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Family as a child, and a parent
April 18, 2017


Growing up, you are always surrounded by your family. Whether that be a family related by blood or related by circumstance. Everyone has had someone within their lives at one point with whom they could tell anything and everything to and not feel ashamed or like they would be judged. As a child (especially teenager), those are some of the most important aspects of growing up. Being able to have a safe space without judgement is vital to the growing and changing minds of children.

With that being said, I grew up in a decent family. I didn’t always get along or agree with my parents but they always did the best that they could. My mother and father worked very hard to give me the life I had and for that I am very thankful. Growing up, you instill many ideas and methods about how to treat yourself and others. I constantly find myself relating back to how my parents were to me as a child. I always think about how they must have felt with me as a baby. I think of all the unimaginable possibilities they must’ve had for me as an innocent newborn baby.

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Having a child of my own, I realize how they felt seeing me as a baby. I understand how hard it can be at times just to sit down and have dinner together with your significant other with a baby crying. But that same baby is your everything and you could never forget about him/her for any reason. They take priority.

Those views have been established within me throughout my childhood. My parents always took time to keep up with my unfamiliar teenage ways even though most of the time I would push them away. It’s incredibly hard to see yourself changing as a person and not know how to ask for attention. As much as I would push them away, they would always be there waiting. This is known as unconditional love and it is one of the biggest views established within my mind as a child. https://howtoparentateen.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/bigstock_angry_teenager_2723599.jpg

So as a parent myself, I only hope to be as much of a wonderful parent as my mom or dad whom sacrificed time, effort and energy into my well-being. I hope that my significant other and I will always find time for each other and our relationship while being able to balance a child. There are times when we may fight with each other but nothing goes on for days at a time, there’s always an apology and a time where we sit down and talk things through with one another. Remember the most important thing you can give is your time. Give time to your family to establish some everlasting qualities that you’d like your children and grandchildren to have to keep going within the family and possibly other families and children. Do things that you would be proud passing down the history line.


    1. Both parents are important in the life of every child and they contribute a lot to the development of a child. That’s why children who are brought up by single parents have some social problems.

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