure.

Want to spend your vacation with the piece and your inner self; then it is for you”“

The stage of Self Actualization explains the phase in a human life where he/she has fulfilled all his desire and can focus on the spirituality. India has been the guru and the father of the spirituality since the ages.

Abraham Maslow a famous American psychologist, in his theory of Hierarchy of Need, has told about a stage in a human life, that is the stage of self actualization.

Meditation is one of the beautiful ways to attain self actualization and also the one of the easiest and most effective ways to spend your vacations.

It is being said by our ancestors that if anyone can meditate and keep the focus in a correct and discipline way than one may become the master of the five elements. To carry out anything is not a big task, but doing it perfectly is more important. Just so you all can apply the meditation techniques in a correct way, we suggest you to join Tushita Meditation Centre. It is a beautiful place to learn to live in peace, with a calm intellect and pure soul.

Not only people from India but also people from around the world come here and join the course. Tushita Meditation Centre is providing different courses like an introduction to Buddhism course, Intermediate level course, pre orientation course and there are just to name a few. So if you really wish to do something productive you would definitely like to join the same.

“Some more ideas that you would like to mull over”

The above discussed bullets were some of the best one to be targeted on. These are the ways through which you may spend your summer vacations with lots of Joy and Many more Learning.

Just to mention some more ways.

  • If you are in senior year of your school or if you are in college you may look for a part-time job or internship. It will add exposure, experience and lots of learning and enhance your professional skills.
  • You may also do math, science or language comprehension quizzes and learning online.
  • For all the bookworms out there, if you are in love with the books you may take your favorite Novel series and you can finish it up during this time.
  • You may also gather more information and wisdom from your favorite subjects by watching online tutorials and lecture.

So fasten your seat belt. Get ready to do lots of fun; after all it is the vacation time. As it is said A Vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it, but on the contrary doesn’t we have so many things and an unending list to do in our holiday’s time. So what are you waiting for, Get. Set.. Go.

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    1. I love adventures, I love walks, picnics, everything that u can think of when it comes to the summer time. that’s my time off to be with my kids and family. My man to, him and the kids will get majority of it. I love school because becoming a nurse is hard and alot of dedication plus hard work but its worth after realizing why am doing what am doing.


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