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Ellen Tracy Matte Lipstick review
October 1, 2016
Ellen Tracy Matte Lipstick reviewEllen Tracy Matte Lipstick

I don’t know if it is age (sigh) or the fact that I have gotten a lot more confident with my makeup applying skills. But it seems that I am a lot more adventurous with my lipstick these days.
I posted in another article that I used to shy away from deep pigment lipsticks when I was younger. I fear that the pigment will stain my teeth and who wants to have lipstick-stained teeth, right? Apart from that, I am unsure how “apply the lipstick evenly”. So back in the days, I tend to buy sheer lipsticks.
Fast forward to this day, after discovering Korean lip tints, it drove me to keep trying rich pigment lipsticks – deep, dark red included! So during one of my trips to a beauty shop, I saw Ellen Tracy matte red lipstick on sale. I thought it was a “bargain” to buy this for €3 (after paying for €10 for Revlon lipstick) so I grabbed the opportunity!
I am not familiar with the brand. But I thought the shade was really nice. Autumn is fast approaching and after that, we have the cold winter nights – so I thought that this is a perfect lipstick shade for the upcoming season. Halloween is also fast-approaching and vampire lips are definitely “the look” for the event!
So far, I don’t want to use this shade during daytime (yet). So I was able to use once when I went out for dinner with a friend. And by far, loving it, too!
As expected, the lipstick was rich in color and heavily pigmented. I was really careful not to put too much pressure while applying. Probably because I really applied it lightly, it doesn’t feel cakey, sticky, or heavy on the lips. The feeling is almost similar to the light feeling of wearing lip tints – I was really surprised!
To prepare my lips, I applied a really thin layer of Vaseline. I want to moisturize my lips before putting any product to avoid the dry feeling. You may want to gently remove the excess by dabbing tissue or cloth on your lips. After that, I carefully applied the lipstick by making small, dabbing motion to my lips. I started with my bottom lip from the center and applied on my upper lip as well. Then, I smacked my lips (smacked not rubbed!) to distribute evenly. I made the smacking motion a couple of times until I was happy with the result. This is my photo with my vampire lips.

Ellen Tracy Matte Lipstick review_how to apply on face
I really like this shade and can say it’s definitely a bargain. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the lasting power that I now enjoy by using Korean lip tints – I think the Korean lip tints got me spoiled in that area. That said, I think this shade will look great if I layered with one of the many lip tints I bought recently. So I will play around, mix-and-match, and see what worked best in tandem with Ellen Tracy!

    1. I think the Ell18 is the best one which my daughter purchased recently. Earlier she was using Revlon. She is having almost all colors of Revlon brand.After seeing an Ad of a Bollywood Actress on the T.V she switched to the new brand. She purchased one in dark Tomato color and the other one is perfect dark red. Both are looking very nice and appealing.

      • I think I am not familiar with that brand, though. Is it from a local company? My favorite makeup brand will always be Bobbi Brown but I don’t always have the money to buy from them, LOL. So I used to resort to Loreal, Maybelline, or Revlon if I need to buy cheap cosmetics. Until recently, I started to be a little bit more adventurous and try other brands like Korean cosmetics and this, Ellen Tracy.

    2. Sounds as if the lipstick was a hit. Sound pretty happy with the product and that’s what companies love. They want to know if customers are happy with their products. Lipstick and lip gloss is the only thing that I’ll wear. No other makeup.

      • Yes it was a hit for sure 🙂 I tried using it this weekend during day time and was so happy with the result. The only downside with getting used with lip tints is that you somehow wish the lipsticks last as long on your lips, too.

    3. I got these Ellen Tracy “thick sticks” lip crayons from my mom. The whole set was $5.99 from Ross. I was not expecting much but was utterly surprised about the payoff and staying power these are amazing!!! I love a pencil since they are so easy to control but it has the color payoff and staying power of a lipstick and stain!

      Here are some of the most important benefits of lipstick:

      Beauty – No matter what style of lip color you prefer (sharp, bold and dramatic colors, or more natural and subdued shades that can be translucent), you will instantly feel more beautiful. If your goal is to stand out in the crowd, be more beautiful, or you simply need a boost in your confidence, lipstick is a perfect fashion tool for you.

      Hydration – Even though some older brands of lipsticks use ingredients that can suck moisture from you lips, most of them are very conscientious about hydration and are made to preserve the natural state of your lips. New brands of lipstick can often contain some form of moisturizing additive, such as vitamin E or aloe vera.

      Sunscreen – Even in early 20th century, chemist and fashion designers came to conclusion that sunscreen protection is important and that most people leave their sensitive lips up to the mercy of the sun even if they are conscious about protecting the rest of the face. Lipstick manufacturers then added sun protection ingredients to their products, enabling you to protect your lips from sun, drying, wind, and other harmful and aging effects.

      Posture – Several studies have shown that women who regularly use lipstick have a better posture in the later years of their life. With long and steady tradition of standing in front of the mirror and keeping your posture and body shape in healthy conditions, women in the ages of 65 to 85 have significantly less problems with their posture and balance.

    4. seems a hit in the makeup world is it?
      but I like lancome and i know its not the only one but i feel comfortable use, I tried other brands and got problems, still i want to try bands but not so pricey like lancome or dior or chanedl

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