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Accepting What is
youth-570881_1280 happiness and peace-Accepting What isNot everyone will accept us and that’s something we all must understand. Image Credit: Pixabay.com

Somethings are hard for people to accept. Some may not accept ones ethnic background or accept what one’s accomplishments. When people aren’t accepting who we are, we shouldn’t fret, there’s way too many other things that need our attention. Those who will love us will love us through the good and the bad and those who loathe us will. No one will like everyone and sometimes it’s quite difficult to like some people but our Creator (Living God) said to love everyone.

Sometimes when people aren’t accepting who we are and what we’ve accomplished is because they’re dealing with what they are not. Reality is just that. What is just is and what will be will be. Not everyone will be friendly and not everyone will want to be our friend. There’s different personalities and views. When we find ourselves not being accepted. It simply means that the environment that we’re in may not be suitable for us. For those who disrespect our being.

It’s alright if we’re not accepted. If everyone liked us then we’re not doing something right. No one will like everything and everyone. Sometimes when people aren’t accepting then that’s a sign that those individuals shouldn’t be apart of our circle. Some never accept what we’ve accomplished or our contributions. That’s just how things work.

As long as we accept ourselves that’s the most important thing. Self love and understanding ourselves first is a great way to be apart of better living. Surrounding ourselves around wholesome people and those who refrain from dragging us down. If we’re constantly focusing on what others perceive about us then we will miss out the great things in life. Way too many people are concerned about what others think. In fact we’ll all be a bit concerned to a certain extent. If people aren’t accepting what we have to offer then that’s their choice.

Some will be cruel about our contributions and others will want to be apart of what we have to offer. That’s how things work in this world. Our make up is different is different. Everyone will have something positive to offer and that’s a blessing but everyone won’t see what others have to offer.

When we find that people their way to let us know that they’re not willing to accept who we are then those individuals are considered toxic and toxicity can be so damaging. No one has to be surrounded by toxicity. Acceptance starts with us first and if others aren’t accepting just what God has blessed us with then that’s too bad. We should never have to go out o four way to make sure that others accept us.

Loving ourselves is the basic and others will love us even if it doesn’t seem that way. No one will dislike everyone and no one will like everyone. The key to accept that those things are so and we’ll live peacefully but in order to prosper we should surround ourselves around those who respect us. People aren’t always kind but when we’re surrounded by the right people. We’ll fair better.


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    1. There are really people who will never accept us no matter what we do. Before, I always think what others will think of me whenever I do certain things. But then I realized that some people, no matter how good I am to them will never accept me just because I’m me. That’s when I decided to ignore what people might think of me. As long as I do the right things and I am happy, the thoughts of other people will not matter to me anymore.

    2. My motto is “Love yourself and help save planet earth” When we love ourselves we will see to it that everything around is conducive to our living and that is how the planet earth will be taken care of.

      And as for others accepting us that is not always possible. In Chemistry we learn how two acids clash while an alkali and an acid produces results.

    3. As I grow older, I started to stop asking for an approval from others. I don’t also like the idea of portraying a different character just to be accepted in the circle of any groups. I, myself is so unique and don’t need to act just to be accepted. For some reason, some people do a lot of things just to belong in a crowd. I find it insulting and a form of cheating oneself.

      I have my own principles in life. “If you don’t like me, the more I don’t like you.” Some people are control-freak and instantly, I pushed myself out from them. Why? It is not healthy to live in a pretentious way. I had some friends who cannot sustain the real importance of friendship. Thus, I don’t need them in my life and I can survive without their help.

    4. What you are saying is very true. In life we will always have people who like us and those that dislike us or even hate us. We were born to have friends and foes in this life and they all have a part to play in our growth as people. We learn certain things from them that will propel us into doing the right things. And our enemies will put us certain situations that will make us change how we think and how we treat others. So for me I don’t expect to be loved by everyone around me because if everyone was good to me how will I get to know that I am doing something wrong or I am hurting somebody else’s feelings. Those are some good points you have shared.

    5. I think accept everything on earth keeping in mind to repair it or correct it or mend if has any flaw. It my principle of life. I accept many friends that had many flaws but slowly and slowly I mend their negative trends into positive trends.

      If you positive everything will be positive that will come in your way. Because it a solid law that salt makes salt if you put any thing in salt for a long time.

      “People tend to be generous when sharing their nonsense, fear, and ignorance. And while they seem quite eager to feed you their negativity, please remember that sometimes the diet we need to be on is a spiritual and emotional one. Be cautious with what you feed your mind and soul. Fuel yourself with positivity and let that fuel propel you into positive action.”

      ― Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

      the writer has said plainly everything in simple words so that everybody could understand it.


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