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March 13, 2017
num noms


My 36-year old eldest daughter has so much interest like books, anime, manga, pinky street dolls, doctor who, cosplay, and anything that will fancy her interest.

Her interest in reading started when she was just a little girl.

I was not a reader but my sister is. I only read those love story books like Mills and Boon and Harlequin Romances for more or less, the ending are almost the same. Rich man marries poor girl. For detective books, my style of reading was to read the last part for I do not like suspense.

This is the reason why I promised myself that if ever I will have children, I will teach them to like reading.

I started buying children’s books and reading to them before going to bed. For educational interest, I bought encyclopedias. I have 4 sets of them, since internet is not yet around in the Philippines in the 80’s. I still have those set in our home but it is gathering dust nowadays.

As she grows older, her interest varies but was more interested now in anything Japanese. She accumulates anime books and comics.

She got interested in Doctor Who even engaged in its cosplay.

Here are some of her collections:


She amassed 80% of Nora Roberts’ books…..

nora roberts

and a lot more books from different authors.


How to draw MANGA BOOKS…..

manga set

Anime comics…

anime comics 1

DOCTOR WHO books, dolls, and magazines.

doctor who 1


…. and those Pinky Street Dolls

pinky street 1 pinky street 2

Her fascination with these dolls has been rubbed on to my granddaughter.

My granddaughter has so many books and toys. She loves to watch cartoons like Peppa Pig, Cookie Swirl C, Num Noms, and so many others. But she got fascinated with these Num Noms toys.

That’s why in 2016 Christmas season, she requested Num Noms toys as gifts. Her every waking hour, her Num Noms Toys were the first thing that she will look for. These are but some of her Num Noms Toys:

num noms


    1. I like collecting things during my high school days. But now, I just focus more on collecting books. They are piled up in boxes. I wanted to put them in shelves. However, I wouldn’t want to waste my money for the installation of it. The family is planning to move from the family house and live to our new house.

      People tend to collect things out of passion and interest. Others serve as a reward for oneself. I do like reading e-books but I prefer to read hard books. I like the smell of a new book while flipping the pages. It can never be fade away and it is easy to find it.

    2. books are so nice so good and its new life that you can hide in or enjoy at times, but anime i dont like , of course we all like one or two things, but books all the people love and its international. books and i say real books not online, becaue online is really weird and book with paper is really different thing, when you reach a page and stop there you have to bind it so when you come back to read you know page number you have to continue from, its awesome really

      • I both agree with you, Shavkat and Dealio.

        Although e-books now abound and can carry as much as 1,000 books in our gadgets ,I prefer reading the hard copy books.

    3. It is good your daughter love books. Yes, children should be exposed to books even at early age so they would love reading. Nowadays it seemed that young people read less, or some of them just read from the internet.

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