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Friday night was my night to cook dinner
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Most nights i eat over my boyfriends house and most nights it is his mom cooking. I have caught one night where his dad cooked and he even made dinner also.

So Friday night we didn’t know what to eat. We had no ideas except for pizza and coca cola. We still had to make the pizza dough and everything but for some reason we didn’t really feel like eating pizza.

I decided that i would make my chicken bechamel spaghetti. So i told them if they had the stuff then i would make it.

She got the things that were missing at the mini market and i showed her how to make it. The recipe is quite simple and taste awesome. She gave me an idea of adding some mozarella cheese to the mix and it came out quite well.

I made a big pot which lasted for three meals for four people.

Now we are planning on making this spaghetti but with crab meat and shrimp and another night to make my mom’s famous spaghetti.

It is something else to do, plus i love cooking and never get a chance to do so. My whole family at home doesn’t usually eat together and we are never all home at the same time. So i decided to show off my cooking skills to them.

After this i decided to find my cooking book to see which recipes i had that i haven’t done in a while and might actually try them out with them.

Since my family is only home on Sunday, that is the day i go home and spend quality time with my mom and make a little something if we are hungry.

Now i feel that i need to find some more simple and good recipes to make. I have made before my cheesy spaghetti which is also very good. I think spaghetti is the best thing to fill up a family. It isn’t something you need to make alot of because one plate tends to fill up a stomach.

    1. Seafood sphaghetti is very really nice and healthy too! Your family will really be happy because you are exerting extra effort to make your family have something to share/eat on Sundays.

    2. That sounds like a very lovely meal. I actually have not ate spaghetti in quite a long time. I do hope you enjoy your time spent looking at other recipes, and do hope you have more time to cook for your family as well.

      Enjoy the rest of your day.

    3. seems good meal and hope you enjoyed it, good night

    4. Very interesting story, we have to learn cooking to save our hunger.

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