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Bon Chon , Max’s , KFC, Jollibee , DIY , McDonald’s , What Do They Have In Common?
April 3, 2017

Do you know what is common with the above restaurants?

It’s fried chicken ! Their fried chicken is very delicious . But of course , there will be one who will reign supreme.

But before I reveal what is the best for me, let me just have my reviews about their respective fried chicken.

Bon Chon is the newest restaurant at the posh mall that opened a year ago here in Legazpi City, Bicol Region, Philippines.

It is actually a Korean restaurant whose specialty is their fried chicken. Since it’s newly opened, going there for lunch at about 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. would mean that it’s very full.

So, I went there last Sunday at about 2:30 , after I have shopped for something and bought a one piece , crispy garlic flavor fried chicken.

You have actually 2 or 3 options of the flavor, but I forgot the two and chose the crispy garlic flavor.

Bonchon Fried chicken from Google

No gravy for it. It was tasty as it is.

It was cheap for 89 pesos or $1.78 with rice and a coke. Though, the chicken which was the thigh part is small.

The fried chicken is actually fried normally, no breading and it was so crispy. Well, it’s delicious, though it’s a little sweet. I don’t like a sweet fried chicken.

So, out of the 5 star rating, I would rate it 3 stars.

Next is Max’s Fried Chicken restaurant , which I think is of Filipino origin.

It’s fried chicken isn’t the breaded type just fried as it is , so crispy and delicious too. A meal with a piece of fried chicken, with rice , a brownie and a coke and a side dish of buttered veggie and soup costs about 250 pesos or $5. No gravy for this, but their catsup is so delicious for a dip for this. Though, actually, one can eat it as it is, no dip. It’s that delicious.

Max's Fried Chicken from Google

My daughter like a fried chicken that isn’t breaded so her favorite is that of Max’s.

I would rate it at 4 stars .

Next again is KFC restaurant is what is popular even abroad. I actually, super like KFC fried chicken before.

Since there’ no branch here before, I get to taste it when I am in Manila.

So, when a branch opened in one of the malls here, I tried it. It wasn’t as delicious as I can remember before. I think, the branch didn’t get much of the taste of the KFC fried chicken in Manila.

It is a breaded fried chicken that comes with a gravy. Two piece meal that comes with a rice and a coke costs about 150 pesos ($3) . I would rate it 3 stars .

KFC Fried Chicken from Google

Jollibee is also a restaurant of Filipino restaurant. It’s fried chicken is breaded . It’s juicy, tender , delicious and crispy.

I always would order the two piece chicken meal , that comes with rice and a coke, which costs about 150 pesos or $3 although you have two fried chicken part already.

Jollibee Fried Chicken from Google

It also comes with a gravy that I don’t like much though. I can eat the fried chicken without gravy.

But I would rate its fried chicken 5 stars.

Next if DIY Burgers. A fried chicken plate costs 285 pesos or $5.70 . It comes with a corn cob, salad and a coke.

It is a fried chicken, fried as it is . It is crispy, juicy and delicious. It comes with a gravy.

I would rate it 3 stars.

Sorry I can’t find DIY fried chicken picture though at google.

Lastly, McDonald’s . It’s two piece chicken is at about 160 pesos or $3.20 and comes with a rice , and a coke. It is crispy, juicy and delicious. It comes with a gravy, which I find so tasty.

McDonald's Fried Chicken from Google

I would rate it 4 stars.

Having rated them all , I would summarize .

Jollibee is 5 stars , McDonald’s and Max’s are 4 . Bon Chon, DIY and KFC are 3 stars .

There you go. Do you have the same rating as me when it comes to these stores for their fried chicken?

I think these restaurants should give me an ads fee, because I have a nice review for their fried chickens.

And now you know that my favorite food is fried chicken. 🙂

Did I make you salivate with the pictures I got from google? 🙂

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The Amazing Tree We Call, Coconut !
March 28, 2017

If I am to choose a tree we can call amazing, it will be the coconut tree which is indigenous here in the Philippines as well as other Asian Countries and those in the Pacific.

