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Chrysanthemums a Must for Every Garden
September 7, 2016
chrysan_Chrysanthemums a Must for Every Garden

 Chrysanthemum,mums for short and that is how they are normally called as the full word is quite a mouth full are a must in every garden.

Although they are seasonal they do last on the plant for several days and add great colour to one’s garden. 

Chrysanthemums  come in a riot of colour. I had many shades but just could not hold on to them. One needs to keep a watch on this plant and if replanting is not done at the right time  it just vanishes. That is exactly what happened to my Chrysanthemums. I just have one colour now – light purple. I am planning on getting some from the nursery and have them back in my life. They like the cold climate and that is one reason why also they tend to behave the way do in my garden. I am happy atleast some  stay with me.  

Some create simulated conditions for these flowers to yield throughout the year. I have neither the time nor the inclination to create artificial conditions. Since I have other flowers I will not bend backwards and get them throughout the year. I also am not in favour of getting flowers that normally grow in particular countries. I would rather get wild flowers from the jungles and give them a pride of place. They do not need much maintenance but add great colour around. I have a number of wild flowers that grow well although one of them is pretty invasive. We need to pull it out at places where it is not required.

Having said that I do recommend that every garden should have atleast one chrysanthemum. It gives out suckers that could be planted separately thus having a scope for many chrysanthemum plants. One should however remember to replant them when the season is approaching, the coming year.

Happy Chrysanthemum planting!! 

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    1. Chrysanthemums are beautiful flowers that can grace any garden. I fancy the yellow ones.

      • I had the yellow colour which is quite common here. I must get back all those colours that have now vanished from my garden specially the colour with a combination of chocolate and yellow.

    2. Your style is so unique in comparison to other people I’ve read stuff from.

      Thank you for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this site.


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