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Is democracy good for Africa?

The concept of democracy has commanded the attention of many political thinkers everywhere for centuries. Democracy is a governmental term which according to the late Abraham Lincoln means; government of the people, for the people and by the people.

In his article, who killed democracy in Africa? Clues of the past, concerns of the future, Ali A. Mazrui espoused that, the fundamental of the goals of democracy are probably four. Firstly, to make the rulers accountable and answerable for their actions and policies. Secondly, to make the citizens effective participants in choosing those rulers who are in regulating their actions. Thirdly, to make the society as open and the economy as transparent as possible; and fourthly, to make the social order fundamentally just and equitable to the greatest number possible. Accountable rulers, actively participating citizens, open society and social justice – Those are the four fundamental ends of democracy.

Democracy has been seen especially by the Western World to be the best from of government and will do everything possible to enforce and impose it on other countries. Countries which do not practice it are seen as their enemies whereas those who practice it are given thumbs up and supported. Democratic governance involves election of leaders, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, accountability, rule of law, equal justice among others. Various governments across the globe including the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany etc have adopted different ways of achieving these democratic principles. The question is, can this also be said of Africa? Absolutely no! This is because Africa’s democracy is a borrowed one from the West. The democracy we practice here in Africa doesn’t include our cultural values. “Africa cannot follow the European or American style of democracy. Africa needs a form of government that speaks to its culture and traditions”. (A. Akbar Muhammed). He particularly mentioned Kenya as one country in Africa challenged by its attempt to govern its people under a western-style democracy.

“Although Kenya has a strong economy, the botched elections that took place put this beautiful country on the “failed state” list with other African nation’s using western-style democracy to elect their leaders. This list of considered failed states include: Somalia, DR. Congo, and Central African Republic. Other countries want to believe that this system of democracy is working although it is clear that their country stands on the brink of being classified also as a failed state” (A. Akbar Mohammed) Ghana’s elections have not always been peaceful after all. The recent election was no exception. It has made us more divided than before with the National Democratic Congress party still accusing the National Patriotic Party of vote rigging in the Ashanti Region and the latter accusing the former of rigging in the Volta Region. Such cases often lead to acrimony, division, tribalism, animosity which is unhealthy for the development of Africa.

Furthermore, many people across Africa see the western style of democracy to be extremely narrow and alien to African cultures. “Democracy is not merely the right to vote and seize power”, Democracy is “about a whole complex of rights and duties which citizens must exercise if a government is to be open, accountable, and participatory” (Worldviews). The western style of democracy “places people into artificial antagonistic boxes, turns friends into enemies, and aims at arousing unnecessary competition” (Worldviews). Take a look at what is happening in Zimbabwe, Kenya and across the continent. Some leaders of Africa want to marry to power till death do them apart. Some African Leaders who have been in power for over 20 years include; Paul Biya of Cameroon, Colonel Quaddafi of Libya etc. This is largely responsible for the corruption in Africa. In fact, “political corruption in Africa is a moral pollution”.

The frequent coup d’tats all over Africa hinders the true meaning of democracy. In Ghana for example, the coups of 1966, 1972, 1978, 1979 and 1981 have affected the forward March to Ghana’s development. Almost all the corners of Africa from West to East, North to South and of course the Centre have had their fair share of coup d’etats.

What form of government is good for Africa? It must be stated categorically that, the author is not against democracy. The author is only suggesting African democracy for the people of Africa and this type of democracy should include African cultural values. Generally, Africans tend to respect and listen to their chiefs than the politicians. The chieftaincy institution should therefore be strengthened to help build African democracy. Chiefs of late have involved themselves in Politics and that is partly responsible for the numerous chieftaincy and land disputes. Had it not been that, this noble institution would have solved most of the development challenges we face in Africa.

I do not also support military rule in Africa and you will all agree with me that such regimes rather bring hardship, violation of human rights, intimidation and harassment to the people. It is therefore not justifiable for one to support military rule in Africa.

