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Be Firm About the Advocating
Be Firm About the AdvocatingImage: Pixabay.com

Advocating takes courage. Lots of courage to advocate for ourselves. To stand up against groups on continuous attacks. To have “voice” that refuses to be silent even when there’s intimidation. Soaking when others are hoping for silence to cover up their antics. Even if there’s something that they can hold over an “advocate” heat that advocate should still speak out. Even when lies are told. Being able to use the voice that was given to us by God is a blessing. Refusing to stand for being attacked and bullied. Activism is important. If we continue to remain silent then they will continue to beat us down. Have no fear when advocating for self or others. When we’re victimized again and again. We may feel as if there’s no fairness taking place. Sometimes it is up to advocates to go the extra mile and make a way for those who are afraid to speak out.

There’s so many injustices that need to be addressed but there’s also too many unwilling to address those injustices. Society is so messed up because there’s so many rules being broken. Sometimes we just need to be in silence in order to gather our thoughts. The injustices haved left society. The civil rights violations, racism, and discrimination haven’t stopped. The threats to a citizen and voter continues because of abuse of power. The sad thing is. So many can witness injustices and notvsay a word. So it’s up to the advocates to speak up.

Going through the hardest things in life can help bring the changes that are so badly needed. There’s in no knowing that eventually justice will be served. Experiencing any type of injustice can create anger. Wondering why so many would try to take a person down. Sometimes we may not understand why certain things occur but the advocating can bring some good to our lives and society. Society can use a make over. Even no one else stands with us. We can’t give up because nothing will be accomplished by doing so. So many have faced injustices. So many have been forced to be silent.

The harassment from individuals who feel they have every right to beat a person that because of their positions. How are citizens suppose to be upright when leaders have more xorruption under their belt than those in prison. What a system. Finding a way to make it through by speaking. Communicating our story.

Addressing certain topics isn’t easy. In fact at times it’s quite painful. For advocates that believe in prayer. Praying is best when having to deal with the rough seas.

If we expect society to get better than we have to refuse to remain silent about issues that can damage our well being. Imagine how many people are facing injustices that no one would dare touch. The constant wonder about humanity. Not many seem to care anymore. Advocating in anyway can be tough. Just dealing with the unfairness can be disturbing.

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    1. The import of advocating cannot be overemphasized. It is needed for good governance to be achieved. It is the scale the balances the society. I sometimes call it constructive criticism. When it judiciously utilized it shape an ideal society. It is a tool for checkmating erring leadership.My believe is that a society that is devoid of sincere and thorough advocators is not an ideal society.


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