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Ethereum VS Bitcoin: The 1 Ethereum to USD Chart Telling You Who is the Winner
July 11, 2018

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the first and second crypto currency in market capitalization respectively: on July 11, 2018, the BTC market cap is approximately $108.5 billion, while ETH was $437.6 billion. The goal of Bitcoin is to become a digital currency, while Ethereum wants to be a decentralized supercomputer.


So strictly speaking, Ethereum and Bitcoin are two distinct blockchains with very different use cases. There seems to be no comparison between the two. Just like Apple and Amazon, How can we compare them as their business goals, business models and products are completely different?  But for investors, the creativity of interest can be used as a comparative standard between the two. Investors will in favor of the one which can create more benefits in the shortest time. So let’s analyze it from this aspect with the 1 ethereum to usd chart.


1.Ethereum’s growth rate exceeds Bitcoin

Smart contracts running on Ethereum virtual machines enable developers to build almost any project, so people have realized the value of Ethereum as a platform. The startup created a token with the Ethereum network and raised a large amount of money in the ICO, which is enough to illustrate the value of Ethereum, so the ethereum to usd exchange rate goes up rapidly, especially from October in 2017 to January in 2018, which we can see from the 1 ethereum to usd chart.


By August 8, 2017, after more than seven years of birth, Bitcoin had a market value of more than $55 billion. It took only two and a half years for Ethereum to break through the market value for the first time on December 13 last year.


Although Ethereum entered the cryptocurrency market relatively late, and Bitcoin has a preemptive advantage, Ethereum quickly won a considerable portion of the market. On December 9, 2015, when it was more than five years old, Bitcoin reached 200,000 daily transactions, and Ethereum reached this milestone on June 6 last year, which took only two years.


So in terms of growth rate, Ethereum outperforms Bitcoin, Ethereum is the winner and ETH is a cryptocurrency for long-time holding. But the success of Bitcoin and Ethereum is not mutually exclusive. In fact, both of them have a strong developer community behind them that greatly increase the chances of success in the entire cryptocurrency industry.

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