Some principles regarding democracy in Africa suggested by members of the Africa Faith and Justice Network include;

• “Africans need to define for themselves the meaning of democracy in their own historical and cultural contexts, drawing on their participatory traditions and the experience of democratic societies elsewhere”.

• “Free market capitalism and multi-party systems are not synonymous with democracy”.

• “Grassroots popular movements offer new hope for truly democratic structures in Africa”.

• “Respect for human, social, and economic rights as well as civil rights are essential if democracy is to take hold in Africa, for democracy cannot survive in a context of stark polarization between rich and poor”.

Conclusively, one will be justified to say that democracy in Africa is after all “demo crazy” because we have borrowed a system of government which has failed Africa and her people. Some people refer to Africa’s democracy as “negotiated democracy” where politicians go into a context and when they lose, they negotiate for power sharing. This is evident in Kenya and Zimbabwe. Now is the time for Africans to wake up in their slumber and develop our indigenous culture and principles of governance to help bring Africa to the path of development. Now is the time for us to rise up and eliminate poverty, diseases and wars in Africa. We can do it. What we need is dedicated, honest, selfless, hardworking and committed leaders. “All Africa must unite”.

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Democracy the African politicians understanding of it.

When we talk of democracy, what comes to mind is freedom to express oneself with a political party of one’s choice. To my mine understanding it gives one the right to belong to a political party in a country put forward by a group of people with the desire of ruling a state. Sometimes I wonder if that is how the African leaders elected through a political party understand it. Democracy in Africa is becoming something else as those who by democracy beg to be elected to serve we the people rather forget about their promise and make the people slaves rather.

Though democracy was the governing system of the united state of America which was being introduce to the rest of world their systems seems to be different from what we the people in Africa is practicing. In the American system after the election everyone become American again. It is America first and if the president does something wrong his own party members attacks him for doing what is wrong aside the opposing party and when he does something good too his party praises him for it even the opposing party give praise where praise must be giving.

With the African practice of democracy, it is winner takes all altitude that comes to play as it is only members of the ruling governments that gets appointed into position leaving the opposing parties out. Unlike the American democracy where qualified citizens without consideration to political link are giving position to help develop America, in Africa unqualified candidates even family members get appointment in government because of their political affiliation. This mentality of winner takes all in the African democracy has lead to corruption and plundering of the state funds and no one has anything to say. Opposing views for wrong doing are attacked by members of the ruling party and even those in public companies are removed from position or jailed with stupid allegations for speaking their view.

This leads to apatite and under development and keeping African countries in the dark because the understanding of the democracy to the African politician is to loot, steal and plunder the state coffers for themselves, family and friends and not for developmental projects that will benefit the people in general.

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The Winner is Love and Proof

To constantly revisit what has already been proven can incur fatigue. Why should persons have to prove to disagreeable People anyway? If there’s proof then that’s all one need to “continue.” What has been proven some are unable to accept. Some are more in tuned with trying to remove, destroy, and sabotage but should be focused on producing stability. What information and data has been collected? Collective information has been introduced to a powerful system. The civilians, the citizens of “The United States” are unable and unwilling to accept the what is.

The “Government” has their proof and is able to closely observe what’s occurring now and what has occurred in the past. There’s to reality that forward movements are to occur. What individuals perceive is what they perceive and some are unable to convince others they’re wrong. No matter what’s said “the proof” is accepted in so many arenas. The classifications, identifiers, collected data has been supplied. There’s so many investigative measures which can be used in order to produce the necessary proof.

The unwilling may witness how their actions have caused the declines in which have occurred right now. Despite what has been posted, “communicated,” and addressed the continuation of what the Government and others want is continuing. If the Government disagreed then the ceases of my mission wouldn’t continue to prosper. I’ve been closely monitored so my behavior has been observed as well as others behaviors. There’s the classification of good and there’s the classification which entails bad behaviors.

