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Face Mask Review: Etude House Collagen
March 7, 2017

Another article, another product review for everybody! Today, I am going to review another skincare staple I always need to have inside my bathroom cabinet – face sheet masks!

I lost count how many brands and variants I have tried in the past – especially with the HUGE selection in just Korean skincare brands. But I just love the way it hydrates my skin – you can tell the difference of the skin quality the next day if you applied a face sheet mask or not!
Today, I am writing about Etude House’s Collagen face sheet mask. I bought it as part of my Jolse haul sometime last year. And since I don’t use face sheet masks daily (maybe every other week or so), I still have one sheet left that I used last weekend.
Similar to other face sheet masks from Etude House from the same line, I found the packet smaller in comparison to other sheet masks. I personally love the compact design of the packet, too. It added a bit of appeal (to me) that it is smaller in comparison to other sheet masks.
Anyway, I opened the packet and there was a fully soaked mask sheet inside. It is good for single use, too. The sheet is drenched with the liquid but there are not many leftovers inside the pack. I am not too fussy about it as I actually hate having to throw the precious mask sheet liquid, sigh.
Similar to other Korean face sheet masks, Etude House’s Collagen mask sheet was very subtly scented. It has a slightly milky consistency to it but not as thick as the Coenzyme Q10 variant.
I placed it on my face and found the mask sheet slightly small to fit my face. I had a bit of trouble trying to align the holes for the eyes and nose with mine so it took some time to readjust so I can be comfortable with it.
As I placed the face mask sheet, there was no stinging sensation at all. Just the same refreshing feeling you get when you just placed a mask sheet on your face, yay!
I let the product stay on my face for about 30 minutes (I always do it when masking) and let the remaining product dry on my skin. It was slightly sticky to touch but not irritatingly so. As the time went on, the sticky feeling decreases, too. So when it was time to sleep, it wasn’t sticky at all! Mind you that it was a very cold evening in Ireland these days so it might be a factor why it wasn’t sticky for me, too.
Overall, I am happy with the product. I can’t attest to the claims that the Collagen variant of Etude House’s face mask sheet really firms the skin but I definitely loved how supple my face looked the day after! I did not develop any rashes or itchiness as well so it is another bonus for me.

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