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Bad news keeps EOS coin price falling

If you choose the best currency for a marketing strategy in cryptocurrency, it’s definitely EOS.

In June 2018, EOS ended a year of crowdfunding, raised billions of dollars, and then launched mainnet online. When mainnet went online, EOS coin price fell back to $8 from $15, and investors who bought high positions suffered heavy losses. Recently, the behavior of BM (Daniel Larimer), the core character of EOS, is even worse. On July 11, BM withdrew from the EOS Ram telegraph group. And leave a sentence: Goodbye all. So much tolerance for fraud,lies and misrepresentation in this chat

The telegraph group that BM exits is called EOS RAM. EOS RAM, which is EOS running memory, is not a cryptocurrency, but a developer resource in the EOS ecosystem.

Just as RAM determines the speed of mobile phones and computers, EOS RAM determines the speed of DAPPs based on EOS, which is very important for developers. On the other hand, users with EOS can get various DAPP-issued candy. So, the scarce EOS RAM price was once speculated to $8.17, which is comparable to the EOS price itself, and it has soared dozens of times in just two weeks.

Since it is hype, it will naturally produce a deformed product. At present, 80% of EOS RAM is held in the hands of speculators, and DAPP developers who really need RAM are seriously lacking EOS RAM, and the real usage rate of EOS RAM is only 1.76%. In the face of the situation in which RAM is being hyped, BM is certainly unbearable, and the anger has retreated.

It’s time to take a look at the true face of EOS.

EOS bug

As we all know, Bitcoin is constant and does not increase, which guarantees the stability of BTC price. Although ETH will increase, there is a GAS mechanism to ensure the balance of the system.

EOS has also increased, but the mortgage mechanism is used: DAPP and smart contracts based on EOS are mortgaged with EOS cryptocurrency.

In addition, EOS has repeatedly experienced security issues. Before the mainnet went online, it was discovered by the 360 ​​company. The bug that was discovered later would pay the hacker money. The technical problem seems that BM is not so sure.

How about EOS coin price today

Because EOS’s 21 super-node campaigns have entered a fever in April, the EOS white paper writes that 5% will be issued to these super nodes each year, and each node will receive 100 million annual revenue. After the mainnet goes online, the EOS in the hands of everyone will depreciate, and the person who is selected for the super node is naturally protected. Everyone wants to be elected, so EOS is desperate in April. After the super-node campaign was completed, the unselected people naturally began to sell, triggering an EOS price earthquake.

EOS team

The billions of dollars raised by the crowdfunding did not give eos a bright future, just to make the BM team rich. Ironically, because of the negative controversy arising from the “freezing of the EOS account,” BM publicly proposed the abolition of the EOS Constitution and the submission of a new “constitution” draft. In this regard, he said in an article entitled “The “Intent of Code” is law”: “If people rely on people’s arbitrary power to resolve arbitration conflicts, then everything will become a conflict, and the decision made is arbitrary. Arbitration The greater the power of the members, the more malicious the conflict becomes and the more difficult it is to predict the outcome.”

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