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Are We In The Brink Of World War III?

   There are two principal events that may trigger and spins out of control and may lead to World War III: the Syrian Civil War and the North Korean continuous missile test.

The recent military action through 59 tomahawk missiles against the Al Sayrat Airbase in Syria and the possible removal of the President Assad for a change of the government at all cost for sure will make Russia stand in the way.

If Russia will militarily defend Syria at all cost then this will be the start of military confrontation between the United States and the Western Allies and Russia making Syria as its first military battle ground.

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The recent used of the MOAB or the “mother of all bomb” in Afghanistan against ISIS there may be a strong signal against both Syria and North Korea that the United States will have no second thought to use all of its modern military weapons at its arsenal in order to accomplish it objectives.

Possible War Scenario

   A two theater of war, one in the Middle East in Syria and another theater of war in the Korean Peninsula will surely plunge the world into World War III.

This kind of war would be a global war that the world has never seen and possibly will never see again.

The very danger in this kind of war is the used among the combatants of the nuclear weapons. If this is the worst case scenario then this could be the end of humanity and all the life form on the planet earth.

Who is going to win in this free-for-all and an all-out-war? No one could possibly tell. All the military war games and military exercises and all the latest military technologies will be put into maximum use so as to win this war.

For sure if all the nuclear weapons will be unleashed in this new kind of war by all the nations or countries that have nuclear weapons then the concept of MAD or the mutually assured destruction concepts or idea will be a living reality.

The idea of a nuclear holocaust during World War III has a chilling effect. No one wants this to happen but anything is possible with all the indications and signs for a possible World War III just like all the indications and signs prior to World War I and World War II.

Image source: http://beforeitsnews.com/war-and-conflict/2014/03/world-war-3-is-upon-us-must-see-video-2451316.html

With the celebration of the birthday of Kim Ill Sung, the so called “the Eternal President of the Republic”, the grandfather of Kim Jong-un, it is believed that North Korea will conduct its six missile test.

If the six ballistic missile test will happen any time soon, and with the USS Carl Vinson already in position in the Korean Peninsula and within striking distance of North Korea coupled with the warning from King Jong-un that North Korea is ready to make any retaliatory action against the United States then this is a sure formula for global war.

If there will be a war again in the Korean Peninsula and China will side with North Korea then this will escalate and eventually will be a serious situation in Asia.


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