That’s because coconuts thrive in places where the soil is a bit sandy and there is an abundant amount of sun and rain. Thus, they can be found growing near the ocean and beaches.

Going back to why it is so amazing, is a fact that it is one tree where every part can be turned into a useful thing.

First , let’s go to its trunk. A young coconut tree when damaged by a typhoon can still be useful. Its young trunk can be a source of food, which we Filipinos call “ubod” , a picture of which that is from google is attached.

ubod from google

This “ubod” can be cooked in coconut milk , and could be made so delicious by adding some chopped chili and dried fish. Or it could be sautéed with minced pork, sliced of carrots, garlic and onions , and you have a delicious viand.

Or you can wrap that sautéed “ubod” in a spring roll wrap them fried and you have what we Filipinos call “lumpiang ubod” .

fried lumpiang ubod from google

Or it could be wrapped in a special wrap made of egg cooked and flattened in a pan , then you have the lumpiang sariwa, with bits of chopped peanuts along with the sautéd “ubod”.

lumpiang sariwa from google

The trunk is also made into coconut wood or coconut lumber. Although, two months ago, there was a prohibition to cut the coconut trees and be made into woods by the Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources.

coconut-wood from google

The leaves can be made to wrap “suman” , as shown in the picture below.

Suman from google

And it the coconut oil is also made into cooking oil that is used for frying and sauteing foods.

The midrib of the leaves can also be made into “walis tingting” or broomstick.

Broomstick from google

The flesh of the matured coconut can be made into coconut oil or virgin coconut oil that has become so popular because of its many health benefits.

Virgin Coconut Oil from google

Or the flesh of it can be made into a “bukayo” a sweetened delicacy as the picture shows. Actually, this is one dessert I so love especially when its soft to eat.

Bukayo from google

The young coconut also can give a juice that is so good in cleansing our kidneys, since it really makes you urinate so well. The flesh of the coconut after the juice have been drank can be scooped and be eaten as it is. So delicious, I swear.

Young coconut from google

Its flesh can be made into bukosalad, which is a combination of some condensed milk, all purpose cream and the fruit cocktail, which can be bought in can, from stores. This is a favorite salad in particular, of my daughter. She doesn’t like those salads with mayonnaise, but buko salad, she loves it.

buko-salad from google

The husk of the coconut can be made into what we call in Tagalog as bunot or coconut husk, which is used in making the floor shiny, by rubbing and pushing the floor with it using our feet, or by our hands.

coconut husk from Google

Most of all, when it is a decorative plant at the beach. Maybe you have seen a beach with coconut trees instead of the palm trees.

To those of you who have coconut trees in your country, maybe you can share what else are the other products of the coconut tree.

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How Far Should One Go For The Sake Of Professionalism ?
March 24, 2017

Professionalism as defined by Encarta dictionary is the competence or character expected of a member of a highly trained profession.

Thus, the employees of a company are considered professionals . As professionals, much is expected of them by the company. They should give the skills required of them in their works. They should act with respect when at the office. They should dress to the standards that the company have given them. Most of all, they should act , talk and write professionally.

Today, I was told to include in my audit , the contracts of each tenants. And this rooted from the head of our Audit Team , who got so angry with an employee because one of the affiliates she heads, still don’t have their contract of tenancy for already 6 months to the mall we manage. Hence, we still don’t bill them for their tenancy and she doesn’t like that they have a debt to us for that.

She called our leasing assistant who handles the contracts and asked her about their contract. She said that the contract was still to be signed at the back by their signatory since it’s a back to back document and the signatory only signed the front pages. The leasing assistant was reprimanded for not expediting the said contract, in the open office of that affiliate where everyone heard it.

She also called our Legal Department to already honor that and have it notarized. So, the contract was released.

Today, I was told by our Team head to next time also audit if all tenants have their contracts. So, I told the Leasing assistant to see to it that all the tenants’ contracts be already completed and notarized or else I have no option but to make it my Audit Finding. She was relieved and saw her when I went out of our office room and passed by her cubicle going all over the tenants’ contract.

