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Are Classical Books Still Relevant In The Computer Age?

   There are hundreds of classical books that one could read in one’s life time. But for the modern generation of readers living in the modern word—in the cyber world, one may ask if all these classical books are still relevant and a good read?

One may also asked if all of these classical books are indeed obsolete. Take for example these epic: The Iliad and The Odyssey by Homer, or the Aenied of Virgil or the work of Shakespeare. Are these works still makes sense in the modern world?

Classical book are indeed old and antique in terms of age but its message never grows old: its message was relevant in the bygone days and its message is still relevant in our times.

You may ask why? Classical book possess enduring truth that transcends or goes beyond times and places. Truth about the place of human beings in this world and the human condition is well-reflected in the classical books.

Also human nature is explored, exposed and is greatly expounded in the stories and tales contained in whatever classical books that you’ve read or may read.

Take for example the Holy Scriptures or the Holy Bible—its message is timeless and enduring.

Another characteristics or feature of classical books is that it could withstand the test of time. The moral lesson or the wisdom one can get from reading all the classical books is inexhaustible. Generation upon generation of readers always find some delight, fascination, enjoyment, inspiration and wisdom from reading classical books.

Classical book set a bar or precedent for the following generation to imitate, consider or follow as a model, as a standard or as a canon if you will. Every classical book possess this enduring value and quality that succeeding generation has look upon as the best product of human heart and mind or the best product of the human spirit in that particular time or epoch of human history.

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Among the other virtue in reading classical book is its social redeeming value. All classical books uphold human dignity, its uplift and renew the human spirit as well as an instrument for anyone’s moral regeneration.

When we read classical books, our heart, mind and spirit are constantly being polish and sharpen through the great minds of the author of any classical book.

One thing that one notice when reading a classical book is the unique style of the author on how he or she present his or her subject or topic in such a way that goes beyond the ordinary, the vulgar, and the shallow.

We can indeed learn so many things from the classical books which are the repository of all ancient knowledge and wisdom, and of what is the best in human civilization during those by gone days.

It is not sufficient that one has diploma or college degree if his or her heart, mind and spirit is not exposed to the gems and jewels of the laudable and salutary experience that one could derive and benefit from reading the classical book.

So if you are not yet starting to read any classical book, then you could perhaps start with the Holy Scripture so as to sharpen your mind, touch your heart and renew your spirit.


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    • If classical books were not relevant in the computer age, nobody would have bothered to convert them to digital. They are even working on a project to have the Dead Sea Scrolls converted to digital format. I read that months ago. I don't know what the status of the project is. What I really like that most of those books are now eBooks and are FREE to the readers! :)

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