Love conquers despite what some may think. There are many actions and so many have viewed my journey as their own. The name which holds value. What’s “included” thus far some have misjudged. There’s the many notations my prospering is notated. The challenges faced have caused more prosperity. Oh of course some may think that prosperity has to involve monetary It’s been declared although some are still disagreeing about the decisions made. I’ve focused on the set areas and the revealing of what has occurred unseen won’t until the latter part of my journey.

What is there to find and what has been found? Some have demonstrated what could be perceived as hatefulness. No matter what I’m going to continue to love. I’ve made progress whether a little or abundantly. Focusing is what should occur now and should have occurred then. The importance of protecting the sensitive information which can be considered as highly “informative information is.” I’ve excelled by actions. There’s the process of learning and there’s continued thinking. Think! “Actions can be viewed across the globe. Worldly. Witnessed. ” By: Tanikka Paulk

Hidden collective data is unable to reach the collective data which is placed in technological memory. There are so many wanting to reach the data. “The Government” has the power to collect data without individuals noticing what is occurring. Protected although it may appear as though I’m always sought after. I’m where I am right now but will be where I’m to be in a timely manner. “Defeat is in one’s thoughts but victory is and shall be.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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The Additions are Apart of the Along

To add will improve and allow growth. There’s the desire to build to incur the prosperity the abundance. Some seem to be more interested in tearing down instead of building up. “To build to advance to levels in which will produce stability, growth, and prosperity will incur the improvements.” (Tanikka Paulk). A true leader, leadership will entail that the People come together and join the improvements and the fundamentals of a Country. The unification is what will help the economy help revenue building and so fourth.

What some have considered I have already considered and will implement at a later date. The movements continue because there’s the desire to move in the appropriate direction. Forward and although there may appear to be some backward motions the productivity will continue. Shine is shinning whether today or tomorrow. The along individuals are willing to at least witness the growth occur and yes they too are apart of the growth because there’s the need to move upwards.

Increases are occurring and some have decided they would rather try to decrease in certain areas. An increase has already occurred. I’ve been challenged but I’m refusing to settle for what they have wanted me=Tanikka Paulk to settle for. Individuals have tried to cause uproars trying to disconnect growth but when there’s the adversity there’s the many ways to overcome the adversities. Thinking is one of the best ways to obtain the necessary tools in order to incur effectiveness.

“When a leader is chosen true “leadership” the person is to be in their set position but there’s way too many persons wanting to remove or to takeover the position will was and is provided by a very powerful system.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Although my name has appeared boldly and also shown above there’s the ones trying to bring down my name but they’re unable to do so. My progress occurs because of my determination. There’s the many reasons why I’m continuing to progress although it may seem as if they’ve won the many battles.

The cause and effect. the beginning and the ending, the becoming and the being. I’m sure of what I’ve already accomplished and if they want to continue to challenge then they’ll have to go through the system. Meaning they will have to try and battle the system which is the “Government.” Positioning to reach to the next levels and yes there were steps made in order to reach where I am now whether slowly or progressively. The invading has demonstrated that there are so many wanting to be where I am and wanting to obtain what I’ve been chosen for. The word power is in powerful. The words are connected and are apart of the what is.

“The movements should occur and the ones trying to prevent the movements shouldn’t be within the mission or on the journey. Welcome.” by: Tanikka Paulk. How many movements are collected without the leadership? If they’re waiting for the power to be turned on then they’re unable to lead. Cometh where People are to unite and become the strength the witnessing of renewing. Achievements are to occur and why shouldn’t the achievements be allowed? There’s more to accomplish and some are willing to accomplish successfully.