I was told by my co-auditor that the Leasing assistant went out crying as one of the employees there told her later when she went there also.

After lunch , I received a call from my co-auditor and asked if I saw the post of the Leasing assistant at FB. I said no, what was it. So, she went to the office and showed me the print screen of the post.

The picture above is the print screen of that post. Do you think that was professional of her too, to get even with the Audit Team Head who is also the SVP for Finance of our company , by posting that? It was way below the belt for saying that , let alone the last part of her post.

Immediately, after I have seen the print screen of her post, I went to her and she was crying. I hugged her and led her to my office and consoled her. I told her to delete immediately that particular post of her. And she did.

But still she told me that she will be resigning because my co-auditor have the print screen and she knows what will happen when that print screen of her post will be shown to our Team Head.

See? The post she made at Facebook , made her so afraid. It was a big mistake! Even if she has deleted it, some have already seen it and a print screen of it was already made.

She was crying because she saw after she have posted it that my co-auditor and the Accounting department people were huddled over a laptop and they looked at her. She knows that her post was so unprofessional.

So, I talked to my co-auditor not to have the print screen shown to our head anymore. And I told her to assure the girl that she won’t do it, because she was already taught a big lesson in professionalism.

I also told my co-auditor that it will also be her fault if the leasing assistant resigns. She also have to talk to her before dismissal because it will surely not make her sleep tonight.

She said she will talk to her.

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Little Things They May Be, But They Can Give Happiness
March 22, 2017

When I was in my parents’ house sometime ago, my sister gave me a red t-shirt as her gift to me from their visit in HongKong. It has the words I Love HK, with love in the form of a big heart.

I don’t actually like the color red for my shirts and clothes. It seems it doesn’t suit my skin, even if my sisters say that it makes me fairer.

When I fit it, it was so nice and suits me well.

Then, my mother came out of their room and saw me fitting it. She was mumbling something of which I can’t understand. So I asked my sister what was it she was mumbling because she’s nearer to her when she passed by.

And she told me that, she said that she likes the t-shirt for herself, not the lime green one, that my sister gave her with the same design. However, she said it’s what she gave here because she thought red won’t become on her since my mother is dark skinned from too much gardening.

So, I asked my mother if she liked my red t-shirt instead, for her. And she readily said yes, so I gave it to her.

And I was so happy too to get her lime green t-shirt instead. What a nice exchange ! But I would be very willing to give to her the red t-shirt even if there’s nothing in return.

And this also goes with my father.

The other Saturday, when I went to visit my parents in our hometown, they gave me a cucumber –melon body lotion. It was actually from one of my former high school batchmates who I was close with when we were in high school .

A friend from that hometown, brought it with her when she came from Canada to attend the wedding of a niece there and gave it to my parents so they can give to me when I go there to visit.

I tried the lotion on my hands, when I was at the receiving room with my diabetic father in his wheelchair, watching TV.

He turned to look at me when he smelled the delicious smell of the lotion. I let him try it on his arms and hands. He said he liked the smell so much.

Hearing that, I told him he can have it. He was so happy to receive it.

I have to send a message of thanks to my friend at FB and apologized that I have to give it to my father because he super liked it.

She was so happy knowing that and told me that she will be bringing me some more, for me and my father, when she will be coming home to attend our Alumni Homecoming on May.

At this point in time for my parents, I would be too happy to give to them whatever they like as long as I can afford it.

I know that most of us feel the same way to our parents.

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Things That Can Help Maintain A Healthy Brain
March 21, 2017

We all want to live until our very old age still able to recognize our husband , sons and daughters , family, relatives and friends.

Not being able to , would mean that we will be like a living dead.

Thus, I am happy to share with you all , some useful tips in maintaining a healthy brain even when you are already 90 and onwards, from the book , a picture of which I attached with this post.

