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Are We In The Brink Of World War III?

   There are two principal events that may trigger and spins out of control and may lead to World War III: the Syrian Civil War and the North Korean continuous missile test.

The recent military action through 59 tomahawk missiles against the Al Sayrat Airbase in Syria and the possible removal of the President Assad for a change of the government at all cost for sure will make Russia stand in the way.

If Russia will militarily defend Syria at all cost then this will be the start of military confrontation between the United States and the Western Allies and Russia making Syria as its first military battle ground.

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The recent used of the MOAB or the “mother of all bomb” in Afghanistan against ISIS there may be a strong signal against both Syria and North Korea that the United States will have no second thought to use all of its modern military weapons at its arsenal in order to accomplish it objectives.

Possible War Scenario

   A two theater of war, one in the Middle East in Syria and another theater of war in the Korean Peninsula will surely plunge the world into World War III.

This kind of war would be a global war that the world has never seen and possibly will never see again.

The very danger in this kind of war is the used among the combatants of the nuclear weapons. If this is the worst case scenario then this could be the end of humanity and all the life form on the planet earth.

Who is going to win in this free-for-all and an all-out-war? No one could possibly tell. All the military war games and military exercises and all the latest military technologies will be put into maximum use so as to win this war.

For sure if all the nuclear weapons will be unleashed in this new kind of war by all the nations or countries that have nuclear weapons then the concept of MAD or the mutually assured destruction concepts or idea will be a living reality.

The idea of a nuclear holocaust during World War III has a chilling effect. No one wants this to happen but anything is possible with all the indications and signs for a possible World War III just like all the indications and signs prior to World War I and World War II.

Image source: http://beforeitsnews.com/war-and-conflict/2014/03/world-war-3-is-upon-us-must-see-video-2451316.html

With the celebration of the birthday of Kim Ill Sung, the so called “the Eternal President of the Republic”, the grandfather of Kim Jong-un, it is believed that North Korea will conduct its six missile test.

If the six ballistic missile test will happen any time soon, and with the USS Carl Vinson already in position in the Korean Peninsula and within striking distance of North Korea coupled with the warning from King Jong-un that North Korea is ready to make any retaliatory action against the United States then this is a sure formula for global war.

If there will be a war again in the Korean Peninsula and China will side with North Korea then this will escalate and eventually will be a serious situation in Asia.


    1. We very well could be on the brink of World War III. But speaking as a patriotic American, I’m going to point a finger at another country and say “They started it!” I have to! Because Americans would much rather be engaged in humanitarian efforts around the world, than having to repair and rebuild bombed countries, house displaced citizens of other countries, etc.

      If WW III happens it’s not going to be because we started it!

      If we wanted to start a war, it’s not that hard to do. We got the tools, we got the talent, we got allies to back US up, and other neutral countries who won’t get involved cause they don’t want to mess with US.

      The Syrian Civil War and the North Korean continuous missile test could trigger WW III? ? Seriously? Think about it! That’s a joke. Unless you have some Insider information the rest of the world doesn’t know about, it’s not likely to be the cause.

      * SIDE NOTE:
      Also? That’s a really weird tag you have for this blog post. Tags are generic search terms to help people find your post. Why would use a tag like that? Don’t you want others to find this post? I’m surprised the “auto approval” tool even let it go through. Whenever I try to post I sometimes get an error message that I have too many tags and it won’t approve the post. (O.o)

    2. Hi Treathyl FOX,

      Thank you again for your comment on this post. First on the side note, I cannot classify the title as “News and Events” since there is no World War III yet; nor can I classify it as an “event” because it is not yet happening or an “event” and I sincerely hope it would not happen in the near future.

      Thus, the most near or appropriate thing to do is for me to “classify” the nature of the post and its content as “Politics and Government” for the simple reason that war is another aspect or manifestation of politics or international politics for that matter in its broadest sense, meaning and use.

      Every act or acts of war involves politics.

