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cordless home phone etisalat review
April 20, 2017

Though we like our mobiles sometimes is budget to use a home land line, with your home phone system you save lots of money, the etisalat phone cost about 150 dollars. For that we started the phone home system, we paid for the service and bought our phone, set the language, speed dial numbers and the settings,
phone system for home cordless phone review Etisalat

I like the voice quality to start reviewing, its clear, you do not need battery since its electrical phone system, also stopped fuzzy sound that was with the phone we tried earlier. definitely ood quality, sound and voice is the most you notice when buying phones. That from my experience

stores name and numbers up to 100 callers. learning how to use the phone was super easy with no menu, admit that I liked this cordless electrical phone more than mobile

the only down side is that you need to put it for charging at least every 20 minutes, if you left it with the plug off, the battery will die for sure whether you are calling or not. I do think that this phone for home is good, also my friends also liked it, family

Etisalat Phone just good and happy to get it but as its functional phone you need to keep it plugged

However, keeping the phone plugged, major disadvantage as I need to use the plug to use it with items having to be plugged.

i would rate it 5/10 as its vital to use the plug for other things an not only for the phone home system.

home phonte is really good device you will use it for any place that you need to use land line for, and good for kids too, for me i do not like to let all the kids have smart phones, i am not against tech. but each age has its own needed tech.

I may change the phone in the future on a second thought, do not have any ideas what to buy, the minute I find good phone i will sure buy it.

kindly write any good cordless phone if you have and what advantages you see in that phone

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