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BitVerts is like paid to click but btc/lite/and more

Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce the project BitVerts.io currently in BETA mode.

What does beta means?
Most of the features are not active yet, as currently you can see around and register but also adveritse for your referral link so you can get maximum earnings on the official launch day and after, like a head start.

What is bitverts.io
We are a paid-to-click system with multiple currency support so you can earn or advertising on specific currencies only
Although we are trying to improve it and expand it as time goes by to something more than that and include multiple features both for advertising & earning

What is the benefit if i start advertising bitverts.io ?
You will earn 10% referral commissions from both the actual sale of someone referred and from the user clicks on the ads

What are the prices for advertising & earning ?
As for the launch date we prepared a lot of advertisers prices are unique made so everyone can advertise and get exposure however the cheaper you advertiser the lower rate to be seen.

What currencies do you accept ?
Currently we are accepting: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum.
We have plans to add even more and upon request too.

Official launch is planned for 27th January

If anyone have input on thing that you like to see or to be changed all feedback is appreciated and implemented.

To register an account today go to: http://bitverts.io/?r=15586

We are currently in BETA, we officially launch on 27th, then people will be able to start campaigns. As currently they can only register and get referrals.

After 27th you will be able to create campaigns without an account too. As we are trying to create an innovative system and create a friendly enviroment for everyone, prices are set by you as an advertiser and going as low as 1 satoshi / view however the cheaper the price you giving your ad will show lower in the list of ads so you might not get the best exposure or as fast visitors.

Best Regards


Earn 0.00000640 – 0.00000080 ETH per click
Earn 10% per referral click

Earn 0.00000064 – 0.00000004 BTC per click
Earn 10% per referral click

Earn 0.00000014 – 0.00000004 BTC per view

Currently accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash.
Bitcoin minimum withdraw is 0.00200000
All other currency is 0.01000000
Enjoy multiple payment currency methods
– Paid to Click
– Youtube Video Advertising
– More coming soon
10% Referral Commission
More methods soon
Earn By Clicking Daily

BITVERTS – Advertising on the blockchain

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