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Online Bullies Should Know That I’m a Peaceful Fighting Advocate

So the bullies are continuing to throw out their poisons but what shall “one” “Tanikka Paulk” do? My name is Tanikka Paulk and I’m an advocate I’m experienced regarding bullies. Made to conquer and yes I’ve been bully most of my life. I Tanikka Paulk choose to pray for my bullies. The better person is the person which continues to love. I’m able to smile, stand firm, and proceed confidently. My five sons were bullied and yes there was so much advocating involved. The bullies want to control but they’ll have a difficult time trying to take me=Tanikka Paulk down.

One you by: Tanikka Paulk

Image may contain: Tanikka Paulk, sunglasses   Photo belongs to Tanikka Paulk

Online bullies demonstrate they’re without courage because they’re afraid to face their victim. Tanikka Paulk is peaceful but will fight in ways in which will probably shock the bullies and the competitors. Advancement is where I’ve headed to and continue “the key” is to be brave and confident. My objective is to decrease bullying however bullying is one of the toughest injustices to solve. She=her=Tanikka Paulk has the experience. Why can’t bullies say what they want to say to the person they’re trying to bullying in front of the person. Why are they behind?

No matter how tough bullies think they are there’s always some willing to adhere to the injustices. Oh I’m just and filled with life. There is more to advocating then “just” speaking up. The competition seems to have caused the abnormal behaviors. Individuals aren’t quite aware of what persons are capable of. Most would probably stop trying to live their dreams. Bravery is here right now and there’s so much to accomplish. To be confident and know that there’s the importance obviously.

No matter how much I’ve supported the individuals they seem to think that I’m a wimp. They’re incorrect. I’m brave enough to become more than victorious. Prayer is what helps the movement continue. My faith continues to be with me! (Tanikka Paulk). The entire world has witnessed how bullies use their insensitivity, insecurities, hatefulness to try and take down their competition or to try to destroy what they are unable to accomplish. Love is what I am. Love is what I’m going t”o continue” to be apart of.

I’m able to proceed so that there’s more accomplished. Fighting allows others to see that they too should stand up to bullies. Being firm and allowing advocacy to do what advocacy does. There’s a mission and there are many missions to accomplish perhaps in the future. “My” path isn’t everyone’s path. The behaviors which seem to distract some. There’s so many reasons why I Tanikka Paulk should continue and so many are and have been helped. Help! Perhaps bullies should consider helping to make society better. I’m a problem solver.

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Where Will it Lead to?

There’s the analyzing to seek what is to be found. There are so many misjudged actions there really needs to be better and more effective persons working in a team setting. Leadership is very important but there are way too many People trying to invade in the realm. There is certainly more to produce but there needs to be cooperation. Movement can occur if there are more individuals willing to assist. Less resistance and more doing. Actions, effective actions are necessary, there could be more “revenue” incurred if there are more willing to agree. There is slowness when crowds aren’t trying to be effective. The key word here is “effectiveness.”

A leader should lead but has to be protected in order to develop the necessary goals. Where are the strong ones headed? The unifying is needed but there are so many wanting to challenge the leadership. There are the replacements if the “duties” aren’t performed then there will be the replacements but there should be fairness. I’ve assisted and have received tons of resistance so many have doubted and invaded in areas in which they should’ve stayed clear of. There will be changes and changes should occur.

So many are afraid of “change.” They want to have it their way. “It’s difficult when the odds are against you.” (Tanikka Paulk). Needed? Yes. The communications of the skills needed and wanted have been reviewed. I’m understanding and want to see the rise. To be fair, to receive cooperation, to unite with the agreeable is want I want. Some have agreed to along they’ve agreed to move in the same direction. “Building but how many are truly attempting to build?” BY: Tanikka Paulk

Advocacy is welcoming. Speaking up when necessary. Resistance isn’t needed I’m more focused on the builders but the ones who’ve tried to sabotage aren’t receiving my attention. Leading somewhere some have noticed that their movement has slowed. Perhaps there are some standing still. The unacceptable actions and behaviors are the reasons why. There are some angered but there really needs to be better decision making. The overly competitive have caused the declines. There really needs to be consideration in order to occur the abundance.

