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Are There Marriages Broken Because A Wife- Husband Snores?
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I am just curious to know considering that I am single no partner in bed, lol. By the way is there anyone there who knows somebody marriage broken because a husband or a wife snores? I am thankful I do not snore and no one to evaluate my performance during sleep for I single he, he. If there are you know, I think that is a very shallow reason to breaking the marriage vow because your husband or wife snores. What do you think? Ask yourself if your husband complains about your snoring rampage at night. Or, ask yourself now if you too complain about your husband snoring like crazy, as if there is no tomorrow hahaha. Maybe your husband or wife lacks sleep in the evening because of your sound movement and accompaniment like a concerto LOL. I heard how my father snored, as if there is a big ship about to dock or thunder bolstering some splinters in air that make the planet earth roars like the king of the jungle complaining , LOL.

There are many ways this time how to escape snore in the evening during sleep time. I saw one couple abroad splashing the throat of his wife with a liquid spray that stops snoring. I wonder how it works, but I learned from his wife that her snoring continues and another feeling emerges that is she almost lost her voice with that spray, my goodness so terrible effect. Why not just listen to that snore and feel it as if like music? I guess snoring is annoying and disturbing to someone with you on bed. One may get sick of anemia or hypertension? Why don’t you drink red wine before going to sleep to forget the snoring sound? Both of you could also have a better sleep if allow the other who does not snore to sleep ahead of you that snore? If there is no remedy, could it be a ground to propose a divorce? I think those whose country implements divorce could answer me and others too who may drop by here and read this cute blog.

I have Goggle search about how to stop snoring and I have learned about a ring that stops snoring. It was also a coincidence because the husband of my niece snores and it disturbs her. Her husband did not tell her before marriage that he snores, LOL. They are now residents in UK at a young ages and work there as nurses in government hospital. Plus she cannot afford to confront her husband about his snoring activity. Her husband only learned about his wife’s agony when one night he woke up seeing his wife wide awake. My niece, his wife, told him about his snoring activity disrupting her sound sleep. The next day, they Google search and found the ring that stops snoring so they bought one that fits her husband’s finger. It was awesome for her husband no longer snores until this time. They bought that ring through eBay at a cheaper price $ 8 hehehe very cheap. So every sleep, her husband wears that ring that stops snoring. So there is no reason why worry much should your husband/wife snores, partner snores because there is ring that stops snoring. I wonder how it works, perhaps that ring is connected to the throats’ nasal activity and stops the snore through the veins of the nerves. That was what on line doctors said my niece said to me.

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It will be as shallow reason to file a divorce to wifey or husband because one snores. He or she has no knowledge at all and it is not his/ her fault if snores. It seems snoring is universal sickness. It is also bad for it might create heart attack that is why you have to awaken your spouse in case this occurs. The moment the two of you go to bed pain is felt for sleep is very important to gain a healthy body. What do you observe if you lack sleep? You always feel groggy and sleepy all the time as if no end sleepiness. Now that there is snoring ring, try it to stop your seemed-like eternal problem. Order now at eBay or at Amazon. There are so many designs to choose. I also see them through internet display. Prices are also friendly. I appreciate those spouses whose love is enduring for snoring for them is not a hindrance to a happy marriage. There is no problem that cannot be resolved. Filing a divorce or marriage annulment may not end the trouble, but rather adds trouble for pains of insult and injury of leaving can cause more than death. Love matters most so if you love your spouse find a way to cease the snoring activity. You may spend few hours sleep n the evening , but in the day, you send much time with your beloved, so treasure the moment while love is still burning its desire for if not, you will surely like to die for the pain of losing someone you love and the only reason is you snore, LOL.

I have a nephew kid and he snores at a young age. I wonder why at his young age 5 he snores hehehe. Others said that those who snore have a heart problem and others too said that the person has a very good sleep. I do not know if this is true. Try to help me search for someone who snores and ask how his/ her partner reacts to the situation. I also learned that animals also snore. One time in Auckland during my tour, I have heard a cat purring and snoring hehehe. That was a very exciting episode hearing the pet cat of my friend snoring fast as if there was a contest. If a cat snores, the sound is not disturbing. By the way, there are kiddos that snore, but they seem on good sleep and health to look at and observe them unmindful of their so snoring rampage.

