The Winner is Love and Proof

To constantly revisit what has already been proven can incur fatigue. Why should persons have to prove to disagreeable People… Read More

5 years ago

In the way of Information

There's all sorts of information and there are many ways to explore exactly what information is needed. To find the… Read More

6 years ago

What the Eyes Can not see

There's information which is hidden and in order to discover the hidden information there will need to be keen eyes.… Read More

6 years ago

Coming From a Fool’s Mouth

When dealing with what the Bible states as fools, we may find that trying to find common ground is quite… Read More

7 years ago

Internet: Is it the added brain?

There is no doubt about the fact that Internet has changed our world. Internet is comparatively new for our part… Read More

7 years ago

It is not enough to know, you need to apply.

Knowledge is the most important! So many articles daily are trying to intrude into to the field of each reader's… Read More

7 years ago

The Dangers of Too Much Information

This is a frightening but true story.  I've changed the names a bit and the locales so as not to… Read More

7 years ago

No one Should be Forced to be Silent

Of course there will be some very displeased individuals when they're having to hear or witness a lot of the… Read More

7 years ago

Dumbing Down, Blah-Blah, and Idiocracy

Years ago, the British Broadcasting Company was the unquestioned news provider for the world.   The BBC was considered a… Read More

8 years ago