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Is there any difference between Politics and governance?
September 20, 2016
Is there any difference between Politics and governance?_The Turbulent Current Times: The Dark, Grey and Light Shades of it allImage Credit: Pixabay.com

 Is there any difference between Politics and governance?

Politics has a way of affecting everything we do and every aspect of our lives. When we talk of governance, we cannot actually separate totally the issue of politics from the actual governance itself.

As a matter of explanation, politics takes care of the processes concerned with getting the major governmental players into power. Here, the players do everything possible to woo the masses into thrusting them with the mandate to direct the affairs concerning them for a particular period of time. This is normally achieved using the power of the ballot box. Come to think of it, if there is no politics in a society, there will be anarchy in that society. Finding governmental representatives will be tug of war and that society will be at the losing end.

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Governance on its own is what the masses actually need. It is the aftermath of politics. The people will want to see their roads tarred and made motor able. They would want to have good schools filled up with well trained and knowledgeable teachers who are motivated both with good pay and infrastructure to deliver the much needed knowledge to enlighten the children and prepare them for the great challenges of leading in the future. They would like to enjoy good healthcare system where hospitals are in good functional conditions with state of the art facilities that can undertake any kind of healthcare procedure.

Good governance has to do with accountability, visionary leadership, reachability and openness to the masses that put the government in power. The electorate must be able to hold the elected accountable for their actions and not be in any danger of losing their lives or being kidnapped.

Politics gives way for governance immediately the elections are over and the winners declared. Therefore, the government in power must be held accountable for their actions and inactions.

    1. There is a great difference in politics and governance. Politics is the art of ruling and looting the country but governance is the art of how to implement laws upon the citizens equally between the poor and the rich.

      I would define governance as the day to day running of the nation. Most laws, when passed, are not actually directly actionable. They direct agencies to do things or set guidelines, and the agency in charge of that area of law has to figure out how to make it happen. Most of it is frankly done by hired (or appointed) bureaucrats rather than elected officials.

      Politics is the dealing and grand standing required to get elected, so that one is in a position to direct governance. It is appealing to the electorate in order to win votes, and may or may not be sincere.

      Passing laws is both. The actual content of the law, directing such and such an agency to behave in such and such a way, is governance. But why that law was passed it, who signed it versus who authored it versus who introduced it, and why some laws are passed as addendums to completely unrelated laws, that’s all politics.

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