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Bullying and Insults Really Doesn’t Demonstrate Maturity

Being online shouldn’t be stressful at all but unfortunately online is where a lot of trolls go to try and cause havoc for so many. Most of the trolling will occur on “social media platforms.” There’s a lot of bullying and isn’t good for the social media sites because the sites can incur a lot of lawsuits. Sites are suppose to protect their users. Some sites seem to allow such behavior. At some point the sites will need to supply new rules, tougher rules to follow, the users are the ones who keep the platforms going.

Bullying has always been a major problem. Bullying used to be something children and teens did to one another in order be spiteful but now adults use bullying to get their way. For some bullying is a way to gain attention or simply control. Some may think that if they bully a person enough then they’ll receive whatever it si they’re looking for. Bullies are dealing with major issues. Some never stop bullying and just like the victims. bullies need help as well.

Some bullies go as far as to threaten their victims and could receive jail time for their actions. There’s a lot of bullies and it appears as though a lot of males are bullying now. Really boils down to abuse. Abusive behavior or for some it’s a way to gain attention. Bullies need care. “They’re troubled and are dealing with underlying issues.” Some bully others because they’re envious and a lot are bullied online because individuals may want the persons to stop shinning.

There are many reasons why some choose to bully. I’ve seen some of the most insulting messages online. Not only do the trolls and bullies behave abnormally online but they’ll wreak havoc in devices. Oh yes. They’ll try to cause all sorts of confusion through mobile devices in hopes they’ll cause the person or persons to stop whatever they’re doing. All one has to do is power down their devices or go back to factory restore.

Some of the individuals who have and continue to participate in bullying wouldn’t normally be perceived as bullies. For some they’re acting out and some may have misunderstood what’s taking place. Bullying can be very damaging and that’s why it’s best to “spend less time online.” Some bullies may not want to see others do well so they’ll use bullying and intimidation tactics to try and discourage their victims.

It takes bravery to continue on doing whatever it is one is doing. For instance, trying to live a dream, there will be lots of people who aren’t pleased with some trying to live their dreams. There are some who are so insecure and will want to see a decline. “No person should tolerate being bullied or harassed.” There really needs to be more done when it comes to bullying, harassment, and threats. No person should have to deal with threatening individuals for any reason.

Lawsuits could be a way to make platforms safer. There certainly needs to be more protection provided. There are some who simply delete their accounts because of bullying and not only bullying but some of the individuals will try to alter the persons information. There are some who behave as if their insane. Causing all sorts of madness. Perhaps jail time will either slow the persons down or stop the persons altogether. Some are use to causing havoc and getting away with their behavior. Until the consequences are supplied the persons may continue their antics. Don’t be victimized. “Stand up against trolls and bullies.”

“Bullies Aren’t Very Happy People, Some Really are Mentally Unstable. Bullies Need Love.” By:  Tanikka Paulk

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    1. Well, what can you say but “a bully is always a coward.”

      To choose to use insults and abuse to degrade someone is to degrade oneself. I have heard that great men don’t abuse but say or convey their feelings, whether anger, disgust or the like, in a right language. “You could always say better of what you’re going to say.”

      It needs great compassion and far greater learning to use a language that doesn’t rely on abuses or other derogatory terms. It’s easier to insult but to frame one’s words wisely. Only a wise and cool head knows it.

      Your post makes this distinction clear and so depicts that you’re wise enough to learn and understand. A wise would advice here, “ignorance is bliss.” I’m sure this works well in our times also.

      Thanks for sharing your post. Take care.

    2. I feel bullies are just people who are jealous of other people’s good fortune or looks. Their lives are so miserable they don’t know how to do anything else but torment others.

    3. I was bullied all elementary except when I started playing pop warner football, it became less bullying but more harder bullying. They would hit me instead of just insulting. It made me a bully once but I learned, college made me realize I was wrong.

    4. Bullies are people who do not have confidence in themselves. These are people who have had this ever since they were younger they just have to bully to feel better about themselves.
      I think also bullies are people who find it hard to express themselves, they cannot stand on their own and do something right. The only way they can express themselves is by bullyìng and that makes them feel like they ha e conquered all.
      I will disagree with one thing and say bullies or bullying is not being immature, its a sickness that needs to be looked into and treated, and the best way you can treat this sickness is by talking to the peraon who has the problem and getting to find out the root cause of their billying. Many times you will find its not their will to do that its usually something that pushes them into doing it. Some people will do it just to gain attention and others will do it just gain acceptance and recognition. So bullying can be curbed if only people take the time to watch and listen be keen and you will find where the problem is and rectify it.


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