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Aion-the World’s First Enterprise-Class Multi-Chain Protocol
September 12, 2018

There are currently 3 generations of blockchain projects. The first generation was an alternative currency project, led by Bitcoin (btc coin). The second-generation blockchain project is basically a platform for DApp, the current leader of this generation is Ethereum(eth coin). The third generation of products allows seamless interconnection between independent blockchain networks. The third-generation blockchain project aims to bring the Internet-enabled mobile phone to the blockchain. AION is the third-generation blockchain network pioneer.


AION blockchain is a project designed to be a bridge between all blockchain projects (both private and public), and AION will support different blockchain networks to communicate globally. It was being called the next cryptocurrency that will increase hundred times in value due to the advantages of the project.


Advantages of AION Project:

1.AION’s vision is to create the “Internet” of the blockchain world. Just as the entire Internet is now formed by different network interconnections, they operate according to the standard network TCP/IP protocol, connecting billions of devices around the world into a huge network of logical consistency.


2.The AION project is highly innovative. Regardless of the concept of “multi-layer blockchain network”, AION high-performance virtual machine and consensus mechanism design is highly original.


3.The basic function of AION as the main chain has been basically realized, the project progress is normal, the overall quality of the code is high, the developer has a high technical capability and successful experience in the blockchain field, and the code update is fast and the development heat is high.


Are you eager to invest in AION now? Want to get the information about aion coin price?Take a look at the risk rating report first! On June 29, 2018, the standard consensus released a general investment risk rating report for the blockchain project “AION”. The report defines the AION risk level as “B”, which is a “general risk” level and requires investor attention.


Risk 1: The AION project hopes to realize the vision of “blockchain internet”. It not only needs its own strong technical strength, but also greater uncertainty from the recognition of its cross-chain agreements by other blockchain projects.


Risk 2: The AION project is still in the early stages of development, and the main technical difficulties of the project have not yet been broken.

AION currently only implements the basic functions of the main chain, and the technical difficulties of key inter-chain communication and virtual machine parts have not yet been broken, and development is still in its early stages.


Risk 3: The concentration of chips is high and the risk of being manipulated is high. The turnover rate is low and the liquidity risk is high.


I can’t tell if AION is worth buying, but it’s really difficult for it to develop. It is recommended that conservative investors wait and see for a while.


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