Would you divorce your wifey or husband if snore?

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    1. I am no to that divorcing a spouse because he or she snores, that is a very shallow reason for me, but those who favors, I will not interact them for it is also not easy to lack sleep and marriage is made eternal.So if you cannot bear the pain of losing a sleep than losing a wife or husband, it is up to you.

    2. If a marriage did end in divorce due to snoring then it couldn’t have been a very strong marriage to begin with. My partner snores and it drives me mad so I wear ear plugs, and if on the odd occasion it is really bad and I can still hear him (if he is ill for example) then I will sleep in the spare room. I definitely wouldn’t leave him lol x

    3. I think just snoring may not be a good and sufficient reason for divorce. If it is so, then the foundation is not laid properly They should have exchanged views and hobbies, weaknesses and temperament. In India, it is very hard to get a divorce. No court accepts it as a valid reason for divorce. Of course, even in western countries, it may perhaps be considered as a valid reason. There may be one or two singular cases.

    4. no I will not divorce just for snoring it will be crazy and no right, and if that was the case that’s because the marriage was not strong and find an excuse to divorce.

    5. I snore but our relationship is still intact. I snore more than my husband. Sometimes I woke up by the sound of my snore.

    6. @shelly osborne, Really? hehehehe, my friend also told me that she cannot sleep well because her hubby snores so what she did she sleeps in the other room until her husband cried hehehe. After that she just programmed in her mind her husband’s snore is music,lol.

    7. @siva, you are right , it is a very shallow reason to file a divorce for that reason alone it must be physical abuse, abandonment and rejection factors that may qualify a divorce. There are are other very strong reasons but as to snoring as the main reason, I think not an ideal one. Snoring can be solved this time through a ring that stops snoring. Thank you for sharing your very nice thought on this matter, very much appreciated and inspired by readers like me.

    8. @Damian Lissi,That is a very strong reason , why divorce just because a husband or a wife snores. I think snoring stops after few hours when the person is in deep sleep. Also snoring gets slower when the person is also in deep sleep. It will be better to just cover the ears with a headphone or advise the partner to sleep with his / her side. Tanks for your very nice thought and feeling of this snoring problem.

    9. I only learned that I snore when my husband told me. He gets to hear it when I sleep earlier than him. And when I asked him if it is so loud , he said it’s not. Though it can be heard.

      He also snores, though sometimes only. And when it gets guttural , like he will choke, I wake him up and he will sleep on his side and won’t be snoring.

      Well, I guess I don’t snore loud because he doesn’t wake me up. Because I am sure that if I snore loudly, he will. He even wakes me up when I have a nightmare.

      You are right, snoring is a shallow reason to separate from your husband. lol

    10. @Dina, wow that is so sweet my friend hehehe snoring could be music to ears and disgusting to the membrane, lol. That is nice your husband do not feel hurt if wake him if sense his snore is somewhat different. That is the usual advise by doctors to sleep on the side to escape snoring, but there are others that cannot sleep if sleep that way.They better buy snoring ring so that they can have a better sleep with their husband or wife. Snoring is indeed irritating and blood boiling. It triggers the person’s stable emotion to an irritating one.

    11. @Ruby, really? What is the sound of your snore on high mood? hehehehe maybe fluctuating.That is nice your husband is not disturbed with your high modulated snore,lol, and you too do not bother at all about how your husband sounds his snore.That is real and true love my friend. Congrats.

    12. I have read that there have been divorces based on such silly reasons. Tolerance is the key for success of any relationship to continue. If the couple have a sound sleep one may not realise about the snoring. Snoring by ourselves cannot be felt by ourselves. Others only can notice. good day. — sambasivan now in California

    13. @SAMBASIVAN.S. , whew, how is Calif my friend? I am so happy for you now in California. Maybe it is Spring time there. About snoring,oh so sad for those who divorced because of snoring problem. Snoring is not intentional and I think there is no capsule to swallow for a snore to stop hahahaha. Thanks.

