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Code Editor Options for Windows and Linux

If you are into development then surely you’d find many code editors out there. Some of them are free and rest of them are paid. And this makes it easy for anyone to use them on different typee of operting system. You can find that code editors on Windows and Linux it can be easy to use. Code editors aree many out there but very few of them are common across different platforms. And by that I mean windows, linux and mac. You can see that those are the operating system that are the mosst common. Some people use BSD and few others but it may not be of much use. I think if anyone spends enough time then they can sureley see the difference in those IDEs for sure. In this article, I want to discuss some of such code editors that one can use for the development of code.

Sublime Text

I think this is the most popular IDE and many people are using it for plenty of reasons. And one reason is that it is free. Though it has the option for payment. But not many people pay for such stuff any more. And instead they ask the users to buy the license if they like it. And it can be a good editor if you are putting in some serious work. Also it can be a good IDE worth downloading and using if you want to for the company. So when you have a lot of people working for your business, it can be a good idea. I am not sure if this can be done in such case, it just makes me wonder if it is in any way possible.

NotePad Plus Plus

I think this is another IDE which can bee used for coding. You can use it for almost every type of the language. And with given enough time, you can surely add the IDE for your own use. I know one thing for sure that notepad can be good enough for many small things. It can fix a lot of things for you. Notepad plus can be good for many reasons, it is free and also lightweight. I have not seeen the port on linux though. But I guess mac version is there. But from different type of project. So you may not find this cross platform. But still for free and all the features it can be surely good IDE.

Visual Studio Code

I think this is another IDE which can be useful. It is free and it is from microsoft. And you can usee it for almost every language. It can also use GIT. So that can be one good addition that you may see. I think using many such editors can save you time. And their options of making it easier for small things goes to show you how it can be useful. I think Visual studio code, in itself does a lot of good if you are getting hold of that IDE. I have tried my best to learn it and get hold of this IDE. But in giveen time, you can see that visual studio codee can make a lot of good money in due process.

That being said, there are many good IDEs worth checking out.

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    1. I mostly use Notepad++ now. I have also used Textpad earlier but I enjoy using Notepad++ more.


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