      Now going to the heart and issue of the post: Are We In The Brink Of World War III?

      The answer may be in the affirmative. For me the beginning of World War III starts during the “Cold War” between the United States and the Western Allies against the then U.S.S.R. and all of its satellites and the rest of the communist countries at that time.

      The issue then was the spread of International Communism. And the issue now is Terrorism/radical Islam(Syria) and the proliferation of nuclear arms (North Korea).

      It is good that the United States is taking its role once again as world leader to fight against these two current issue.

      • RE: Side Note:
        Wasn’t referring to your category. I thought Politics & Government is an excellent choice. It’s your tag. Look at the bottom of your post.

        This is your tag:
        IchchheMrityu PEEUSH TRIKHA MATTHEWS kasamika Ruby Krishna Kumar Cely Geraldine Walker Ami Albena Lyudmilova Ivanova

        Who would put this in a search box?

        * BACK TO THE POINT:

        When people mention war I do my best to try to talk the subject down. I don’t even want people to entertain the possibility of such an event. They called World War I, “The Great War”. When World War II happened, they realized they had to start numbering wars! I don’t to ever get to Number 3!!! Two wars was more than enough!! One was way too many!

        Thanks for responding back. 🙂

      • Oh..you are still thinking of USSR? It is nowhere and unaware. Tattered into pieces. Good thing …that is imminent for a Communist Country. Now, this is the turn of China. It interference to make a claim over the South China Sea is totally unwarranted in the light of the Order of the International Court to which he put a deaf ear taking up continuous steps followed by warnings to U.S which is really doing a great job of keeping peace on the planet. The most corrupt country like N. Korea will never succeed in its attempts as long gas it remains so. Any officer can be purchased for pennies. The 6 missile tests may only a signal for its war preparedness but never cause any fear effect on the U.S.So, one need not be afraid of its Missile Tests.
        The Chinese economy is very poor. Most of its labor force is fed by Western countries. The raw material is exported to China because of the availability of cheap labor. If it is stopped once, the scene becomes reverse. The hunger and misery will reveal untold stories of the people. The action has not been initiated in this direction. The satellite countries may not support China for the reason of being a Communist Country. The Bricks summit will soon decide the fate of China. Its only business is to trigger some warnings to at least someone or the other daily hitting the headlines. This is only recently that it is making statements on South-China Sea, Nuclear Warfare, denying membership to India in NBT. The former President Mr.Obama is also quite skeptical of India and only to make the importance of U.S felt by India showed a lip support. Whatever may be the fears and diplomacy of other nations India will maintain its status quo of NON-ALIGNED NATION provided its interests are not disturbed by Sham agreements between any countries.
        Turkey is sufficient to deal with Russia and it has proved its might striking down the passenger plane carrying 360 passengers which the Russia will never forget.
        Now the China will be hit economically and economically shattered people are soon going to raise their voice Mr.Xi Xinping.The only thing is the Western countries are maintaining silence.
        Mr. Trump the new President of U.S is not so weak to go back and postpone the decision of attack. As long as he listens and keeps his emotions under control for himself everything will go smooth but once the Volcano bursts it may not be possible for China, Russia, and N. Korea to control it. One has to gauge the potential tools available to U.S. The MOAB is not a hoax as it is proved now. This is only a test the devastating effect it can cause.
        At the most what have, we to worry about is the use of Chemical Weapons. It is for only those countries to think about the effect of using this weapon and their effect on the human race.
        The drone strikes is another new concept introduced by U.S which the world can not be taken lightly.

        This clearly shows to what extent China can get allies in its war if taken up against the U.S. It has got no support of the countries involved in the South China Sea. It will be quite busy in dealing with the economic issues of its own people shortly. Its entire market is in the U.S which it can not forgo at any time. Russia is no more a powerful country as compared to U.S. China is already biggest rivals in Asia and could never come to a compromise with them as no one can trust the DRAGON.