    14. I haven’t heard something like that situation but there are others that are just looking for a hole to move out from the relationship. Thankfully divorce is not legal in our country..

    15. Snoring is the most annoying behaviour that anyone could have. I for one cannot stand snoring but again I think it’s something that is unavoidable really. I don’t think someone would choose to do it intentionally when they know they are irritating someone would they? Maybe there are those who would do that just to get on someone’s nerves as a pay back for something they did but it’s not noble. I remember when my dad was still alive he would snore so hard sometimes and I always used to ask myself how does my mum sleep soundly even with that noise it’s so irritating. I could hear him snoring coz it was so loud. Anyway me i have always thought snoring comes as a result of someone being so tired but it just happens even when you are not tired. I guess it’s just the position one sleeps. Experts say that if you sleep with your head facing up you are likely to snore, but if your facing on your sides you don’t snore I think it works. For that person who would divorce their spouse for snoring, i think they just don’t know what they are doing in that marriage. How can you use that as a basis to break your marriage. I would say it’s just an excuse to leave the marriage for some other reason. That’s too petty to even think about it. I have never heard of anyone who has done that personally but am sure if research is done you might just find someone did that. It’s quite unfortunate but with the rate of people getting married for all the wrong reasons it’s possible.

    16. @Tita, you may be right that those who filed a divorce may just use the issue on snore just to have something to prove. It will be a painful feeling to have your partner divorce because you snore, very shallow reason, third party might be the real cause not the snore.

    17. @Anitah Gimase ,Hi friend? I so appreciate your logical explanations about the issue on snoring. Better your mom endured and that means love is greater than the annoyance of snore. Snoring is man’s topic worldwide for it does not only imply disturbance but likewise, health problem of the snorer. Medics said that those who snore may also have heart problem or asthma problem that is bad if snore for the person may suffocate from his/ her snore. In other statement from people of the world that those who snore may have been tired from whole day’s work and that no snores in the entire duration of sleep after few hours silence will be observed. Another way is, when one snores, he or she might have inherited it from their generation, you already know history repeats itself.

      Thanks for sharing your very nice and inspiring comment, very much reiterated ,

    18. @cely, yes you are right about that. Most of the cases nowadays involved third party. My husband also snore when he sleep only when he’s very tired from work. Of course I was annoyed but then I couldn’t do anything about it but to understand. I even tried to sleep in the sofa until he stop snoring lol.

    19. My fiancé snores so loud! I have to always kick him. We don’t live together but when we take naps ~ if I fall asleep first then it is fine! 🙂

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    21. Oh I didn’t know that I was a loud snorer until my daughter complained about it when she slept with me one day. The my hubby also agreed that I would snore loudly when I am in deep sleep.
      However, he never complained about it. He just took his pillow and blankets, went to sleep on the sofa in the living room.
      Sometimes my hubby snores too and even make some grunting noises too.
      Its ok as long as he can sleep. He has insomnia.

      Just give and take

    22. cely said on May 29, 2017

      @peachpurple, hehe hehe, at least there is fairness he hehe.You may try to buy a snoring ring.The hubby of my niece snores so they decided to buy a snoring ring at eBay at $8 only. My niece husband no longer snores this time. My father too snored so loud. When we passed at his bedroom we were so afraid because we thought that sound was like a sound of a ship that docks hehe hehe. There are so many people that snore and they never leave their wife-husband because of snoring probelm. There are better solutions this time ow to stop or ihnore snoring.

    23. cely said on May 29, 2017

      @michelee, you are funny girl you kicked your boyfriend because he snores hehe hehe. I think that is lovingly kicked,lols.I think only few people do not snore, mostly snore. I might also store someday when I reach 50 ha ha haha, I hope not or else people at home will complain if I snore. I am so thankful that I do not snore. @Tita, just understand your husband hehe hehe. He also does not have idea why he snores. Many are unconscius during sleep time aso they never know they snore.

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