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6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Lend Money to Your Best Friend
November 6, 2016
6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Lend Money to Your Best Friend

A friend in need is a friend in deed.


This phrase applies to “REAL” friends who are willing to help you when you are in need of cash, advice, a shoulder to cry on and to be there anytime, anywhere without any obligations.

Every now and then, you may want to help your friends who are facing financial problems whom you trusted most.

You know that your friends needed your help to overcome their presisting cash flow problems and you are able to lend them some cash to ease their problem for the time being.

However, being a true friend to your friends doesn’t indicate that your kind deeds would be appreciated.

Instead, some of them may take for granted for your help.

You don’t received any gratitiude or appreciation.

You are taken as a foolish “gold fish” to be fooled easily with honey words.



My experience

I had a best friend whom I had known for years during my school days.

We hung out together in school that everyone knew that we were best friends.

We helped each other when we were helpless in relationship, friendship, family communication problems that we confide each other very often.

However, we had never involved our financial problems into our friendship.

One day, my best friend told me that her mother had to undergo a stomach surgery urgently.

She confided with me her problems, I consoled her with words of comfort.

Least than I expected, she brought up her financial issue that was a taboo to our friendship.

She needed $500 in cash to aid her mother’s surgery.

She was in dire straits since she held a waitress job with a low salary.

I decided to help her out since she promised that she will pay me the next 2 months when she had enough cash.

I trusted her and gave her my 1 month salary in cash and told her not to worry so much.

The next 3 months, she didn’t contact me and I started to worry about  her mom and the money that she owed me.

The deadline of the debt was over.

She didn’t notify me how was her mother’s surgery status and the promise that she had not achieved.

I tried to call her home ( nobody answered), her office (the restaurant that she worked) but was told that she had resigned 3 months ago.  I was stumped.

I even went to look up for her at the restaurant and her home but she was no where to be found. She had disappeared.

Suddenly,  I had realized that I was fooled by my best friend over $500

My best friend’s mother told me that she doesn’t have any stomach problem nor surgery. She was healthy, fit and strong.

The worst part was her daughter had left home 3 months ago. She wasn’t worried about her because she left home often. She was a problematic child that I never knew.

Since then, I tried to look her up numerous of times , hoping to know what was her reason behind her lies, why did she cheated on me, after so many years of friendship.

Up todate, I couldn’t find my best friend. It had been 30 years since we had lost contact.


This lesson had taught me that you should NEVER LEND MONEY to your BEST FRIEND because:


  • Lending money to your best friend means to “give” your money without expecting any return.


  • Money is a touchy or taboo topic that hurts friendship. A test to your friendship and trust.


  • Your best friend takes you for granted as a foolish person to believe in his sweet words. He takes you not as a friend but a foolish gullible person to tricks.


  • Your best friend disappears after he received the money from you. He has no intention to pay you. He never gives you any reason either.


  • Your best friend purposely vanished from your sight in order to escape from guilt , hoping that you will not chase after him over the debt he owed you. He changed his telephone number, moved away from his current address, resigned his job, simply impossible to locate him.


  • You had lost your best friend forever.


Although you might forgive your best friend for his misdeeds, forget about the debt that he had owed you, it is simply impossible for you to forgive and forget if he purposely disappears after he had borrowed money from you.


If you truly wanted to have your best friend to stay beside you for a long time, do not involve your friendship with MONEY matters.


Money hurts friendship and trust.

This post is based on my personal opinion and experience.


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    1. Yes you are correct. I still disagree with lending money to best friends even if they are in need of the money. Money is very bad and also good but when it comes to friendship, money should be far especially lending money to friends. If you want a friendship relationship between you and your friend to last, don’t lend him money. Instead of you to lend him 2000 to solve a problem, I rather you dash him 200 and ask him to manage the 200,that that’s all you have. Like that your friendship still Continues harmoniously. Am talking from experience,. If you study the reasons why many best friends broke up, you will realize that money to an extent is the cause of the end of the friendship. I have witnessed a lot of friendship that has been broken up because of lending money issue and that is why I believe this topic and also agree with the topic beyond doubt. Some friends though very good friends are not worth being helped on terms of money. This has made me realize my uncles word, he said you can never say a man is good until you do money business with him. If he is good with money business, you will know he’s good. So many friends of ours are not worth being lent some money because at last they will disappoint you. Because they are your best friends, that will make them always delay your payment even if the money comes around. They will be like, after all he’s my guy. They don’t remember again that their guy is also on need of money.

    2. I agree with you, a true friendship can be destroyed by money, so it’s better not to lend a significant amount of money to our friends. There are definitely other ways in which we can help them if they need us.

    3. Thanks for sharing such a useful information. I have been a victim of this lending of hard earning money to friends whom I never heard from again.

    4. you r right–want keep that friendship–dont do it

    5. You know…Money is a real bad thing. It can never buy happiness of any kind but still it is one of the greatest need of life.
      I have seen money destroying many relationships and that too for the whole life.
      But one question which is coming to my mind at present is WILL THEN WE BE ELIGIBLE TO BE CALLED AS BEST FRIEND.
      Don’t you think it is our responsibility to help our friend without thinking of the results.

    6. I know that situation quite well. I have had friends who have shown their true friendship at some point, when they were aĺ over you and that will do anything fun you, be there whenever you need them. Until one day i offered to help a friend and housed her for 2 years. Not asking for anything in return. I would buy good, wash the laundry, cook and sometimes i would even go ahead and offer them transport whenever they needed help. So for me it was a simple day of lending a helping hand, i never expected anything on return.
      Then one day my friend decides she is ready to move out because she got a job and a house. I was so happy for her, but what followed is something I didn’t expect. In fact she got a house just next to mine, there was not even a day that my friend would pass by my house to come and say hi. To me i felt like that was really a bad show. How much would it cost you to just go back to the person who helped you, thanked her and just appreciate what she did for you. I think that would be prudent right? I know if I was the one I would have gone back to my friend and just appreciate her for what she did for me. But I guess people are different. So friends sometimes cannot be trusted, if at all that can do that then what can’t they do if you lended them money? So I don’t think I would give my friend money especially when I expect them to pay me back.

    7. Yes. If we lend money to our friend then friendship will be spoilt. Mostly he may not be able to return and if it is insisted it will result in relationship problems. good day.

    8. Lending money to friends will result in relationship problem. In case we give we must be prepared not to insist on returning.


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