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If It’s Amazing Then There Will be Some Hating Going on
September 11, 2016
aluminium-1295387_1280 ladder up!Trying to get ahead means leaving some behind.

It’s a good sign when an “visionary” or anyone who shines receives a lot of resistance and haters. That means that a person is well on their way or for those who are extremely successful that means that some are upset because they’re not there not saying that they’re unable to get there. Some will never try but complain to no end. They’ll make things seem as if the person who is trying to grow is in the wrong. While their complaints continue others are “rising.” So noise makers can make noise but they’re noise shouldn’t stop ones growth. In fact their chatter is “motivation.” The person or persons are doing something right and a lot of people may not be thrilled with the way things are going.

Anyone pursuing their dreams should continue doing so and not allow anyone to hinder the journey. Although one will come across a lot of resistance, the nonsense can’t last always, there will come a time when the individuals that continue to make trouble will stop because there’s something to stop those individuals from annoying the one in pursuit. There should be no room to allow discouragement in and for the ones who can offer no substance to what’s going on. Should be ignored. No one can progress focused on haters or naysayers.

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To stop and respond to every attack that a hater spills out is a waste o time. Those who are constantly attacking others who are trying to “prosper” really hate themselves. They’re because they have to watch others be productive and progress while they’re wasting time trying to stop someone from moving up! To be honest there’s  a sense of feeling sorry for the naysayers and haters. Those who can’t stand to see others get ahead and those who especially can’t stand to see a certain group of people progress, what a shame. Can’t waste time moaning over the nonsense. So one has to keep moving. The things that don’t matter can just be removed from our space. Productivity doesn’t occur when we continue to focus on things that add absolutely no value to our lives.


Keep Going Even Where There’s Resistance

The reason why haters continue to harass the ones who are trying to get out of the bucket is because they’re trying to get their attention but instead of using positive ways to do so. They’ll spill hate. If a person or persons aren’t making strides then there will be no haters. If they’re not doing something great then there will be no haters. Haters are the ones who will motive us to go harder. Yes, they’re annoying, no denying that they will annoy and some will go beyond what a hater should do. It’s as if they’re being paid to hate. Not sure how much the pay rate is but there must be some pay because who else would work so hard and there’s so shinning light? So those who want to succeed will with continuous action and does who just sit back and complain about what others are doing won’t see the “light.”

Some continue to attack others because they’re just hoping that they’ll give up. Giving up shouldn’t even be in our thoughts. No matter how tough things get. No matter how many hecklers there are. There’s absolutely no way that one who wants to achieve their dreams will give up. The hecklers can stand on the sidelines and heckle back and fourth but one who’s motivated to climb up will do so. They can heckle on.


Progress is Rewarding

We all feel better when we’ve made some progress and especially making progress in difficult situations. Sometimes we’ll need to break away from those who are trying to hinder our progress. Productivity is happens when we’re not surrounded by negative and difficult people. Once we find a quiet space to begin working in then we’ll soar. Remove the negatives and think about the positives. Focus on the positive outcome and that the negative parts of the journey.


Consider the Crab Mentality

The crab mentality. Some cannot stand to see others trying to get out the bucket. They want that one crab trying to reach the top of the bucket to stay inside of the bucket. So they’ll use those claws to pull the poor crab back down inside the bucket but the crab is too strong so finally the crab reaches the top and cheers. Hooray, hooray, hooray! Not easy trying to get out of the bucket but the other crabs never considered that they can also get out of the bucket. They’ve spent more energy trying to pull down the crab then trying to pull themselves out of the rusty bucket. Amazing.

    1. There are so many haters in the world. We cannot describe their attitude, We cannot also find reason why they hate. This is normal everywhere in business, in politics even in the academe. We cannot please everyone.Others hate because of jealousy and some personal views. It should be better for the person/ persons to analyze whether it is justifiable to hate. It should also be nice if the haters evaluate themselves if perfect or not.This time in the country where I live, the haters of our new president are the media people.They keep on twisting the truth, thus putting the nation to danger. I also hate haters. They have to investigate themselves about their true image.

    2. Yes, there are countless haters on earth and countless lovers on earth but we all must keep in ind that hate springs from evil past and evil early environment and it is a fact that haters become greedy and jealous by birth.

      If you can just stop loving her then you never really loved her at all. Love doesn’t work that way. If you ever truly love someone, then it never goes away. It can become something else. There are all different sorts of love. It can even become hate- a thin line and all that- and, really, hate is just another kind of caring.

      Even if you hate me, Zero…I will tame that beast in you…as many times as necessary. If you haven’t completely lost your sanity…I won’t let you die. Hate vampires, hate me…at least that means you haven’t given up!” Yuki said to Zero. “How can I hate you?

      You should never trust a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Because the only thing the wolf will ever want to do is break you.

      I would join Combat or die trying… A fine choice of words. What had been meant as a melodramatic proclamation was now to be my intended irony

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