Here they are ;

 Finnish studies showed that when you are around 50 year old and drink coffee in moderation , meaning 3 to 5 cups a day, you will have the lowest risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia later in life. .
 Japanese study also showed that those who drink at least 2 cups of green tea everyday , have the lowest risk of mental impairment. The mice in the their studies also showed that even the oolong or black tea helped reverse mental impairment and lessen brain degeneration in them.
Though, coffee and tea are not for all people because it’s not true with others who have heart disease , osteoporosis, anxiety , heartburn, gastritis or headaches.
 A recent Vandervilt study, suggests that juice is better than fruits and veggies. Those who drink fruit and vegetable juice at least 3x a week had a 76% lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s than those who drinks them less than once a week.
 Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish can also defend against Alzheimer’s , Parkinson’s disease, metal decline and depression. Salmon is one example of a fish that is rich in this.
 The vitamin , folate, Vitamin B12 and B3 can also help your brain for maintaining it in good condition.
 Taking a high dose of Vitamin C , for 1000 milligrams and E for 800 international units (IU) can help prevent impairment of memory, for those who are fond of fatty diets. Though, it would be best if we avoid fatty foods.
 One way of helping us not to suffer from short-term memory and having difficulty in learning or focusing, is drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day. However, if you are into exercise, you will need more than that.
 Exercising at least by brisk walking , 30 minutes every day can also truly help in the prevention of memory decline. It helps by growing new brain cells, stopping high blood pressure and prevent the shrinking of the brain. Regular exercise cut the risk of having dementia and Alzheimer’s by 30 to 40 percent.

And why am I so interested in these readings? That’s because I know that it would be useless to live if your memory is gone or impaired already.

So that’s why I am so keen into learning these things , because I am already 57 year old and I want to retire with a sound body and mind and enjoy retirement to the max.

My mother-in-law is already having mild dementia at her age of 79 and since we live with them, I can see how it is to live asking a question over and over again, to the point that his husband would sometimes get annoyed.

Though, all of us in the house is trying to stay as patient as we are to her. In fact, today she opened the green tea teabag and pour it in a cup of hot water and tried to let her husband drink it , in her effort to still serve her husband.

I hope my sharing of what I have read , can be of help to everyone who wants to maintain a healthy brain.

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How We Will Look In our 20’s , 30’ 40’ 50 and Beyond ?
March 20, 2017

In this book Fat To Firm AT Any Age , these are what a woman will expect at her age level if she will just always do the age-preventive measure.

In Her 20’s ;

She should be doing a regular aerobic exercise and a muscle building routine. This would help her a lot in not losing muscle and gaining weight, despite being hands on her responsibilities at home and work. Putting on sunscreen and clothing that can prevent from getting too much sunlight and a hat will help her from getting wrinkles caused by the sun and other skin problems , will be of a big help in keeping her look and feel young.
In her 30’s ;

For those who have given birth already , unwanted fats may be caused by pregnancy. While other women who don’t do regular exercise may cause them to lose muscle and gain weight , her activities as a mother will help her in not having muscle loss but there will be some slightest drop in metabolism. Some facial expression lines may appear on the brow and along the curve of her cheeks. Since it may be inevitable for her to have some sun exposure, there will be some slight changes in her skin, like wrinkles or some white patches on her arms and legs. She must continue with her way of protecting herself from the sun so this can be at least minimized if not avoided. Since smoking can induce lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and may have less elasticity in her skin, she must avoid smoking.

In her 40’s :
It will be noticed that her skin will now be drier. Fine lines will also start to appear. There may be some sun damage that will appear , brown spots on the back of her hands , small wrinkles on the face and dryness of the V skin of the neck and chest. Sunscreens and sun protection should be given utmost attention. It is recommended to use moisturizers and creams with alpha hydroxy acids that can help smoothen wrinkles and those skin pigmentation.
She should have an active lifestyle to avoid gaining weight , because it is at this age when menopause can be nearing. Metabolism will continue to slow down but she will still feel and look young and energetic.