A leader has to be abundantly strong. When moving further there is the opportunity to build greater strength. Focusing to be and to have the ability to be and to become is truly a blessing. Growth has occurred although it may appear as though there has been slowness. There is still the “productivity.” There are more actions performed behind the scenes. There seems to be some believing that their actions were justified. Consequences occur and there are rules. Yes there are rules within the NBA, NBA, NBL. NHL. Leagues, Teams, Associations.

There will be the gathering. The horns are blown to gain the attention which some have placed their attention on areas in which they’re not suppose to be entering into. The ability to wait to receive will demonstrate the maturity. A nation can excel with greatness but it has to be allowed. The disagreeable have demonstrated that they aren’t willing to accept what has been decided by a very powerful system. (Government). Perceptions have lead some to move downwards instead of upwards. There is still room to climb.

Article Written by: Tanikka Paulk

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Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

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In the way of Information

There’s all sorts of information and there are many ways to explore exactly what information is needed. To find the best sources there will need be some research. Yes there’s all sorts of ways to search in order to find the best resources. Information is highly important proven because there are so many wanting to find information although some should really mind their business. “Where to find the information? Online seems to be the most popular place.” by: Tanikka Paulk

Researches are constantly looking for information for research projects and other researching needs. Information can be stored in all sorts of areas. How many are wanting to find the information? There seems to be so many wanting and anxious to find specific information. Perhaps there are some articles which have information one could be interested in. There are some willing to reveal information but some should really consider privacy. “Information is within the identities but shouldn’t they be careful trying to obtain the information?” by: Tanikka Paulk

So much information has landed in my hands and yes I’ve explored whether to reveal the information or not. I’ve been called and am called “Information.” To obtain a person’s information without their permission could result in prosecution meaning if a person steals an identity then the person could be prosecuted. stealing identities is called identity theft which occurs quite often online. There seems to be so many willing to take the risk perhaps because they’re afraid of the consequences. Some really believe that they have the right to violate the rights of People. No!

The law is still in effect. Although it may appear as if the laws aren’t being enforced there implemented because laws are needed. I’m seeking information which is needed to create a “movie.” There are carefully, selective, and precautions in order to create the great. Some have managed to cause declines because they’ve wrongfully obtained personal information. Public records can be obtained but personal information shouldn’t be obtained without consent. Perhaps some are simply ignoring the laws are perhaps they don’t care at all. To enforce will lower the identity theft risks.

Some seem to be on edge about the abbreviation of information. The abbreviation is the same. Shortened doesn’t suggest that the word isn’t what it is. I’ve noticed that Washington tried to claim information but I have the proof that information belongs to (Tanikka Paulk). Some may think wow! How can a person own information? Documented documentation and “authority” to have. Justly uses caution and knows the law can research what isn’t known. The Government has a lot of information and the .gov has supplied plenty to me=Tanikka Paulk.

Where do I stand. standing in the line of advocacy and knowing when to obtain the necessary information and how to obtain the information. Authority figures should be aware of what information to obtain and how to obtain the information. When warrants are needed and to know what laws to use based on the circumstances. Conducting searches probably will eliminate information landing where the information shouldn’t land. Remember the “Laws of the Land.” Unlawfully obtaining certain information can cause a country to decline rapidly. Leadership should know or at least learn how and when to obtain the information. Carefully reviewing the ins and outs.

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The Mission Isn’t Impossible at att

Some have viewed their goals or dreams as impossible but there are many possibilities. To think positively will help reach the goals desired. There’s the setbacks but once person’s understand that adversities will occur there will be effective ways to conquer. “Wait and see how this sunshine blossoms.” by: Tanikka Paulk. When trying to achieve there will need to be removals. Removing the negative thoughts and proceeding with confidence. Confidently accomplishing the necessary “objectives.” Adding, multiplying, supplying. Why have some decided to invade? Perhaps they’ve recognized that there is strength and indeed there is strength in numbers.

