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The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Review
December 8, 2016
The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Review

Christmas is almost here! And with the arrival of the festive holidays, a lot of people are planning to take a long time off from work – including me! While I look forward to a hopefully relaxing time away from my full-time work, the process to “get there” is not as smooth sailing. In fact, for the past couple of weeks, I am quite stressed from work. And I will not even go to the details of the other factors contributing to the stress!
Despite that, I still try to keep up with my once a week skincare regimen – applying face mask! I definitely noticed that with this regular application of face masks, my skin definitely looked more vibrant and healthy.

Last weekend, I tried a “new” face mask sheet from The Face Shop called Real Nature Mask. Similar to other Korean skincare brands, it had a lot of variants and I have written the other variant I tried out a couple of weeks ago from The Face Shop (you can read the review over here). This time, the variant is in lemon – and to be honest, I was a little bit scared to try it out!

I haven’t tried a face mask that had “fruit acid” in it (ok, that’s not the real term, but I don’t know what else to call it anyway, LOL!). That’s why I was a bit scared to try it because I don’t know how my skin would react! But then, I will never know if I don’t try, right? And it’s not like I bought this anyway. The friend who visited us months ago left it with me and I am not keen to throw it in the bin, too.
Anyway, as always, there was a refreshing slight scent from the mask sheet. It didn’t bother me since most face mask sheet has almost the same scent regardless of the variant anyway!

The mask sheet is easy to use. It was the right size and I didn’t have issues adjusting the holes so my eyes, nose, and mouth area goes right through it.
After a couple of seconds placing the mask sheet, I felt a certain sensation to my face. Maybe it was the liquid reacting to my skin. But it wasn’t annoying or stinging, though. And it went away pretty quickly so it was not an issue at all!

A couple of minutes longer, I caught a whiff of a refreshing scent similar to that of lemonades, HAHA! It was definitely refreshing, too.
My worst fear of having allergic reactions didn’t happen so that’s a good thing. I may have been shying away from lemon or fruit-based face mask sheets for nothing. So I plan to include it as an option the next time I replenish my skincare cabinet!

Overall, I am glad my friend gave it to me. At least, I was able to give it a try without buying!

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    1. That’s nice to know that you tried it and that you didn’t throw it away.I can tell you for a fact that lemon is the best skin regime you would give your skin. I know lemon may punch a bit when you apply it on your face because of its acid content but it’s the best there ever was. I took some time and asked a friend of mine who had beautiful glowing skin all the time what she did or used to make her skin look so radiant. The answer that she gave me for me thinking for a while, but I eventually tried it out for while and I can say for a fact that I loved the results. The first time I applied it it pinched and was feeling like it was too harsh but I had been forwarned that it would react that way. So I persevered for some minutes then washed it off the next time I did it it didn’t punch so much and I suddenly started getting used to it and it has done marveloys work.lemon keeps the skin firm and make a it flow. If you have acne it dries it up and leaves no blemishes that’s just how good it is. I have never regretted trying it out, I don’t use cleansers or shrubs this is what n use every other week and I love it.

    2. That is a crisp review! Keep going!

    3. that is great review and well posted there, thanks i will consider that product, seems good and i liek trying at online stores some products for the skin more and the body also, thank you for your review


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