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baba vanga world war three predictions is seriously freaky.
April 21, 2018

Baba Vanga, the blind Nostradamus of the Balkans, made some worrying predictions about World War Three, which after recent events have got people talking.
Just last week the US, UK, and France all attacked Syria in the aftermath of their alleged chemical attack on their own people.
Now while Syria is the area where all of the destruction is occurring, what most people are talking about is whether Russia will get involved, considering they are a vocal ally of the Syrian government.
Of course, many are claiming that we are flirting with World War Three – that is, if Russia decide to retaliate. Many believe that we are teetering close not only to a Third World War, but a nuclear one at that.
But before we delve too far into the firery hell of a future which awaits us, let us go back in time to 1996 when Baba Vanga made a peculiar statement.
Baba Vanga seemingly predicted all things in history. Okay, that’s a long shot but she did apparently predict 9/11, Brexit, and the rise of ISIS.
Now you might be sitting there thinking, yeah – but what did she actually say?
Well speaking of 9/11, back in 1989, the prophetess said:
Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.
Speaking of the Kursk submarine disaster which happened in 2000 killing all on board, Vanga said in 1980:
Kursk will be covered with water and the whole world will weep over it.
Pretty eerie huh?
However on her death bed in 1996, it has been reported that Baba Vanga made an even darker prediction, one very relatable now, and one which would change the course of history as we know it, reports The Sun .
Her reported words go as follows:
Everything will melt away like ice yet the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia, are the only things that will remain.
Russia will not only survive, it will dominate the world.
Has there ever been a better time to move to Moscow? Or pack up your bags and head to St. Petersburg? Rich with history, take a stroll by the banks of the River Neva, or make a visit to the Winter Palace. With flights to St Petersburg starting at just £183 from the UK, you really can’t go wrong.
Alternatively? Perish in a miserable nuclear volcano, if Baba’s predictions are anything to go by.
Following on from last week’s airstrike, it doesn’t take a genius to crack Baba Vanga’s code.
Baba Vanga also made two different huge predictions for 2018 .
She claimed that China would overtake the US as the world’s superpower and that there would be a ‘new form of energy’ discovered on the planet Venus.
In July, NASA is set to launch the Parker Solar Probe, a robotic spacecraft whose main purpose is to probe the outer corona of the Sun using Venus’ gravitational force. The mission aims to examine and understand how magnetic fields cause solar wind.
Could this be the new form of energy, Baba Vanga was talking about? I guess it’s simply just a matter of time until we find out.
Or we could just be blown into smithereens after a Twitter row between two powerful people. It’s only a matter of time.

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