Building teams and seeing where we’ll excel to next. The matters really do matter. Although there were and some will probably try to distract the mission we’re proceeding. There are rules to follow but there should be enjoyment while trying to get there. Headed in the right direction. The fulfillment to the ‘majestic. “Encouragement is welcome and there are some willing to project “encouragement.” (Tanikka Paulk). No matter how the negatives are directed there are the great ways to manage time, money, and justices.

The walk isn’t for everyone there are some demonstrating that they’re not on the same page. what has already been accomplished is greatly appreciated. The newness is what some refused to understand. There will be more to gain and what I’ve stated here is that the abundance is to come. Going where? To a place where there are more understanding People. The very ones trying to advance instead of trying to hinder. oh no there shouldn’t be the ridiculous persons trying to sabotage the journey. Smile because some haven’t seen the capabilities yet.

Mission to continue to conquer to rise beyond the knowings. The cares are and will continue to voice how important it is to get to the levels. Climbing further up the ladders. Paying close attention to the “activists.” Advocacy and activism are hand to hand. “Prosperous attitudes will generate the goodness in which will help the economy and help society become full of wholeness.” (Tanikka Paulk). What’s been said about my purpose isn’t my concern and what will be said tomorrow won’t force this woman to cease. I’ve set on my mission to help others reach areas they’ve refused to reach before.

There has to be some pushing in order to grow in ways which will cause prosperity. The movement continues and there is sunshine when the storms arrive. There is hope when there doesn’t seem to be any hope at all. There is gladness after the sadness. There is time continuing to move with the hands some are set at 12. What have they decided to do about the society issues? Perhaps they’re waiting to see what a strong leader will do. In order to lead “productively” there has to be decisions made strong decisions the best decisions to be made.

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The Ability to Generate Peace and to be at Peace

How many are able to generate peacefulness? There seems to be so many desiring to be at war. There are many ways to generate peace when there is chaos occurring. “I would other be apart of peacefulness then to become a victim of troubled beings and their disorder.” (Tanikka Paulk). Why do so many choose to become apart of groups which desire to cause disorder? Perhaps they’re needing or wanting but there are to be “implementation” of rules in which will eliminate or lower the amount of disorderly People. “Enforcement.” There are some countries refusing to tolerate the behaviors in which occurs here in the United States.

A great way to be at peace if to pray. Prayer certainly generates peacefulness. To meditate and experience the sounds of nature. The outdoors has some viewership in which can help persons become peaceful. War exists mankind demonstrates that they aren’t capable of understanding however all persons won’t want to be apart of what is viewed as chaos and war. “There is calmness by refusing to accept the behaviors to be in a peaceful place will help lower the thoughts of unsettling surroundings.” by: Tanikka Paulk.

Sometimes listening will help individuals become peaceful but there are some without the ability to understand so they’ll project anger, despair, hatefulness. Peace has to be wanted and certainly peace is needed. When there are environments filled with out of control People there has to be the “rules.” My peace was declared Jesus stated to go in peace meaning to be at peace. The communication from Jesus Christ was directed towards Daughter daughter. To consider limiting the time spent in such “environments” could help lower stress. Some want to see how a person will react towards certain conditions.

There is the ability to tune out and yes tuning out the noisemakers will help but there are some so “determined” to cause distress that is why they’ll have little peace. One of my goals is to build stronger communities and to connect others with the calmness so many deserve. There are certain communities which are riddled with community problems plaguing society. To project peace could eliminate the violence. Observing some behaviors which aren’t normal and some are unable to recognize abnormal behaviors.

They’ve seemed to confuse some of the communications as a means to create war. They’re incorrect. There has to be consequences because there will be more trying to behave the way some have chosen to behave. One can listen but only intake what is needed if what is said isn’t adding any value then there shouldn’t be a desire to intake what’s being said. Removals are necessary in order to create positivity within communities. Enforcing what should be enforced will help to generate calmness in so many areas.

