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Astrology: A Divine Art on Earth
December 3, 2017

By J. H. Sayyar

It is a concrete and solid fact that astrology is a divine art without any doubt. It is a science of planets rays on earth falling from heaven on men and the whole universe. And the heavenly rays affect the whole universe including men and women, animal and plants, earth and mountains…the other thing that is most important is that God’s blessings from heaven on through planets’ rays and there no other source of God’s blessing on earth except the divine rays. But, alas! Human beings do not use wisdom to get benefits from this divine in practical field to prolong lives and get health and pleasures on this earth.

Astrology: A Divine Art, by jh sayyar

Astrology: A Divine Art, by jh sayyar

Think, why does the sunflower dance with the sun rays? What is the link between the sun and sun flowers? It is a mystery for everyone that demands our attention but nobody is ready to pay attention to it. The whole universe is divided into seven parts according to seven planets. This secret is known to the planets’ motions and rays, colors and effects. Keep in mind, man is a blend of three things: matter, spirit and soul. Man is made of matter, spirit comes from the planets into human body to charge life organs and soul is the decree of God.

As we daily people donate eyes, kidney and other organs of body to other person, think, the man has died how his organ can work in other’s body? It means God has taken back his decree but for certain hours human organ receive energy from the planets an remain alive and work properly in other body. The sun is running the whole universe like our heart is ruining our body.

The Sun Representing Things on Earth (Useful for our Heart)

The things those representing the sun are useful for human heart but this secret is known by a few people on earth. The stones carbuncle, Aetites, Christa light, Iris heliotrope, emerald, are useful for human heart and all shine in darkness. On the other hand, ginger, Gentian, Dittany and vervain, Mint, Saffron, Musk, Amber, Yellow Honey, Cloves, Cinnamon, Pepper: all things protect human heart in a better way.

Think it is blessings on earth for human beings but in guise of planets rays that are poured into all of them from the Heaven for human heart protection.

  1. Superior and Inferior Things’ Mystery on Earth

Planets are superior and control every inferior on earth including human beings on earth. The whole universe has four angles East and West, North and South. It is called cross. East and West is the path of the sun but North and South is line of wave direction. That is why angles are called angels in the language of wise man and wise men are called astrologers.

The whole universe is three fold world, elementary world, Celestial world and intellectual world, but all these three worlds are ruled by superior and all the superiors receive the three fold world virtues by the rays of planets on earth. According to the law of nature, every superior thing controls every inferior thing on earth. The chief works of Angels in Heaven, the superior moments of the stars, four elements. Mysterious rays, animals’ moments, plants’ rays, metal and precious stones in the womb of earth all convey the blessings of God on human beings.

All natural virtues are spreading around us but our materialistic eyes cannot see spreading blessings of God but all these can be seen by the eyes of physics, medicines, mathematics and natural philosophy.

God is superior controls every element sitting on His Golden Throne carrying eight Great Angles; Gabriel is one of them who brings God’s message on earth for Prophets. After this Angels control all human activities according to their duties including human beings on earth.

Keep in mind, those who are inferior on earth are controlled by superiors as we see the rulers make themselves superior getting political power by hook or crook that is why they control our actions but alas! 99% peoples do not understand this mystery. If someone wants to controls human beings on earth with good intention must make self superior.

The second secret is that every superior thing will be on the top as our head is on the top and controls our all actions. Our heart is next and controls our will and wishes what to do or not…think, think and think. Until we become superior, surely we cannot control inferiors on earth.

  1. Astrology and Your Questions to Ask

On earth only astrology is a wonderful branch of knowledge that gives the answer to the question arises in human mind in twenty four hours facing different critical situation in practical world mixing with and discussing different thoughts, feelings and emotions

You can ask….about….

Love and love marriage, health and wealth, glee and gloom, friendship and enmity, magic and removing magic, education, beloved, politics, divorce, disease and its solution, property, estate, wealth and poverty, all movable goods, money lent, profit or gain, loss or damage; in suits of law, brethren, sisters, cousins or kindred, neighbors, small journeys, or inland-journeys, oft removing from one place to another, epistles, letters, rumors, messengers:

father and his lands, houses, tenements, inheritances, tillage of the earth, treasures hidden, the determination or end of anything; towns, cities or castles, besieged or not besieged; all ancient dwellings, gardens, fields, pastures, orchards; the quality and nature of the…..

children, ambassadors, of the state of a woman with child, of banquets, of ale-houses, taverns, plays, messengers or agents for republics; of the wealth of the father, the ammunition of a town besieged; if the woman with child shall bring forth man or woman; of the health or sickness of his son or daughter that asks the Question.

Men and maid-servants, galley slaves, hogs, sheep, goats, hares, conies, all manner of lesser cattle, and profit and loss got thereby; sickness, its quality and cause, principal disease offending, curable or not curable, whether the disease be short or long; day-laborers, tenants, farmers, shepherds, hog herds, neat herds, uncles, or the father’s brothers and sisters.

Marriage, all manner of love questions, our public enemies; the defendant in a law-suit, in war the opposing party; all quarrels, duels, law-suits; thieves and thefts; man or woman; wives, sweethearts

The estate of men deceased, death, its quality and nature; the wills, legacies and testaments of men deceased; dowry of the wife, portion of the maid, whether much or little, easy to be obtained or with difficulty…

Voyages or long journeys beyond seas; of religious men, or clergy of any kind, whether bishops or inferior ministers; dreams, visions, foreign countries; of books, learning, church livings, or benefices,; of the kindred of one’s wife

Kings, princes, dukes, earls, judges, prime officers, commanders in chief, whether in armies or towns; all sorts of magistracy and officers in authority; mothers, honor, preferment, dignity, office, lawyers; the profession or trade any one uses;

Friends and friendship, hope, trust, confidence, the praise or dispraise of any one; the fidelity or falseness of friends

Private enemies, of witches, great cattle – as horses, oxen, elephants, &c.; sorrow, tribulation, imprisonments, all manner of affliction, self-undoing, &c., and of such men as maliciously undermine their neighbors, or inform secretly against them.

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    1. Wow this is a veru deep discussion. I know everything that was created is somehow interconnected and interdependent On each other. Also there are infinite galaxies with infinite worlds.


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