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No one Should be Forced to be Silent

Of course there will be some very displeased individuals when they’re having to hear or witness a lot of the truth. Perhaps if we weren’t exposed to scandals then there would be no problem at least in that area. As long as there’s corruption, scandal, and conspiracies then there will be exposure. As long as information is uploaded then there will be searches. Isn’t the information there to find? Does depend on who finds “the information?” Perhaps.

When some seek information or sometimes the information will just be handed to the person or persons. There will be some who will become angry and try to stop the individuals from exposing what they’ve found out. If some people do not want some information to be exposed then perhaps they shouldn’t leak the information. Technology is amazing isn’t it? Not only is “technology” amazing but there’s a lot of people who hold a lot of information.

They now have a new way of trying to silence individuals. Not wanting some to “speak” or to search and that’s why they’ll constantly monitor certain individuals to see just what they’re up to. Harassing, attacking, and using intimidation tactics to try and convince the individuals to stop searching. As long as information is there to find there will always be someone searching. Suppose there’s a lot to hide.

Some were so bold and refused to remain silent. The individuals had every right to speak up. A lot put their lives on the line just to expose “the truth.” So many are monitoring and still won’t find out what they’re trying to find out because the individuals are aware they’re being monitored. Shutting the technology down and going in silence is a way to prosper. There’s a lot of ears but some aren’t able to see exactly what’s taking place.

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They’ll monitor who a person communicates with and what they’re communicating about. Every move being observed. There no observations of individuals who don’t have a key or aren’t a door. Who are unimportant. There’s a reason individuals will attack the same person or persons again and again. When they’re silent they’ll want to know why. “Courage” is a good quality. To be courageous and continue to be vocal. There will be times when silence is best.

The ones who continue to speak on are the ones they’re observing. For some it’s a bit of envy. Advocating for a cause of wanting to know some information in order “to prevent”further damages. If a person was a threatened then they’ll want to know why. If a person was shot at and didn’t see the shooter then they’ll want to know who was shooter and why was the individual being shot at? Why are certain individuals targets? Perhaps it’s the information. The need to know will always be there.

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