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But He Likes Me! Yeah? So What!

Fellow Literacy Base member kaylar loves to discuss the politics and government of Jamaica. It rubs off and gets me to thinking about the current state of political affairs in the United States of America and our government. Left a few comments at her post dated January 10, 2017, titled “When You Do Not Vote”. A lot was reported in America’s news today. The blog post, along with those reports, have inspired these additional thoughts.



  • POTUS Elect Trump is relinquishing his ties to Trump Organization … blah blah … yeah yeah yeah. Somebody ring a bell and give the angel his wings.

newspaper-1959739_960_720Moving on. Also in the NEWS.

  • Trump says he thinks Putin likes him … or it would probably be OK if he and Putin got along … or _______. Whatever!


My fellow Americans! We have to go by what the media presents. It’s our “source” for “intelligent information”. What’s wrong with this picture that’s being painted in the media?


What’s wrong? How about a fact check?


FACT: Putin only likes Putin! Check it!!



What if Putin doesn’t like Trump?




Trump talked all Big and Bad to get himself elected. He’s about to become a major leader in the free world (Inauguration Day: January 20th, 2017) and Putin done put on his “Big and Bad cap” … has become emboldened and is acting all COCKY and our POTUS Elect creates the impression that he’s cowering like a lil WIMP!  Behaving like a teenage girl trying to impress the captain of the high school football team.


This is definitely the wrong picture!!

(But it’s what I see.)


If anything, it should be the other way around.



What if Putin doesn’t like Trump?



Here’s an even better question.

Who cares if Putin doesn’t like Trump?



There is not another country like US on the planet.


Another “What If” QUESTION:

IF World War III broke out, which country would have more allies than enemies? USA or Russia?


USA is standing on solid ground whether or NOT Russia is nice to US!



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