    3. War is hell. At this stage of our human civilization where you could see progress and development all around us, despite the many evils existing in the world, I do not believe that we could afford any war on a world scale just like what happened during World War I and World War II.

      It scary to think even on the level of imagination what a nuclear war could bring to all of us and to the planet.

      Only a mad man perhaps would think to bring the world to any nuclear war or confrontation. I understand that all the world leaders know the deep implication and long range effect of any nuclear war.

      To my mind, to start a nuclear war is simply to end all life forms here on earth.

      In any nuclear war for that matter everybody will be the loser.
      A nuclear war is a losing situation where everyone will be a complete loser. There will be no victor in the end of any nuclear war.

      Before anything could possibly transpired all the cooler head and all the doves in both side of the fence must intervene.

      There’s no substitute for any peaceful means to settle any existing conflict.

      I think that diplomatic solution is the most realistic and the win-win solution under the current situation.

    4. Truly, World War III is near at hand! So, what we should do? Prepare our own self, family, friends, relatives and all your love ones for the great chastisement of heaven that will come upon us in the half of the twentieth century. All of us were going to die wether we like it or not! For death is inevitable for millions of people will perish hour by hour. The only way to save the entite mankind from the apocalypse is praying the HOLY ROSARY AND THE CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA TO THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY FOR WORLD PEACE. But the consecration of Russia was not yet or even done by the Pope and the Cardinals. Be watchful for things will get worst day by day we cannot tell what will happened in the near future. What we should be aware is that the great war is nearly at hand. The greatest war which has been foretold by Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal to the three seers who recieved message from heaven coming from the loving mother of God who so loved her children on earth and take heed of her message that if the great tribulation comes we will be save.

    5. When i was in my early teens my late mom lended me this particular booklet which gotten my interest it was written in tagalog and its all about the second coming of chirst and the apocalypse. It was a compiliation of the message of Our Lady in her apparition throughout the world and her great plan to all of her children how to escape the terrible punishment that will be fall in the entire human race.
      What i remember in that book is that World War III will start when one of the leaders of a nation will be assasinated that will bring tribulation and confusion throughout the world. Annihiliating nations, race, and every living human in the face of the earth by their super powers destructive nuclear weapon that can destroy and kill half of mankind in a few minutes. Before the great war begin, you will see a flaming cross across the sky as a sign that the wrath of God is nearly at hand that we should prepare ourself to refuge on his mercy. What we should do, is go to a place where we can pray the rosary, light a blessed candle with a blessed match. Close all windows and doors. Don’t try to open the door if someone call you for these are demons unchain from hell to devour mankind. Don’t even attempted to look outside for you will be perish. As the war break out, there would be a great earthquake that will shake the earth and the fire of nuclear weapon will rise up on the sky together with the fire of heaven going down to earth punishing the afflicted mankind with all its crime committed against God. In three days there would be a total darkness. The sun will lose its shine and even the moon and the stars will lose its light at night. What will be seen is a great darkness envelopes everything The only weapon to survive is praying the holy rosary, and the cross which has left by Our Lord on the cross.

    6. Like what happenned in the 15th century when the Ottoman Turks want to conquer the world but did not succeed in destroying christiniaty! Christiniaty succeed in winning the battle of lepanto against the muslim turks by the help of OUR LADY who is the commander in chief that have won the battle over the enemies of the church through her powerful intercession to God and of praying of her rosary. Remember, God governs the world but prayers Governs God.

    7. so what you are telling me is that praying the rosary will save me from Nuclear war. Sorry if I have trouble swallowing that one. Christianity has survived not because it is the one and true Religion, but because like any radical religious group, they are willing to kill in the name of God. I’ve never been one to believe in a God that believes you most pray one way or you will go to Hell. Like any organized Religion they scare you into believing? Don’t get me wrong, I believe in some form of higher power that is part of this world,an energy that is part of everything. But I refuse to believe in a God that says you are all my children, OH, except if you have brown skin and call me Allah

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