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6 Tips how to Get Rid of GECKOS-House Lizards
010520147697Gecko on the wall pretending to be dead taken by peachpurple

Are you sick and tired of spotting gecko poops 

on the walls of your house, kitchen table top 

and the dining table?

Caught some dead geckos in the air conditioning 

units, smashed between the hinges of the doors and 

computer power supply units ?

Although these geckos are harmless, they

 distinctively stubborn house pests that aren’t afraid 

of humans.

Some of them may scamper away at the sight of

 humans but some would just stay put, pretending

 to be “dead”.

Reasons geckos / Lizards stay in your home


Insects and humans’s food- Gecko loves flies

, moths, mosquitoes, bugs and rice!

The ceiling lamps- Gecko laid eggs in the light 

fittings in order to incubate the eggs.

Lamps- Bees, flies, mosquitoes love to warm

 lamps to keep themselves warm. 

Hence, geckos are seen lingering around the lights, 

waiting for their food served hot.

When the weather is cold, geckos are found 

hiding under the sofa, behind the cupboards, kitchen

 cabinets which are dark and humid.

Bits of food found around the house invites 

geckos to hunt for food, especially in the kitchen and

 dining table

How to Get Rid Of Geckos / Lizards


1. Egg Shells– 

Geckos could not stand the smell of egg shells.

 The white peppery coat on the shells are dried

 under the sun, crushed and sprinkled over the 

corners where geckos frequently poops.

2.  Garlic– 

Geckos hate the smell of pungent garlic, especially

 slices or chopped garlic. 

Whole bulb of garlic doesn’t bother them unless you 

peel off the dry skin layers.

 Place slices of garlic on the dining table, you can

 keep away those pest geckos for days. 

However, once the garlic juice dried up, the geckos


3. Hot Pepper Spray ( Chilli/ Cayenne Powder)-

 Try homemade hot pepper spray to get rid of 


Mix a bottle of water with 2 tbsp of hot pepper 

( chilli powder) and slices of garlic. 

Shake them well. 

Spray along the locations where you can find geckos


4. Lemon grass – 

Chop lemon grass into quarters, allow the juice to

 ooze out. 

Scatter them under the plates holder ( dispenser),

fridge, sinks and gas stove.

 You can hinder the geckos from wandering around

 these places.

5. Mouse Trap – 

This is the last resort which is considered cruel,

 Mouse Trap!

 Place bits of food such as rice, biscuits, dead flies on

 the mouse trap.

 You will definitely catch a gecko the next day.

 However, if the mouse trap had caught its’ tail, the 

geckos will “detach” it and escape. 

So, there is a 50% chance of catching them red

 handed and dead!

6. Sweep off bits of food – 

Keep your house clean from bits of food drop on the 

floor or on the dining table. 

Geckos hide under the table, behind the bookshelves

, waiting for a chance to grab the bits of food 


You can test this experiment yourself.

 I had deliberately left a strand of noodle on the floor

, I sat cross legged on the sofa and waited.

 In 10 min, a dark grey gecko crept out ( under the 

sofa), made sure no one was around, quickly pulled

 out its tongue to grab the noodle in a snap and




How do you get rid of geckos / Lizards?

Do you leave the geckos alone since they helped you to eat up the bugs and insects?

 Copyright allrights reserved by peachpurple

Photo belonged to peachpurple

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    1. I think gecko is still useful at home. They do eat some insects that are harmful to us. For instance, the deadly bites of mosquitoes. They have strains that we cannot control the illnesses such as dengue or malaria. I would prefer to let them live in the resident.

    2. We have them around and some are friendly too. They eat away pests as you have mentioned. But too many should not be allowed and so I will use your tip to sprinkle egg shell powder around. I will not trap them or kill them.

    3. Every creature great and small on earth is useful for men and women but men could not understand small creatures found every where on earth and homes as lizards and geckos. They are also useful for us due to eating harmful creeping insects on the home or room walls.

      Recently, Japan had finished all lizards and geckos from Japan but after sometimes mysterious diseases appeared in Japan and after too much research the Japanese scientists came to know that all these mysterious diseases are due to lizards and geckos unnatural deaths.

      At last Japan imported lizards and geckos from other countries just to save his country from different diseases.

    4. Good morning to you my friend, how was your are night,every created by God both great and small is very important to men and women useful to them also, every creature find at home everywhere and in the ward at large is lizard, they also useful to use because they eate other harmful insert in home or even on wall in the house, resently, japan had finished all lizard and gecko in that country a mysteriuos disease broke out and japanist sientistist make rearche and find out that the cause of the disease was too much death of lizard.

    5. Very interesting tips to get rid of lizards. It is true that they are useful but too many of them cant be allowed. We have to get rid of them so that their number would not multiply. I would like to add that lizards can be kept away if we hang some empty egg shells near the places where they enter our rooms. The smell of them will keep them away. moreover,when they find these egg shells, they feel the presence of some other creatures bigger than them. so they leave those places.

    6. Very interesting and useful. This is my first time of learning how to get rid of them and what brings them about.

    7. Gicgo save u 15% on car insherns lol

    8. Though this is not a home remedy, it is not harmful to human beings. There are electric lizard repellents available in shops – these emit sounds in ultrasonic frequencies which are intolerable for lizards. The creepy crawlies won’t come near your house ever, if you have this installed in your house. There is even an Android app of this on Google Play which you can download for free!

    9. To me a gecko is something scary because it is big . But not a lizard.

      So, in this post, I think what we have at home are lizards and we just let them be there at home because they eat those flies and insects. Though, we hate it that there is one living under the lazy Susan of the dining table. So, I will put a garlic under the lazy Susan table,

      As to a gecko, there used to be one or two that were able to get inside our bedroom and that scared me a lot because they can cling to your skin when you surprised one and it jumps into you. So, we had our bedroom windows screened so, they can’t enter our bedroom anymore.

