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Do’s and dont’s of growing healthier nails
January 2, 2017
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Did you know there were so many different bad habits causing you not to have nails as healthy as they should be? I call it improper use of the fingernail. Just the way you open things using your nails how you keep them clean even the foods we eat!

When I was a teenager, I’d say around 12 til like 17 years old I would bite my fingernails off not realizing how bad that was for them. But my anxiety had alot to do with it. Causing me not to be able to grow them out keeping a nice length on them. Caused them to become thin. It became a bad habit. When I was thinking hard or nerves I would always be doing it and not even realize it. My mother couldn’t stand it she would always tell me it wasn’t good to be biting on them like that. And of course I was hardhead and then it just turned in to a complete habbit especially when the anxiety would kick in.

Would go over and visit my grandparents, they really hated seeing me do it. My grandmother would knock my hands from my mouth and say here eat some peppermint, your nails are the most posion thing on your body you shouldn’t be ratting them. I’d laugh of course and say I know grandma. yeah the peppermint work alright but just for a few minutes. But that’s when I realized you would need alot of peppermint to keep your mind of biting your nails. Well that’s what I decided to do. I would keep peppermint in my mouth tell that became a happy and I adventually got use to not eating on my fingernails.

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The sad part about it though was that I wanted to start keeping my nails growed out but they were so thin they would constantly break , causing them to not be able to grow a good length. So I decided to start going to the nail salon. I’d get nails put on then I realized those weren’t any better for your nails. Yeah they looked nice but they weren’t good for your natural nail at all and can put dents in them.(not to mention even grandma had something to say bout this) thats when I went to Walgreens to look around and got a bottle of nail hardner polish. Even got some vitamin pills for it but I hated to spend the money so I did a little research and also got some information from my grandmother on your fingernails.

. Do’s and Dont of growing healthier nails

. Don’t cut your cuticles-your skin is the bodies largest organ the cuticles are mentioned to be there. So cutting them is a Big no no!The cuticles helps act as a barrier for bacteria. Best to just keep cuticle pushed back. Keep clean around that area but don’t remove them, REMEMBER THAT.

.   Don’t use your nails as a tool. We all do, most of use anyways. Opening our mail, ripping things open like boxes and packages. Well if you do, try not to and just wait till sciccors or cutter are near by.

.   Eating well having a good diet is a A+ for having healthier nails. You don’t have to have the best diet but eating things with lots of calcium and nutrition plays alot.

.    Never peel off your old polish. That’s not good for them. It will rip the nail. Be sure to remove polish the appropriate way.

. Manicures are great, helps keep clean and in shape but try not to get fake nails if trying to keep your own healthier.

.  Handsanitizer- try not to go over board with it. Helps keep hands clean and kill germs but using to much can be unhealthy for your nails.

Be sure to keep hands moisterized

    1. wow lokk so nice and attractive, let us try it and see, thanks for it, and hopt you write more also nice posts, have a great days.

    2. I like the article. I than I God I never used to have that habit of biting my nails when I was younger. Instead I used to get so annoyed when I see people biting their nails, it used to look awful. I would oftenly tell my friends off when I saw them biting on their nails. The one new thing that i have gotten from this article is that I should not cut my cuticles and that peppermint helps to reduce the urge to chew on your nails. I have always wanted to grow my nails and keep them long. But the problem is they are usually very soft I don’t know how I can achieve strong healthy nails. I love having my nails long they look so pretty. Thanks for sharing the tips.

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