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Advantages of Drinking Normal Hot Water and Disadvantages of Drinking Cold Water
January 7, 2017

Drinking normal hot water gives us a lot of benefits as compared to drinking cold water..

Many diseases can be cured by the use of normal hot water.

There are a lot of benefits of drinking hot water that i am going to state here. You don’t even believe that how hot water can cure a lot of of harmful diseases.

A large number of Japanese doctors has demonstrated that they gain 100 percent results in curing a large number of diseases using normal hot water. Some of them are as follow:

1:Severe Headache/ Migraine

2:High Blood Pressure

3:Blood Deficiency/ Anemia

4:Pain in joints


6:Severe Coughing


8:Blockage of blood in Blood vessels

9:Sourness of stomach


and all other diseases that are linked with ear, nose, eye and throat.

Method of treatment using normal hot water:

Get up early in the morning daily and drink 4 glass of normal hot water with an empty stomach. NOTE one thing that you should not eat anything after 45 minutes of drinking water and after every meal you should not drink water for about 2 hours.

Some people could not drink 4 glass of water at a time so they should take some break of 5 minutes.

It has been proved that many diseases have been cured by the use of normal hot water which are as follows:

1:Diabetes mellitus can be cured in 30 days.

2:High blood pressure in 30 days.

3:All problems related to stomach can be cured in 10 days.

4:All types of cancer can be cured in 9 months

5:All diseases related to heart can be cured in 10 days.

6:Severe headache or migraine can be cured in 3 days.

7:Get rid of cholesterol in 4 months.

8:Blood deficiency can be cured in 30 days.

9:All diseases related to eye, ear, nose and throat can be cured in 20 days.

10:Blockage of blood in blood vessels can be cured in 6 months.

Disadvantages of drinking cold water:

Cold water is very harmful for human body and if drinking cold water will not harm you in young age then it will surely gives you a lot of harms after young age in old age.

Cold water binds the 4 veins of hearts and thus causes heart attack.

Most of heart attacks in young age are mainly caused due to use of cold drinks. Drinking cold water is a major cause of liver diseases.Actually cold water damages the inner layers of stomach and it also harms the duodenum.Cold water causes Diabetes Mellitus. It also causes cancer.


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    1. its true drinking little hot water is good for health. me and my whole family drink hot water in the morning sometimes we add one spoon of honey and lemon to it. it also help us to stay healthy and make ourself ready for pleasant and hard working day

    2. I agree, hot water help stimulates your body’s digestive system better then cold water can.

    3. This was a real helpful topic for those that didn’t know the difference of health situations with hot and cold water. Its safer to drink warm water considering the fact that it kills most germs in puts less minerals that we don’t need in our bodies. So be safe and fix a glass of warm water then place in fridge to cool than drink.

    4. Someone on a good me that hot water is not good especially when taken after meals because it clogs up the system with fats. To me i always thought that’s the best way to get rid of fats. Another thing is that when i was in school I used to take a lot of hot water that had lemon in it. And I was told that it would skim me down. And that actually worked pretty well for me. An just amazed with all those facts that you have given. It’s good to know that hot water is that beneficial to our bodies thanks for sharing. I am always prone to headaches most of the time but now that i know that hot water can take away the headache, it is going to be healed from now hence forth. Very informative piece.

    5. I have gingivitis, so i can’t drink any cold drinks nor beverages, could only drink warm drinks, hot also can’t

    6. This is a generally accepted truth that one should drink 6 glasses of water regularly. As far as drinking hot water is concerned it is effective to take warm water in the early morning. Some people say drinking warm water along with some lemon juice and honey is good for skin brightening, weight loss, anti-aging, indigestion, stomach ulcers, joint pains, blood circulation, blood cleansing etc., There is no general rule that has been established with regard to the gap that has to be given as it depends upon the body constitution of each individual. One has to choose the break according one’s own set of parameters.

      • Indeed, hot water is more useful than cold water. Now I do not like cold or chilled water even in summers, except for 1 or 2 occasions.

    7. Dina said on May 12, 2017

      I have actually been told that drinking warm water is beneficial for our health.

      Thinking about it, it is logical that when we drink warm water after a fatty meal, it can help dissolve those fats that had stuck to our arteries, veins and stomach linings.

      In fact, just after reading this post of yours I got a warm water from the water dispenser, by first pouring some cold water then some equal amount of hot water. At least when I tipped my finger on it, i know that it’s the tolerable heat that my mouth can take.

      You see, my throat is beginning to itch. I know that drinking a warm water can kill whatever bacteria or virus there is in my throat.

      I really hope this will not turn into a cough and colds. Meantime, i shall be drinking warm water every now and then.

      You see the climate here is so hot, that’s why most people loves drinking cold water because it cools their bodies. I guess it’s understandable that when the weather is hot though, a cold water can refresh us. 🙂

    8. Yes drinking a plenty of warm water helps with our bodily mechanisms such as metabolism and digestion. It has also been proven by the scientists of nowadays. In Ayurveda, the science of living, the benefits of drinking warm water has been mentioned. The benefits that you have mentioned have already been explained in it. Thanks for bringing up such good detailed benefits of drinking warm water as not everyone can access books of Ayurveda that easily and some of them are just sham that bring shame in the name of Ayurveda itself.


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