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baba vanga world war three predictions is seriously freaky.

Baba Vanga, the blind Nostradamus of the Balkans, made some worrying predictions about World War Three, which after recent events… Read More

6 years ago

Tech talk: Oracle sharding for improved Database Performance

Why implementing newer features is vital for a Database Management System(DBMS) _______________________________________________________________________________ The landscape of Information Technology has changed a… Read More

7 years ago

Oracle Tech Talk: Moving Oracle Datafiles from one location to another

Need for moving Oracle Datafiles Sometimes, when managing Oracle Database, we fall short of disk space on one or more… Read More

7 years ago

A simple example of using Direct Path loading with Oracle Sql* Loader

For this example, we will do the following: 1)Create a Table : create table schools_admissions(schools_adm_id number not null primary key,… Read More

8 years ago

List Down Oracle Tables In Schema

List Schema Tables In Oracle Let say you are a DBA, and you wanted to check that how many tables… Read More

9 years ago

CLASS12_4 Gather Database Optimizer statistics using DBMS_STATS

  Previously we have a discussion that why we need to collect optimizer statistics? How this work with our database… Read More

9 years ago

CLASS12_3 Gather Oracle Database Statistics

In this lesson we will be discussing Database Statistics, why do we need to update or gather database Statistics? Why… Read More

9 years ago

Class 12_2 Oracle 11g: Alter Table Read Only

In today’s discussion, we will talk about the following. Alter table read only.   What is read only? Why we… Read More

9 years ago

Class 12_1 Get Table List From Oracle Schema

Today we are going to learn some of the following features. List down or Get the schema tables.   Let say… Read More

9 years ago