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Complete Small Jobs Earn Instant Cash Now using Easy Paisa and Mobile Load
November 23, 2017

Pakistan main mojod woh User jo Scam Sites use ker ky Thak Gay hain Aj main Un ky liay instant Cash Program Ly Ker Aya hon.

 Ap ko ye small jobs task ky liay di jain ge.


 => Small Jobs


           => Sign Up

           => Mobile Application (Android only)

           => Search & Click

           => Youtube,Facebook,Twitter Promotion


=> Conditions


  • Poyout Ky kiay Ye Chezin Required hon Ge 

                => Name

                => Mobile Number

                => City Name

  • Proof Ky Liay Screen Shot Must ho ga
  • VPN Allowed ni ho ga.
  • Kasi bhi Task ko complete kernay kay laiy.App ko   aik hi Device per Lataddad Accounts Bnany ki Ejazat ni De Jay Ge.
  • Her New Task Isi Post kay End main Dya Jay Ga.

=> Task Rates

 Task                                 Rate       

App Download                                 Rs.8 – 15

Sign up                                 Rs.5 – 10

Note: Apni Payment yahan sy hasil kerin ==>Whats app

  Screen shot aur apni Sari Detail Whatsapp per bejin.Jab Aap Koe Task complete ker lien tu us ka proof bej dien.

App  ko Her Task ky Elahda Paisy bejy Jain gy Bazria Easy Paisa.Ager Ap Mobile Load hasil kerna Chahin tu wo bhi ap ko jab Rs:30 zyada ho ga tu ap ky number per bej dia jay ga.

=> Small Tasks

  • Install app from these links

Oper link per click ker ky sab sy pehly Telegram install kerin us ky bad post main mojod tmam robots links ko open kerin. Jab aap open kerin gy tu woh Telegram main open hon gay.App ny start ker dena hy.Task complete ho jay ga.

Screen Shot Bej dien

Above link sy bulb smash app install ker kay facebook sy sign up kerin.

Screen Shot Bej dien.

Is task ko complete kerny sy pehly aap ko.Sab sy pehly playstore sy Flash vpn install kerna ho ga.

Us ky bad vpn ki location USA select ker ky connect kerny k bad pher is ko open ker ky Pay Your Selfie app install kerna ho ga.Ager pher bhi Play Store main Show na ho tu PlayStore ko Clear Recoed ker ky try kerin ho jay ga.Pher apni Selfie upload kerin aur jab approve ho tu ap ky account main 1$ add ho jay tu Screen Shot lay lien.

Screen shot bej dien.

Is link per click kerny ky bad ye code 801682e1  confirm ker ky app install kerin.Pher app ko do din tak use kerin.

Screen shot bej dien.

Is link sy  app ko install kerin. Us ky bad Facebook sy Log in kerin Pher Is game main mojod aik game open ker ky khailni hy us ky bad Aadmi ky nishan per click ker ky ye code  3BH8Z enter kerin.

Screen shot bej dien.

==>  Sign Up

is link ko open kerny ky bad ap ky samny post show ho gi ap ny nechy banner per click kerna hy ap ky samny site open ho gi us main sign up kerin. 

Screen shot bej dien.

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