In her 50’s and beyond :
At this age , her ovaries will be producing lesser estrogen and progesterone. If she continues being physically active and doing the muscle strengthening exercise along with aerobics or other forms of exercise she will have lesser muscle loss, lesser body fat and a thickening waistline. Her cheeks may now sag and age spots will already be appearing. Again sun protection will keep these all at bay.
But if she is into physical activities that can help strengthen the bones and muscles, she will look younger than her peers at this age.

In my case , being now in my late 50’s , age spots are already appearing. Wrinkles around the eyes are also very visible. But , I still continue with putting on moisturizers that can at least keep them at the minimum. I still do an over an hour exercise on weekends that includes muscle strengthening to at least minimize the sagging skin especially in the upper arms. On weekdays I have my full time job so I cannot exercise. But I see to it that I walk briskly in going to the jeepney stand to get a ride going to the office. It also helps that I take the stairs going up to the second floor where our office is.

I think one of the exercises that I do with dumbbells, helps me have a stronger back and a firmer butt. I am still at my normal body mass index , which is a big help in looking young and at least sexy as people would always say.

At least, I can say for myself that I really do look younger than my peers at this age as most who meets me, would say. 🙂

Though, I now can comfortably accept too that aging is a phase in our lives that everyone will go through. Let us just enjoy every phase as it rolls.

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Comfort Foods , How Can We Avoid Eating Them Always?
March 20, 2017

We all have our comfort foods or convenience foods. Some have them in burger, fries and soda. I am one of them actually. I always would go to a fast food to eat them.
Some have chocolates, cakes, and ice cream. They are all laden with fats as well as cholesterol and are bad for our bodies and health. We know them to be bad for us, but deny ourselves that fact and give in to our cravings for these comfort foods.
Though, when we have eaten them, we feel happy and comforted, that’s why it is called comfort foods after all.
However, they can make us fat and we don’t like that. Especially when the fat goes to our tummy and the love handles. They spill over when we wear our low waist pants and t-shirts.
So, I would like to share what I have read from the book, the picture of which is posted herewith. It’s up to you if you will follow these or not.
Here goes;
 We must first understand what makes us eat those comfort foods. Understand what are those emotional aspects that make us go to these comfort foods. It would be better that we turn these unhealthy comfort foods into healthier ones instead if it is unavoidable to have them whenever we are not feeling happy.

The following are the suggested strategies;
1. Don’t stock foods that are high in calories, because the tendency is to eat them when you are feeling unhappy or depressed. An example is an air-popped popcorn, which has fewer calories than ice-cream, cake or a pack of cookies.
2. Introduce new “comfort foods “ or convenience foods instead. Stock them up on your refrigerator, like pre-cut fruits, examples are a bowl of sliced peaches, pears, apples,mango, pineapple and citrus fruits. The chances are when you feel like eating and open the refrigerator, you will see them and eat them instead.
3. Eat every 4 hours.
Do not skip breakfast and lunch. Doing that would make you eat voraciously when hunger finally catches up with you. The solution is to eat the right foods at the right time. Eat a breakfast that is protein packed. Examples are skim milk, yogurt or cottage cheese. In addition, are grains like oatmeal, wheat bread or high fiber cereals. Lastly, add a fruit to your breakfast to complete it.
See to it that you eat lunch 4 hours after. That way, you will avoid eating voraciously. Have foods that are at least in the 3 food groups; protein, grains, fruits and vegetables. It was also said that it is nice to also have the healthy fats foods like avocado, peanut butter to name two. These healthy fats can help lower cholesterol and will help you feel satisfied.
In between those meals when you feel hungry you can snack on fruits, low-fat yogurt and low wheat crackers.
4. Busy yourself with your hands
Have something that can occupy your hands, like a craft, gardening or playing a game on the computer or tablet. That way, you will not be bored and eat to cure the boredom.
5. Give yourself 5-10 minutes before the first bite of that convenience foods. You have to think if eating a candy bar, can just be instead sipping coffee which is far lesser calorie.
6. Eat less before and after an occasion wherein you will have the chance of eating more, like those parties.

Another thing that I may add in my own opinion, is to always take a look at yourself in the mirror and see if you still like the way you look.