There are attempts to reach the set goals. To make the differences in which should’ve occurred long ago. The injustices need attention. There has to be persons willing to advocate. Advocacy is needed and wanted. There has to be more than speaking on the different topics but actions are what will build stronger neighbors and communities. The law has to be willing to fight meaning there has to be the will to adhere to the laws and enforce the laws. The crimes can lower if there are agreements to lower crime rates. Peace is what some of the civil rights activist tried to project but there was and is the resistance.

There has to be the understanding. Listeners willing to achieve the same goals as a leader. Making history postive historians wanting to see Nations unite. Some are more focused on trying to prevent instead of trying to build. What they’ve refused to agree to they’ll see that their actions will cause their own declines. Disruptions can be eliminated but there has to be the bravery in order to reach the heights. I’m determined enough to reach the objectives in which the “law” and politicians want to reach.

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Justice can Really Speak When Necessary

The ability to speak freely and to be direct about what needs to be heard. “Advocacy is a gift and some aren’t able to really comprehend just how “effective advocacy” really is.” by: Tanikka Paulk What is the true meaning of advocacy? Standing up, finding solutions, fighting the injustices. There are so many injustices which need attention there needs to be solutions. How many are willing to cooperate with the advocates and others? There seems to be communications issues and there are so many refusing to accept what is so. i’m an advocate and I’ve fought causes. Yes I’m more than an advocate because I’ve voiced my concerns I’ve rallied so therefore my advocacy includes activism. That’s right. My name is Tanikka Paulk and although there are so many continuing to cause difficulties there is no way that I’m going to give in.

Justice is what I’m called and no matter how persons feel about the title there should be justice. There needs to be order the disturbances could cause a country to decline. What does Justice have to say? Justice has already said a lot and there are more issues to speak upon. Community Tool Box states,

  • Advocacy is active promotion of a cause or principle
  • Advocacy involves actions that lead to a selected goal
  • Advocacy is one of many possible strategies, or ways to approach a problem
  • Advocacy can be used as part of a community initiative, nested in with other components.
  • Advocacy is not direct service
  • Advocacy does not necessarily involve confrontation or conflict

I’ve always been interested in helping others and I’ve stood up and right now I’m having to stand up for myself because there are so many refusing to allow my journey to incur the effectiveness in which can help so many. The disruptions seem to be bothersome at times but there are ways to move forward without losing control. The movements continue and yes justice should occur because a country could suffer allowing disorderly People to control the Nation. It certainly takes bravery in order to continue the advocacy path. There aren’t too many displaying that they’ve obtained the tools “to become” effective advocates. Perhaps there are so many uninterested in advocacy.

No matter what the views are one should believe in self and continue to be confident. Yes there will be some unwilling to accept what an advocate has to say but when there is strength and dedication then there will be more accomplished. Speaking “the real” speaking what’s perceived as the truth can certainly generate what can assist “People.” There is greatness here and far there should be more advocates willing to take stands on the important issues. My hand is firm and my eyes have viewed the many injustices which certainly need the attention.

I’ve witnessed some of the injustices and there has been sorrow because of what continues to occur. My focus is on the path at hand what others have to say about what I’m doing isn’t to worry. I’ve used my own thoughts and the ones trying to cause disruptions should really sit down and move out of the way. Meaning they should mind their own business if they’re unwilling to help. There’s a lot of chatter but what actions have they supplied? Movements are what so many are trying to look for. It may appear as if the entire world is against but there will be the “supporters.” “The challenges haven’t caused my advocacy to decline and I’m continuing to be the fighter I am.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“Advocacy is so important and shouldn’t there be solutions to the injustices. Shouldn’t there be the solutions?” (Tanikka Paulk)


Source: Community Tool Box

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