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March 20, 2017

When I signed up on this site, I have no knowledge on what to do. Although my member cousin had filled me in on some notable details, I still had a little difficulty on how to go about the site. I am really thankful to my cousin, Dina.

For newbies out there like me, here are some of the things I discovered.

You can earn your coins by doing several activities on this site. This is based solely on My History records, I don’t know if we are paid with the same rate. Here are some of the coins I earned.

See Also:

Coins for logging in                                        $ 0.0100;

Coins for new comment                               $ 0.0010;

Coins for Approved Comment                     $ 0.0100; $ 0.0050; $ 0.0020 (I think it depends on the comment you made);

Coins for new forum reply                            $ 0.0100; $ 0.0050 (depends on the content of your reply);

Coins for updating profile                             $ 0.0010 (Asking & accepting for friend request thru public message; update your personal info or putting up your profile picture);

Coins for new post             $ 0.15 for a 300-word approved post;

$ 0.22 for a 500-word approved post (based on the posting of other members);

$ 0.33 for a 1000-word approved post (based on the posting of other members);

Coins for referring a visitor                          $ 0.0010 for approved post I shared in facebook. Maybe if you can post it on several social media, so much the better;

Coins for referring a new member             $ 0.0001 (they said that you will get as much as 10% for works of your referred member. It is similar to multi level marketing; and

Coins for creating a group                            $ 0.0020




Since I am not sure if I have the ability to write an article, I write my draft in Microsoft Word Processor, that way I can edit it there and at the same time, word counter is available, so you will know how many words you have already written.


  1. Click on the WRITE HERE tab, POST NOW & DASHBOARD will appear.

POST NOW is where you will write your article and the DASHBOARD is the area where you can find your approved article.

  1. Click POST NOW. Copy your saved article. Paste it on the Message Box. Make sure that your article is NOT LESS THAN 300 WORDS. Fill out all the other needed information

TITLE (if your title is too short or too long, the admin will let you know upon submission)

CATEGORY (choose from the category that will appear);

TAGS (I tagged the groups I am a member of);

IMAGE (if image is lifted from source other than yours, please make a notation at the end of your article

  1. If you think everything is okay, click SUBMIT, located just below the Notes. Wait for the approval of your article.


My experience the first time I submitted my article, I was ‘rejected’ three times.


First, the article was too short;

Second, the title is too short; and

Third, I have no image.


I hope this will help.


Goodluck to all of us!.


    1. What you mentioned are the usual things a newbie can encounter here, like when the admin will not accept the short title, has some errors, or no image. At first I was at a loss here, because I found it too hard to edit first before posting. I usually can clearly see my errors after it the article had been published, and there is not “edit” button to do it. So now, I use free word counter online to edit my post, and to know whether I had gone over the 300-words minimum for an article. Usually, I try to go over 500 words, but when I could not think of a good topic, it’s just more than 300 words only.

      I find the admin here nice to members because we can earn fast here, just give more time to make comments, to interact and to post blogs.

      • I, too, agree with you that the Admin at LiteracyBase is very nice and lenient with their members. They are not so strict as some of other online sites.

        Thanks for your comment!

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