I think these things are doable and it’s important that you are just determined.

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The Little and Big Miracles In Our Lives
March 15, 2017

I seldom make topics about cheesy ones. Maybe because when I do , it seems to make me vulnerable to bashings and criticism because others may not share what I am talking about.

But today, I would like to talk about it, because for the nth time I have experienced it.

As a regular employee I receive a fixed salary . This also goes with my husband who is now an ordinary employee, unlike before when he was the team leader of the branch where he was employed.

However, he grabbed the offer of the early retirement that company offered , about 4 years ago. From the money he got from it, he ventured into some businesses. All of it proved that he is not good at it. The money he got was now dwindling, thus he has to take a job, an ordinary one.

So both of us has to handle our finances well, since our daughter is in Manila now having residency as a doctor in Manila with no allowance yet. So, we still give her allowances while the allowance by the hospital is yet to be given maybe in one more month.

Today, we have to send her the allowance . In addition , she is asking for an extra money for some needed things she has to buy. We have to pay some bills too as well as buy necessities and give our share at my in-law’s house, where we were requested to stay to be with my husband’s getting senile parents.

When I withdrew my salary, I took it all , budgeted it and oh, I am short . I need some more for my daily allowance to work too , since I eat lunch and pay for my fares to and from the office. This also goes with my husband.

So I prayed , for God to provide for it.

When I opened my email, I saw that Literacy Base has paid me already and it’s in my PayPal already.

I immediately opened my PayPal. There , in addition to Literacy Base’s remittance , I had my 4 monthly remittances from the other site I am accumulating for them to become big. When I summed them up , they can already give me a big amount when converted to peso. Perfect!

In addition, the teller gave back to me the excess 500 peso bill from the money I gave her to pay my credit card bill.

I was so happy, because God has given me not only one but two miracles today and who knows another one before the day ends.

That is true, things such as these are some of those miracles in our lives that we take for granted. I don’t. I treasure these things because when I receive them it makes my heart swell with pride that God has given them to me. And I am so thankful to God for them.

There are a lot of miracles in our lives actually.

When my father survived from his prostate cancer, it’s a miracle. And so was when my father-in-law survived his prostate cancer too and even when from being bedridden for how many months, he was able to finally get up from bed, that’s a miracle.

Actually, when one passed an examination, we can call that a miracle. When we were able to survive well an operation done in our body, that’s a miracle.

To the poor street people, who have a hand to mouth existence, having something to eat is already a miracle, since they don’t have the permanent means of getting money for their sustenance.

And when we give to this poor people when they least expect it , giving them money to buy foods for that day, is a miracle too for them.

And in this case , we are the angels sent to them by God. Isn’t that wonderful too , when we become angels that way.

So, did you have miracles in your lives too. Maybe you can share it with me.

Note: Quote is from crosscards

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Who Do You Think Was To Blame For This Accident?
March 13, 2017

Last week, a meeting was called for the project engineer , operations and maintenance department, HR assistant and me.

This time, since the HR officer was absent, I have to take charge of the meeting.

The ceiling of the ground floor of one of the company’s building which was contracted to a construction firm went down , while the electrical section of our operations and management department were finishing the wirings for the said place. It is to be occupied by a new tenant , while the second to third floor was occupied already by a business processing office.

I want the meeting to be just brief because from experience meetings like this will take time because those involved would be made to speak what their involvement were.

Thus, at the start of the meeting I told everyone that the meeting was called not to blame anyone but to find a solution to the problem once it is determined as to what really happened.

The electrical section head said that while they were doing the wirings and some were up in the scaffolding they put up where they can stand to do the wirings it suddenly fell down on them.

The part that was hit was that part where two electricians were up in the scaffolding doing the wirings. Thus, the said two personnel when the ceiling went down were hit. The others escaped.

The next to tell what he knows was the security officer, who told everyone that since their part is to secure the safety of everyone, he told the men to put on their hard hats to which was not followed.