      Thank you for these useful tips on how to shoo them away.

    10. Thanks for sharing these tips, I didn’t know about them. I am quite fine with geckos as long as they don’t touch me. I’d prefer to get rid of mosquitoes, they are more disturbing and harmful.

    11. Hell NO…….geckos sucks, sometimes i feel they are listening to my conversations. i hate them and cant wait to get rid of them.

    12. Ooh Hello my friend, we meet again. I have not been writing anywhere for ages. As far as lizards and Geckos go, I am going to store this knowledge in my head in case I ever need it as we do not have these in the UK. I do remember having them in Iraq when I lived there for a few months and I think I saw them in the US, but they just scared me and I left my hosts to sort them out.

    13. Geckos or lizard, whatever we call it, I agree that it is useful because they eat insects and flies at home, which is a disease carrier.

      However, I don’t like the noise they make at night when it is time for me to rest my tired body. I also hate them because of their stinky dirt.

    14. I like the lizards they are good at keeping bugs like
      roaches away and now there bad bug problem all over the place
      the lizard could be good at get them out.

    15. The 1st two doesn’t work at all..I’ve tried it, but they seem to be giving a damn to it

    16. I am afraid of geckos because they can stick to you and they say it is very hard to detach it. They appear harmless, as you said, but they are useful too for biological control of other harmful insects like mosquitoes and flies.

    17. I find two geckos in my house and when it becomes evening they come into the house I think they do this due to darkness outside and due to the lights which start glowing inside. There are ants, mosquito’s in our house which despite using the best methods available do not seem to go or reduce. Hence I find geckos do the job better compared to man made products.

      Yes we see to it that the kitchen and the dining table do not have any food. But these geckos hunt ants, mosquito’s or other such insects and do a good job. As long as there are not many I feel it is fine to have them as the earth belongs to them too. And they never know it is our house and all such stuff. They just want to work, hunt and have their meal that is a good thing which I find with them.

    18. Thanks for the very useful tips. I have them all over the house and I so hate them.I tried using insecticide once, but it didn’t work. I was able to kill a baby gecko with a broom. I will try these tips and see if it works. I have huge garlic and cayenne pepper at home. I’ll keep you posted. In my country Nigeria, its a taboo to kill them, they think they protect the house, but not my household for sure.

    19. Hmmm though this is useful, it is against animals right. In fact they were living in those environment before man started building their houses there but because they are small we tend to see them as nusience to us but we are not nusience to them for taking over their space with our buildings. though they stay with us, their presence is not to harm us but to find food to eat since we have destroy their natural homes. when there is lot of ant hills you hardly finds lizard and gecko in homes. let us be a little sensitive to them.I don’t like them because in my country it is a believe that they carry bad spirit and are used by witchs to get to people.

    20. I’m so afraid of geckos. Whenever one would successfully enter my room I call my father and he sprays it with insect spray. It would make it dizzy and my father would pick it up and throw outside the house

    21. To the folk who think geckos are cute little creatures, you have not lived with an infestation of gecko poop and seeing them crawl up the walls of your bedroom. I’ve tried the garlic, the egg shells, the cayenne powder, hot sauce, and lemongrass. I also spent a lot of $$ on Pest Rid granules & spray plus other products; nothing makes a dent in the gecko population here in GA. Personally I think they get together and have a party while laughing at us for thinking we can get rid of them. I seriously would sell my house and move if it weren’t for the fact that (1) I’m 70 yrs. old and just bought this house 2 years ago, and (2) critters can show up anywhere; moving is no guarantee of a better situation.

      • I know right !!! Freak fracking lizard SHIT everywhere, that what i hate. im ok with lizards but thier SHIT sucks so badly they make me lose appetite for my meals

    22. im okay with lizard but im not ok with THIER FUCKING SHIT EVERYWHERE

      • I know right !!! Freak fracking lizard SHIT everywhere, that what i hate. im ok with lizards but thier SHIT sucks so badly they make me lose appetite for my meals

    23. I hate lizards, roaches, snakes, and all that scary things, but I will certainly not let myself have their lives, even if I absolutely most profoundly and clearly hate them. Most of your ideas are certainly concerned about not to kill them but to make them leave your house. I will surely use some of your methods to get rid of them, but not to kill them. The rat trap thing, I will certainly not do it, even if it’s the last resort. I will leave them as they be, if I don’t have to kill them. And I want them to leave my house too. So I am going with the garlic thing. That seems a legit way.

    24. Why would yoiu want to kill them when they kill so many of your pests. They are not really messy. However can damage air conditionaers.

      • In what way did these creatures damage your air conditioner? The condenser outside? Or the lines that go from the outside to the inside of the house?

    25. The slippery house lizard known as wall Gecko, fell into a pot of soup prepared by a housewife in Nigeria unknowingly and it killed the woman and her 9 children after eating. Another woman who cooked tea in a kettle which the gecko felled into it all the family that drank the tea died. Please ensure your food, cooked or raw is tightly closed as this animal is highly poisonous; it also goes with aljanus, jinns therefore do everything possible to get rid of this dangerous animal from your home. God bless u as u pass this message across to your family and friends.
      Wall Gecko, is causing too much deaths at various homes these days, let it not bring death messengers to ur home. To eradicate it totally in your home, just mix salt and garlic and put it in different corners of your room. You will never see them again.
      I sent this to you, to help you and your family. Send it to people, to help them and there families…

      • Ugochukwu Uchendu,
        That’s very interresting ! What are the sources of your informations please ?


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