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Is democracy good for Africa?

The concept of democracy has commanded the attention of many political thinkers everywhere for centuries. Democracy is a governmental term… Read More

4 years ago

Democracy the African politicians understanding of it.

When we talk of democracy, what comes to mind is freedom to express oneself with a political party of one’s… Read More

4 years ago

The Winner is Love and Proof

To constantly revisit what has already been proven can incur fatigue. Why should persons have to prove to disagreeable People… Read More

5 years ago

The Additions are Apart of the Along

To add will improve and allow growth. There's the desire to build to incur the prosperity the abundance. Some seem… Read More

5 years ago

Online Bullies Should Know That I’m a Peaceful Fighting Advocate

So the bullies are continuing to throw out their poisons but what shall "one" "Tanikka Paulk" do? My name is… Read More

5 years ago

Where Will it Lead to?

There's the analyzing to seek what is to be found. There are so many misjudged actions there really needs to… Read More

5 years ago

In the way of Information

There's all sorts of information and there are many ways to explore exactly what information is needed. To find the… Read More

5 years ago

The Mission Isn’t Impossible at att

Some have viewed their goals or dreams as impossible but there are many possibilities. To think positively will help reach… Read More

5 years ago

The Ability to Generate Peace and to be at Peace

How many are able to generate peacefulness? There seems to be so many desiring to be at war. There are… Read More

5 years ago

Justice can Really Speak When Necessary

The ability to speak freely and to be direct about what needs to be heard. "Advocacy is a gift and… Read More

6 years ago