Thus, the heads of the two personnel was hit, luckily they weren’t hurt much. They suffered some scratches and of course their head was knocked on by the ceiling that fell down because they don’t have hard hats.

The next to tell his piece was the project engineer.

He told everyone that he was telling the electrical department to already do the wirings before the contractor would let his men finally seal the ceiling. But since the electrical department was also busy that time, they weren’t able to do it during those times.

Thus, the workers put up the ceiling without the wirings yet and when the electrical sections were already putting up the wirings , this happened.

With what happened, the project engineer said that it could be that the hangers weren’t all put up in the ceiling because the BPO on the second floor doesn’t like the banging for the hangers and they were given a schedule to do it . But then, the workers weren’t available on those schedule. So, they sealed the ceiling, forgetting to put on the hangers.

But this was the conclusion only of the project engineer.

To this, I pointed out that this incident was a blessing in disguise actually .

Why? Because hadn’t it been for the pounding of the electrical personnel when they did the wirings, it will not be discovered that the ceiling isn’t sturdy. It should have been that it is sturdy , that it can bear the weight of one or two persons, if ever there will be a repair to be done for the wirings inside the ceiling.

To end the meeeting, I requested the project engineer to point it out from the contractor to rectify and fortify the ceiling. To this, everyone agreed and was happy that there was no blaming done but just a speedy solution to the problem.

But on second thought, the one to be blamed is really the project engineer since it means he didn’t inspect the ceiling works done when it was finished since it was after all already paid half .

Sometimes, a thing happens really to point out something that should be corrected.

Note : Picture is from google

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My Mother-in-Law Could Have Died On The Operating Table
March 10, 2017

Yes, she could have died , had the family did not opt for a second opinion for the gallstone operation that the doctor advised to be done at the soonest.

This actually happened about more than 15 years ago.

Mother-in-law suddenly felt a very excruciating pain in her stomach late in the evening one night. We have to rush her to the hospital so it could be checked up as to what really had afflicted her.

At the hospital , she was given the necessary laboratory tests, meantime that she was given some medications that can at least ease her of the pain in her stomach.

She stayed for further observation. The test result and observation by the doctor made them find out that she had gallstones. She was told to have the gallstone operation at the soonest.

But she is a thin lady. She’s underweight and the doctor didn’t tell us that it is risky for her to have the operation. However, we thought it would be risky because she’s old and underweight, she might not survive if operated on.

So, we took her out of the hospital and when she the pain has a bit subsided, it was decided by the family that she will have a second opinion about her condition.

Thus, she was brought to a popular Chinese hospital in Manila. Laboratory tests were done and it was indeed gallstones that is giving her so much pain in her stomach.

Operation was suggested although, it will not be immediate because her body condition might not be able to take it and she could die.

What the doctor further suggested is that she be given a liquid diet in fact, it was a canned powder that will be made into a beverage which she will take in as her food. It is an expensive food supplement. It was drink that is filled with the necessary nutrients and vitamins that can make her gain weight and have a good body condition that can survive the operation.

The beverage was not delicious. She finds it difficult to take. What the doctor advised was that every after sip of the beverage she should eat a grape, since it is a soft fruit.

And this was her diet for six months and after that period she gained some weight. She was checked up by the doctor and it was found out that she’s ready for the gallstone operation.

Thus, the operation was done on her in that posh hospital in Manila.

Thankfully, she really took the operation well. After just about 2 days, the doctor told her to go home so she can just recuperate from there. We took her out of the hospital after 3 days and stayed there at her daughter’s rented apartment to recuperate.
After a month , she already came home. Her pain in the stomach was gone already .

She was advised to take it easy on fatty foods. She fully recuperated in a matter of about a month more.

See, if she could have been operated right away, she could have died.

After about 2 years, it was my father-in-law who had his operation for his gallstones.

Yes, it only means that the foods they have been eating at home are fatty.

Because the rest of the family don’t want to have gallstones problem, we see to it that we will not be eating fatty foods. We eat meat, but we take out the fats on pork.

Besides, prevention is better than cure is very true.

Note: Picture is mine

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